One Life to Live Update Friday 3/30/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 3/30/01

By Tish

Cris tells Jen they can leave the party if she wants. Who is that watching from the bushes? Jen wants to stay, but she feels like Colin is watching her from up there.  (Where is up there?) Will and Jessica arrive at the party. Will can't stand seeing Cristian with his sister. Cris and Jen make a connection on another level. Jess asks will not to tell the police about Cris and the fake I.D. Will accuses Jess of protecting Cris and blames her for Jen's drinking problem. Jess wants an explanation for will's attitude. Jen tells Cris she has sworn off drinking. The kids at the party start making jokes about Colin and his kidnapping of Nora. Jen freaks out when the joke goes too far. Cris comforts her. Will won't back down on his blaming Jess for not telling him about Cris. Jess tell him to get over it. Will call her a liar, and he voices doubts about their relationship. Jess calls Will the liar.  She wants to know what happened to Will's face and what he knows about Lindsey, and Nora's kidnapping. Jen slips and tells Cris she wants to get rid of Colin again.   Cris asks what that means. Jess keeps pushing Will for the truth about Lindsey. Will storms off. Jess goes after him. She trips in the woods and finds a dead body. Guess Who?

Antonio and Rosanne return to her hotel room from a date. He has forgiven her for sleeping with Colin, but he still wants answers. Rosanne has other activities in mind. Antonio still wants answers. Rosanne is to upset to talk about Colin. Antonio thinks there is a Colin/RJ connection. Antonio tells Rosanne that Cris is becoming like RJ, Rosanne doesn't believe that. Rosanne wants to move on to her other activities, but Antonio wants to take things slow. Rosanne leaves the room. While looking for matches to light candles Antonio finds Rosannes stash of payoff money from RJ. He confronts Rosanne.

Skye dares Rae to call the cops on her for trashing her bedroom. Rae asks her to stay until she is finished with Nora. Rae tells her her biological father doesn't know she had his child, she needs to tell him first. Skye still wants an answer. Rae tells Skye her father and her were not together when she found out she was pregnant. She thought her baby was dead so what was the point of telling him later. Skye's birth name was Rebecca. Rae wants to build a relationship with Skye. Skye is still angry at Rae for telling her she was adopted. She won't tell Skye who her biological father is to keep her from alienating him the way she has Rae. Skye says she will find the truth out on her own. Rae asks for a few more days please.

Lindsey moves in on a hypnotized Nora. She tries to replace Nora's memories with her own version of what happened at Colin's house last summer. She tells Nora she is five years old and Nora obliges. She tells Nora to quack every time she hears the word red. Lindsey enjoys the performance. Lindsey tries to convince Nora she is her best friend and Sam can't be trusted, and Nora never loved Bo but belong with Lindsey. Lindsey tells Nora she had nothing to do with Nora's kidnapping, and Nora will remember that when she wakes up. Nora tells Lindsey she has to go to police to tell them what she just said. Lindsey tries to leave but Nora stops her. She's been faking! Nora Nora and Lindsey have it out, Rae interrupts and makes Lindsey leave. Nora is convinced more than ever that Lindsey is guilty!