One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/3/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/3/01

by Tish 

Will, Jess, Jenn and Cris contemplate what to do about Colin's body. Will
confesses he is glad that Colin is dead! Jenn agrees. Jess wants to call the
police, she can't believe what she is hearing from the rest of them. Cris
agrees with Will and Jenn, Colin got what he deserved. Jess thinks the people
that are afraid of Colin need to know he is dead. She questions Jenn's
motives, Cris steps in to protect Jenn. Will tells Jess to back off. He tells
his sister everything will be okay.The police show up!

Todd barges in on Sam at home. He needs Sam's help to get Blair back. Sam is
pleased that Blair has cut Todd out of her life. Todd realizes it was Sam's
idea in the first place. Todd blast Sam for betraying him to Blair. Sam tells
Todd, Blair is fighting for her life and came to him for help, he just told
her the truth. Todd can't resist reminding Sam of his own failed
Sam let's Todd know he is through with him for good, just stay away from
Blair. Todd chidishly replies, "NO". Sam wont't let Todd push his buttons and
tells him to get therapy. Todd says, been there, done that, he knows who he
is and so does Blair, she loves him anyway.

Blair is tempted to call Todd, but resists. Starr can't sleep, she misses her
dad. Blair tries to reassure her daughter, but Starr wants her family back,
including the baby brother her dad promised her. She wants to know why her
mommy isn't helping to fix things, since she and her daddy are. Blair wants
to know what she means by she is helping to fix things. Starr won't answer.
She is convinced that a baby will help make things better. She doesn't want
her mommy to go to jail, Blair reassures her that won't happen. Starr crawls
into bed with her mommy.

Vicky is throwing things around her room to try and get someones attention.
Gina has plans to seduce been while Vicky watches. Vicky doesn't believe for
one minute that Ben will sleep with Gina. Gina tells her to just watch. There
is a tv in Vicky's room so she can see everthing that goes on in Gina's
Gina pretends to have a bad dream. Ben, as expected, comes to her rescue. He
soothes Gina while Vicky watches in disbief. Gina ask Ben to hold her and he
obliges. Vicky is fumming by now. Gina lays it on thick, but Ben just hugs
her goodnight and leaves. Gina goes to taunt Vicky. Vicky grabs Gina by her
hair and a fight starts between the two. Gina's henchman rescues her. Ben
comes to look for her and almost catches her in Vicky's secret room. He lets
Gina know in no uncertain terms that he loves Vicky with all his heart. There
is no chance for her to get back with him.

Lindsey tells Nora she did it. She does not realize she is alking to the real
Nora, not her imaginary Nora. Nora tries to get Lindsey to tell her more. She
starts to realize that Lindsey is nuts when Lindsey keeps calling nora her
conscious. Nora tell Lindsey to unburden her souls and she'll leave her alone.
Bo interrupts and asks Nora a question. Lindsey freaks when she realizes that
she is talking to the real Nora. Everyone, including Lani, sees that Lindsey
is not a well woman mentally. They suggest she see Dr. rae for help. Lindsey
makes a confession (not the one we think), she admits to Lani she tried to
seduce Bo on New Years Eve. She announces to everyone that she took advantage
of Nora while she was hypnotized. Bo gets a call about the party in the woods
near Colin's house, he leaves.
Nora and Lani gang up on Lindsey.

Todd shows up in Blair's bedroom, Starr is happy to see him. He watches the
women in his life sleep and decides to join them.

Bo arrives at the party in the woods. He finds Will, Jess, Jenn and Cris and
questions them about whether they have been drinking. Doesn't see Colin's
body. Jess goes along with everyone else and says nothing. After Bo leaves
Will begs her to go along and she agrees. Jess helps to cover up Colin"s body.