One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/28/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/28/01

By Glynis

Jennifer and Cristian are together and they see Rae talking to Skye. He tells her that Skye was the one that found her at the park. Jessica and Will enter the bar and Will goes over the Cristian to ask him why he is still seeing his sister. Jessica is being followed by Ginaís tail and she doesnít even know it. Jennifer is sick of people telling her that she shouldnít be with Cristian. They want him to get over it. Will loves his little sister, but she thinks that nothing is going to happen. Will has to get used to seeing them together. He warns her that he is watching her. There is going to be a party that night and Jennifer wants Cristian to take her. Agrees. Will is suspicious about this party in the woods. She isnít going to drink anymore. Will tells them that they will see them there. He will find the party. Jessica canít believe that Will wants to go to a party with Cristian and Jennifer.

Jennifer goes over to Skye in the restaurant and reminds her that she was the one that saved her in the park. Jennifer helped Skye too that night because she was going to have a drink. There are a lot better ways to solve problems. Jennifer promises not to drink. Skye is leaving. Rae wants her to understand. She wants to know the name of her biological father. Rae thinks that he should be able to live his own life with his own family. Skye thinks that more than ever she should be able to know who her father is.

Viki is talking with Gina about her whole scheme. Viki doesnít know what the payoff is. She isnítí going to end up with anything. Gina tells her that she is going to end up with Ben. Viki thinks that she is spinning her wheels. Gina gloats that she was able to get Ben to stay in her house with her. Viki thinks that her plan is doomed. Ben and Viki have been through so much and Gina canít change that. Gina tells her that her life with Ben is over. Gina tells her that she has a choice. Gina can be forced to eliminate her or there is something else that Viki can do. Viki is a woman of honour. Gina is sure that if she wins Benís affections, Viki is going to leave them together. Viki is sure that Gina cannot make Ben love her. She assures Viki that she can make anyone do anything. Threatening Ben isnít going to make him love her anymore. Viki doesnít realize that Gina runs this family instead of the men in her father. She was chosen because they continued to underestimate her. She gives her people what they want. She gives them money and power. Ben doesnít care about money and power, but she does have something that he wants. She knows who put the hit on Ben at the wedding and she can tell him. Viki asks her to say then who it was that put the hit out on Ben at the wedding. She doesnít answer that. Ben loved the life that he lived. Gina thinks that Ben can forget his life for a little while, but deep down he knows better. Viki has diminished him and Gina is going to make him more. Viki is sure that Gina will see that she is deluded. Viki tells Gina that Ben has already tried to call her and if she doesnít call back, he will get suspicious. Gina will arrange for Viki to give her a call. James will bring Viki a phone and he will stay with her while she uses it. She warns Viki to watch what she says. Gina turns and leaves.

Lindsay is outside waiting for some information about the bomb in the police station. Kelly arrives and finds out that there is a bomb. It could go off in any minute. Bo and Lanie are in there and they could be killed. Lindsay heard that someone is doing this over evidence that is inside the building. Kelly starts putting two and two together. She is figuring it out.

Blair is trying to get Todd out of the cage that he is locked in at the Evidence Room. She has an ax and has been trying unsuccessfully to get him out by hacking at the fence. He told her to try to use the ax as a crowbar and pry the fence open. She tries that and it seems to work for a minute. He orders her to go away. She can save her life if she leaves now. Blair is determined to get her boyfriend out. She hacks away at the fence and finally makes a hole big enough for him to get through. Todd squeezes through the hole and is free and now he only has to get out of the building with Blair.

Bo and Lanie are working on the bomb in his office and trying to diffuse it. He tried to get her out of the building, but she wouldnít leave. He is talking her through disabling the bomb. She has delicate surgeonís fingers and she is a good candidate for the job. "Cut that wire now." She suddenly starts hiccuping. She has cut the wire. He thinks that she just cut the wrong wire. They can see a timer and there is only a short time left before the bomb goes off. She tells Bo that she loves him so much, no matter what happens. He assures her that he loves her too. "Now cut the wire." She cuts the wire and they are clear from danger. They have managed to stop the bomb and they are ecstatic about it. He thinks that she is incredibly talented. They are a great team. They kiss each other and the staff returns to the office and claps while they watch Bo with Lanie. Lindsay enters the room and sees the celebration.

