One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/29/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/29/01

By Tish

Will wants to know what Jessica has on Cristian. she doesn't want to tell him, but he tells her she's the one person he counts on to tell him the truth. Jess tells him about the fake id. She thinks Jen got it from Cris. Jen tells Will she stole it, but Will doesn't believe her and invites Cris outside to settle things. Tempers and testosterone are running high. (what are the boys really fighting about?) The girls get between them. Jen tells Jess this is all her fault. Nice going big mouth! Cris tells Jess the reason she ratted him out is because she is jealous of his friendship with Jen. Will call Cris a criminal, Cris reminds Will of his embezzling and how he got Jess drunk and got her pregnant. Jess is appalled that Cris brought up her baby. She reminds Cris of his current life style choices. He accuses her of being jealous of his friendship with Jen. Cris and Jen leave for the party in the state forest. will is angry Jess didn't tell him about the fake id sooner. But he still wants to go to the party. What! (I smell trouble to come between Will and Cris at this party.) Meanwhile at the party Jen is nervous and anxious. Cris asks why and Jen tells him Colin's house is very close by.

Nora takes her bodyguard on an outing. They hear a women crying for help. The bodyguard goes to check things out. There's someone in the bushes, she hears someone calling her name. Oh my God, it's Colin! He's back! Nora is stunned. Colin tells her they are not done with each other yet. Nora tells him he is sick and needs help. He starts to undress her. Why doesn't she scream for help?. Wait, it's just a dream, sorry. (Or is it?)

Rae tells Sophia she needs to see someone from her past, just an old friend. She makes plane reservations for Port Charles, NY.

Bo finds an earring at the scene of Nora's kidnapping. Lanie recognizes the earring but denies it. Lindsey feigns innocence. Bo knows they both are lying. He ask Lanie about it after Lindsey leaves on a "business trip". Bo wants to know if she is covering for Lindsey, Lanie denies it. She tells him Lindsey had nothing to do with Colin's disappearance. Bo vows to make Colin pay for hurting Lanie. Lanie sees Colin at the office door. Colin has something to talk to the commish about, right Lanie."No", she says, but wait it isn't Colin it's Antonio. Lanie is hallucinating! Antonio tell Bo he thinks Lanie knows more about Colin's disappearance than she is saying. He says she acted guilty the night Colin vanished.

Sam gets a visit from Blair. Sam tells her that acting like a loony tune won't convince anyone she was legally insane when she shot max. She says she was insane that night. He tells her trusting Todd was a mistake and to stay away from him. Lindsey shows up looking for Jen. Sam tells Lindsey about asking Rae to help Jen with her problems. Lindsey is livid, she tells Sam if he wants to help, leave Jen alone. After Lindsey leaves Blair ask Sam to help her stay away from Todd. Sam tells Bair to cut him off, her life is at stake. She admits she still loves Todd!

Todd tells Skye he will help her find her real father if she will use Sikes to get Blair's clothes out of the evidence room. Skye tells Todd to go to hell, she is not going to do anything to help free Blair. Blair walks in just in time to hear this and lays into Todd for asking Skye to help. She tells Todd everything is his fault and she no longer wants his help. Todd isn't buying any of this though.

Nora goes to Rae's in a panic. She saw Colin or rather imagined she did. Rae thinks it's an after affect of the drug, or Nora is experiencing psychological trauma. Nora wants her memories back and Lindsey's head on a platter. She ask Rae to hypnotize her. Rae doesn't think it will help, but Nora implores her to do it. Rae agrees and prepares Nora for hypnosis. Someone is at Rae's door but she doesn't hear them. Lindsey sneaks in and listens. Rae hears something upstairs and goes to check it out. Lindsey moves in on Nora! Rae finds Skye ransacking her room. She is looking for any information on her father.

Until tomorrow this is Tish...