One Life to Live Update Monday 4/2/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 4/2/01

By Tish 

Colin finally turns up and Lindsey's "conscious" get's the best of her.
  Well today we all found out where Colin has been all this time. Turns out
he hasn't left town after all. Jessica "stumbles" onto the answer after her
fight with Will.   
Will hears Jess scream and finds her, she shows him the body, he recognizes
Colin. Meanwhile Cristian and Jenn are having a couple moment at the party.
Jenn won't tell Cris why she hates the woods around Colin's house.
Jess wants to call the police, but Will doesn't want to just yet he wants to
wait. Jess wants to call Bo. Will is obviously stalling. Jenn comes looking
for Will. They try to keep Jenn from seeing Colin's body. Too late! Jenn
wants to know what will happen to her and Will.  Cris finds them and see's
the body. (deja vu, didn't they do this teens find dead body thing on GH last
Will wants to cover the body up again and forget Colin ever lived.

Antonio wants to know where Rosanne got the money he found in her room. She
tells him it came from Tea. he doesn't believe that Tea would contact her
after so long.  Why she needs that kind of money! She tells him a half truth,
to pay off Colin. She tells him that Tea did not want anyone to know she had
contacted Rosanne. Rosanne tells Antonio that Colin was blackmailing her by
threatening to tell Antonio she slept with Colin. Antonio wants to know if
anyone else is involved. Ahh, perfect timing, RJ comes knocking on Rosanne's
door.  Rosanne shoves the money at RJ and pretends she borrowed it from him,
he plays along. Antonio threatens to expose RJ's dirty deeds, RJ threatens
Antonio's badge.
Antonio is angry Rosanne lied to him again. She admits she lied, he wants to
know what else is going on with her. He storms out. RJ returns! She is afraid
Antonio will find out she is RJ's mole in LPD, he agrees to end the
arrangement after on more assignment.

Nora pays Sam a visit, She tells Sam about Lindsey's latest deed, Sam is not
surprised by what Lindsey does anymore. Sam and Nora dicuss Blair's insanity
Nora tells Sam he may need to defend her after she kills lindsey . Sam thinks
the whole hypnosis episode is funny, but is sorry nora did not get her
memories back. Nora is now convinced that Will knows what Lindsey did to her.
Sam agrees! Nora does not wnat to force Will to tell her the truth. Sam is
worried about the affect Colin has had on his kid's lives. He admits he too
wanted Colin dead.
Nora kisses Sam to try to spark a memory, nahh no luck.
Sam's wants her to stop trying to remember, just enjoy what she has today. He
encourages Nora to go to Chicago to see Matthew and Rachael.

Lani is waiting for Bo at the Palace resturant he has set up a surprise for
her , She looks under her chair and finds a hat from the Llanview bomb squad.
He says she earned it.
Lindsey shows up, with her imaginary "Nora" in tow. Lani see's Lindsey
talking to her imaginary friend. Bo comments on Lani's behavir since Colin's
Lindsey and the imaginary Nora have a conversation about Colin's missing
letters. The waiter interrupts, (she is actuallu having this conversation out
load), the waiter thinks she's nuts! Bo wants Lani to tell him what kind of
hold Colin has on Lani. He is starting to figure out that Colin was
threatening Lani. She says she just wanted Colin out of her life before they
were married. She would do anything to get rid of him.
meanwhile the waiter is back and overhears Lindsy talking to imaginary Nora
again. Lindsey's guilt is getting the best of her. She is completely losing
her grip on reality right there in the Palace restaurant. She goes over to
Lani and Bo's table. They want to get rid of her ASAP. Lindsey is insulted
she didn't get police protection like Nora and Lani. Bo insinuates that he is
having Lindsey tailed,                                                       
Nora ( the real Nora) comes to the Palace. Lindsey thinks it's her imaginary
friend and tells Nora she did it!