Max is at Asaís house. Max has found out that someone has cut up his clothes. HE doesnít suspect that it was Starr that did it. She is only a child. He knows that she hates him, but she couldnít do something like that. He thinks that it is either Blair or Todd. Someone has been playing tricks on him all week and he suspects that it is one or the other or both of them (Blair and Todd) that have been doing this. Starr is crawling around the furniture on her hands and knees. She is hiding so that her Uncle Max doesnít see her there. He might put two and two together and figure out that she was the one that has been ruining his things. Max wants to make things right for the both himself and Asa. Asa tells Max to go and see his tailor and some new suits will be made for him. They might be able to work something out between the both of them. Max agrees to work something out between the both of them. Max leaves the room and Asa calls Starr out. She comes out and demands to know what Asa is going to do for revenge. He tells her to leave and he will take care of Max. Todd told her all about revenge. It is when someone bothers you and then they get what is coming to them. She turns and leaves.

Rae is being confronted by Skye about who her father is. She would be violating his trust. She thinks that Rae owes her the truth. She gets up to leave in a huff.

Blair and Todd come running out of the police station and Kelly sees them. She follows them and demands to know what they were doing in there. Todd says that he was paying a parking violation. Blair was with him and they heard that there was a bomb in the building. Bo seems to have diffused the bomb. Kelly tells Todd that she knows that he was the one that planted the bomb. Kelly tells Blair that Todd is going to get her in deeper and she has to get away from him. Todd tells her to get lost. Kelly leaves and Blair tells him that he doesnít have to worry about her anymore. They have gotten what they want. He tells her to go ahead and open up the package. She does and her face drops. He watches her surprise and questioning look. She tells him that they have the wrong package. It was a stupid idea. She is mad at him now. He realizes that she could have taken that envelop and died in the building. Why would she do that if she werenít crazy for him? She says that she did what she did for Starr. Last week she almost fell off a building and this week she almost gets blown up. She thinks that she should stay away from him forever.

Bo, Lindsay and Lanie go to the evidence room. Everything else seems to be there. He finds an earring that was found in Colinís bedroom. Lanie and Lindsay donít seem able to recognize the earring. Bo has to go for a moment and leaves the ladies together. Lindsay is relieved that Lanie and Bo are all right. Lanie recognizes that earring. It is Lindsayís. Lindsay was wearing the earrings the night that Colin disappeared.

Bo goes to his office to speak to the mayor and he tells the mayor that his fiancťe was the one that diffused the bomb. Bo goes to the safe in his office and puts the earrings in the safe and takes out an evidence folder. It is labeled Blair Cramer.

Kelly arrives at Asaís house. Max opens the door. Blair doesnítí know that she is there. She wants to talk to Max calmly. She is sure that there is something that she has to say. He doesnít want to put Blair in prison. She thinks that it is over and they are even now. Max canít get over being shot in the back. Blair is going to pay. There is a difference between justice and revenge. She would like him to admit that he has made mistakes. She has forgiven him for trying to marry her for her money and so he should forgive Blair. He starts coming on to Kelly and getting closer and closer to him. He kisses her and she is shocked at that. She pushes him away and tells him to go away from her. He thinks that she is conning him. He revolts her. She tells him that if he puts Blair away, she will take his life and make it miserable. He thinks that his life is just fine thank you. She goes through the people in his life and canít find anyone that cares about him. She hits him with his purse and leaves. Asa has heard what has gone on and agrees with Kelly. Max is lucky that Asa is in a charitable mood. He offers Max some money to leave him alone. Max refuses the offer and tells Asa that because of the hit on Ben, Asa is stuck with him. He runs upstairs. Asa goes to the phone and dials. "It is meÖ. I want you to track somebody down and this has to be kept quietÖ"

Lanie has really caught Lindsay this time. What is Lindsay hiding? Lindsay thinks that they should leave things the way that they are. Colin is gone and they donít have to tell Bo that the earring that he found is hers. Lanie will not leave it at that. She knows that Lindsay was wearing the earring the night of Colinís disappearance. Bo walks up and wants to know who was wearing what the night of Colinís disappearance. Lindsay says that she wore a sweater that she borrowed from Lanie for the dinner the night of Colinís disappearance. Bo turns to Lanie for the truth. She tells Bo, "I have something to tell you."

Jessica and Will are still out watching Cristian and Jennifer. She knows that Cristian agreed to take Jennifer out because Will provoked him. Jessica feels that Cristian has already hurt Jennifer.