One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/27/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/27/01

by Glynis

Viki is watching Gina with Ben on a monitor in her locked room. Gina is trying to convince Ben to stay with her where he will be safe.

Lanie tells Bo that she saw Todd at the station that day. Lindsay arrives at the police station. She wants to know what is going on. She hears the word Ďbombí and wants to know what is going on. Lindsay thinks that Bo shouldnít worry about the bomb. He should let it go. He thinks that there is something in the station that Lindsay would like to see destroyed.

Starr is at Asaís walking around with some scissors. Asa finds her and wants to know what she is doing with the scissors. She tells him that she is cutting Max some flowers. He is suspicious of her behaviour. He thinks that she is lying. She tells him that his brain is not working. She heard all about it. Asa figures out that she is going to do something to Max and he asks her to tell him what she is going to do. She tells him that she is going to cut up all Maxís clothes. Asa thinks that she is going to get him good for what he has done. When someone hurts you, you must get back at him or her. Pets are like that. The pets are right. Pets fight back. She is fighting back. He sees that she loves her daddy. She thinks that her daddy is a great big daddy. All kids should feel that way about their daddies. She asks him if his kids feel the same way about him. He sends her up the stairs to do her deed. She goes up the stairs with his blessing.

The location of Ginaís house is a well-kept secret. No one even knows that they have had contact. Viki is sure that Ben will see right through her. She is working on his case. He is vulnerable. He has other places that he can stay. He just got married. Gina acts like she is glad that Viki is out of danger. She wants him to be realistic. He thinks that it is not a good idea that he stay there. He doesnít want any misunderstanding. She canít believe that he thinks that the only reason that he thinks that she is helping him is to get him into bed. She tells him that she will guarantee that he will have his own bedroom. He can have the key to protect him from her. She jokes about her promising to avoid stroking him. He wants to know what her plan is. Viki watches in disbelief. Just then, her door opens and one of Ginaís goons walk in. He brings her dinner. He has been with Gina for many years. She is an excellent boss. She is strong and fair and devoted to her work and her family. She canít believe that the man thinks that what is happening to her is fair. He thinks that Viki has a different perspective. The staff is loyal to Gina. She is sure that if they went against her they would disappear like she did. She turns again to the monitor. Gina is happy that she has a new houseguest. She wants Ben to talk to her. She wants to know how he is dealing with this devastating news. Ben has known for some time now about Asa being his father. How different his life would have been. They wouldnít have known each other. It would have been a terrible loss for her. She would have had Alfred instead, but now he is in maximum security. They used to double-team their childhood rival. They were a great team.

Todd is stuck in the evidence room. Blair is there and she is trying to make him tell her that he didnít really plant a bomb in the police station. She finds out that he was going to blow up the whole building to give her freedom. The building is going to explode. They are going to be crushed to death. Blair didnít go to bomb school and she doesnít know what to do. He hands her some keys and tells her to try them all. She tries the keys one by one. He tries to get her to help him, but to no avail she canít get him out. She is trying to concentrate. She either has to hurry or get out. She tries the keys faster and faster to get him out of there before the bomb goes off.

Max is with Skye. She things that he is pathetic and she wants nothing to do with him. He is with her in a restaurant. She acts like he doesnít exist. She thinks that he enjoyed a good long run as heir to Asaís fortune. She had a good long run too. She is not interested in him. She wants him to know that. He is nothing without her. He thinks that he wants her back and she is not going to do it. He insists that he is there for coffee. He tells her that he was hoping that he could do something nice for someone besides him. She thinks that his technique is improving. He almost sounds sincere. She doesnít know what to say. He wants to help her. She thinks about Adam lying to her. He always treated her differently than his other children and now she knows why. She also found out that her mother is someone that she would like to push in front of a bus. She doesnít know where to go. He thinks that she should just cruise along. She doesnít think that she should do that. They say that when you suffer a loss, you shouldnít do anything for a while anyway. No one died or got hurt, or maybe she did. In a lot of ways, this is worse. What is going on with Max she wonders? He has been transformed into someone that she has never seen for a while. He has been hiding because he didnít like to take advantage of Asa. This isnít all Blairís fault. Skye thinks that he must have something on Asa. She wants to know what it is. Asa really loved him and so did she. It hurts to be betrayed. Forgiveness should be easy, but it is not. The parent-child thing is the worst of all. He thinks that they would have great kids. She might make a good mother. That is not going to happen anytime soon. She asks him if she has some kids. The twins were there for Christmas but he has another one. His son is having some problem and his mother hates him. He hates her too. She says that he made her love him and she didnít love her back. What a surprise. Rae walks in looking for Skye. Skye checked out of her hotel. Rae was worried that she wouldnít see her daughter. Rae wants to talk and Skye wants to leave too. Max takes Skye aside and tells her that her mother wants to know her. Skye doesnít want to know her mother. He kisses her lightly and leaves. Skye turns to look at her mother. Rae wants to talk with her. Skye wants to know who her father is.

Bo gets a call and he is going to go into the building right away. This is his job. He leaves Lanie with Lindsay. Lindsay still cares about Bo. Lanie knows exactly what she is afraid of. Lindsay promotes the idea that she is worried about Bo. Lanie can see that Lindsay is nervous as a cat. Lindsay thinks that Lanie was stupid enough to marry Colin. Lanie knows that Lindsay was involved in Noraís kidnapping. This is not the place or the time to talk about this. There is not peace in Lanieís life and Lindsay knows that she will never have peace. Lanie is about to become a copís wife and she is going to spend a lot of lonely nights wondering if he is all right. Lanie knows that she has always wanted to be with Bo. She tells Lindsay that he wasnít going back to Lindsay anyway. Lindsay has never been honest with anyone. Lanie is used to her taking out her hostility on other people with her lies. Lindsay asks her what about her lies. A lot of things seem to happen around Lanie, like Colin disappearing. Lanie wants to go into the police station to see Bo. Lindsay tries to stop her and Lanie doesnít let her. She goes running into the building as Lindsay watches.

Bo arrives at his office with the bomb squad guys. They show him the bomb. They have to get out of there. Bo gets closer to the bomb. He tells the squad guys to leave the building and let him work on the bomb. The evidence room is right below them and he is not going to get his evidence destroyed. They tell him that when the light starts blinking, the bomb is going to blow. They leave him there.

Blair and Todd are still in the evidence room trying to get him out. He starts looking in the boxes and he finds a tiny knife. He hands it to her and she gets rid of it. She gets out a bobby pin instead and starts working on the lock. Finally she decides that she is wasting time and she runs from the room. He canít believe that she would leave him like that. Todd starts talking to God. He tries to fix things with God. What is his legacy? What about Starr? Dying some other way would show more honour. Finally, Todd is ready. He is willing to go now. This is not amusing. No angels, no music. No distant white light. He would like God to tell him the secret of life. Blair comes back with a big ax. She tells him to stand back and get out of the way. She starts swinging the ax and hurts her arm in the process. He tells her to put the ax in the door and turn it like a crowbar. She is not having much luck and he shouts to her to "PUSH!"

Lanie enters the office and finds Bo. She lied to the guard and said that she is a demolitions expert. She is not leaving without him. If he stays, she stays. That is the deal. She wants him to tell her what to do. He tells her that if there is one wrong move, they could detonate the bomb. There is a metal thing that is a switch. She has to cut the wire, but she canít move the switch. She thinks that this is going to be a piece of cake. She gets to work. Lanie is having some problems. Her hands are shaking. She takes a few deep breaths. She goes back to work.

Starr comes down the stairs in Asaís house and shows him some fabric from Maxís closet. She is going to leave soon. The man that she used to call Uncle Max really isnít her uncle and she thinks that Asa should take him out. Starr is sure that Asa is going to take him out. She tells him of how she fooled her teacher and got herself an A. She is about to walk out the door, and Max comes in. Starr runs to the back room and hides. After 5 seconds, Max shouts out. Starr and Asa love it that they have upset Max.

Ben is alone and he makes a call to Vikiís cell phone. He leaves her a message: "I need you back here" Viki is watching everything on the monitor from her cell. He says that he will see her soon. He loves her. The goon returns with Gina. Gina is pleased with herself.

Blair is making headway with the fence being broken open. She makes a big enough space for Todd to get the evidence through. He hands her the envelope. He wants her to leave. She will not leave without him.

Back in Boís office the light on the bomb starts blinking. They are running out of time. She works faster.