One Life to Live Update Monday 3/26/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 3/26/01

By Glynis 

Gina has taken Viki to a place where she is to be hidden. She tries to walk out, but there is a guard standing in her way. Kurt is there to ensure her safety. Viki is not scared at all. Gina will see how things go. Viki has a family that thinks that she is on a speaking cause. She is told to sit back and relax and make the best of things. Her family is going to see that there is no speaking tour and she knows that this isn’t going to work. Viki wants her word that Jessica is going to be safe. Gina assures her that nothing will happen to Gina. Viki doesn’t get what this is going to get Gina. Viki just doesn’t want to face what is going to happen once everyone thinks that she is gone. She is going to pretend to help Ben do everything to find Viki. Viki thinks that she is spinning her wheels. She loves Ben very deeply and they are going to be together now and forever. Gina thinks that her love with Ben is nothing like the love that he shares with Ben. She is trapped in the past and he isn’t. He is married to Viki because he wants to be. Kidnapping her is not going to make him happy. She has to think about what she is doing. Gina agrees that this is desperate, but she is not insane. She is fighting for the man that she loves. They would have been together if it weren’t for her father. Her father ripped her out of Ben’s arms. He has Ben badly beaten and he threatened to kill him if they had contact again. He destroyed any chance of happiness and he robbed them of their lives. Gina is sure that things will work out her way. In time, Ben will realize that they belong together. What if Ben doesn’t feel the same about her anymore? Gina wants to know if she will need a doctor. Viki can’t believe that Gina is trying to be helpful at this point. Viki tells her that she doesn’t need a doctor, but she thinks that Gina needs one. Everything is slipping away for her. Gina thinks that she is about to have everything that she wants. She leaves.

Ben arrives at the bar and Renée is there. He tells Renée that Viki went on a speaking tour. He brings her a picture of him as a young boy. She thinks that he was adorable. She thanks him and Asa finds them together. He thinks that this is a cozy scene. The Madame and her bastard son. Ben demands that Asa apologize to Renée. He warns Asa never to come near him again. Asa sits at the bar and Renée goes to him and tells him to be as mad at her as she wants, but Ben is not to blame. Asa is mad that Ben spit in his face for sending him bodyguards. Ben will never look at him as his father. Asa still has Max living at the house as his son. Renée can’t believe that Asa let Max back in his life. She is his wife and she kept something from him, but she did it out of love. Asa doesn’t need that kind of love. She thinks that he needs it desperately. She wants to know what he is up to having Max in the house. She has something to say to Asa and she is not leaving till she says it. Max walks away, but is stopped by one of Gina’s guards. He tells her that Gina wants to see him right away. Ben says that he is busy. She said that he would understand when he gets there. Gina doesn’t do things lightly. Ben leaves with the man.

Todd comes to Blair and announces that she is going to be free very soon. He assures her that he has taken care of everything. He is going to go and get her evidence now. She doesn’t believe that he can do this. The cops are all watching for him. He is going to get her clothes back and no one is going to see him. She tells him that the evidence is under watch. He tells her that he has a bomb in the police station. He takes out his phone and tells Sophia that the station has a bomb in it. He is disguising his voice and tells Sophia that if she knows what is good for her she will get out of the station now. He hangs up laughing. Blair realizes that he does have a good plan. She thinks that there is no bomb. He will just have time to get in there before the bomb squad figures out that there is no bomb. The problem is that there is a bomb but she doesn’t know that. She thinks that he is joking. She has to wonder what the truth really is. He did this before and a man ended up dead. He should have learned something from this. He is going to get her clothes back and that will be the end of it. Blair wants to go with him, but someone might see her. He wants to go alone. She has to stay home to make this work. He puts on his gloves. It is his fault that her clothes are there and he has to do this himself. He will be worried about her too. She will be waiting until he gets back. He walks out.

Bo is kissing Lanie while sitting on his desk. There is a device under the chair and Bo doesn’t know that. Lanie and Bo decide to leave the office and spend some time together. Max enters demanding that Blair be arrested. He tells Bo that Blair has stolen his credit card and she is cleaning him out. It is fraud and theft and he wants action. Bo tells him where he can go to make a report. Max demands that he be taken care of. He sits at the desk, in Bo’s chair. Bo will prove that Max is a criminal and Max will pay. Bo gets irate with Max for coming in there with his inane demands. He shouts at Max… Just then the red light goes on… The red light attached to the bomb under the chair.

Sophia comes into Bo’s office and tells him that she got a call that there is a bomb in the building. Max leaves right away. He wants everybody to stay calm. They have civilians in the building and he doesn’t want panic. Bo is totally calm. He has had bomb threats before, but they have to treat things like they are real. Bo is going to wait for the bomb squad. Lanie thinks that he should leave, but he can’t. He has had experience diffusing bombs. Lanie is not leaving there without him. If he stays, she stays. She walks over to his chair and sits on it.

Asa doesn’t want to talk with Renée. She tells him that she is ready to finalize the divorce, but her heart is broken because they were finding their way back to each other. He is mad. Everything that he says is hurtful. Making pain is not going to make things better. Since they can’t accept each other, he should let Ben go in peace. He thinks that she should leave him. He knows that she didn’t bed another cowboy. She doesn’t know him if he can forgive Max for scamming him. He tells her to go. She doesn’t need this either. She leaves and bumps into Max. He can see that something is wrong. She tells him to go and ask his father. She can’t stop loving Asa. She thinks that it is Max’s fault that she is fighting with her husband. She wants to know why he is living back in the mansion. She knows that he is blackmailing Asa. He only loves himself. Max loves Renée. She tells him that he is only ever going to have himself. She walks out. Max goes over to Asa. He asks about Renée. Asa tells him that he destroyed his marriage. Asa hasn’t been a loving man to Renée anyway. He flies off the handle and treats her like livestock. Asa thinks that Max doesn’t know anything about him and Renée. Max does know that Asa is in this position because of what he did. Max is sorry for him. He only hopes that Asa comes around and sees that they are alike. If Asa is an ogre, why would Max want to be like him. Max tells him that he is stuck with him whether he likes it or not. Max walks off. Asa thinks that he should think again because Asa is not beat yet.

Sophia is in the office getting important files to take out with her. She leaves and Todd enters like a thief in the night. He hears Bo talking to Lanie. He is saying that he can’t leave because he is responsible for everyone in the department.

Bo picks up Lanie and tries to move her out of the office. She thinks that he should let the bomb squad take over. Three men enter to have a look at the building. Bo will be right outside if they need him. The men enter the room and Bo and Lanie leave the station. Todd is hiding under a desk and almost comes out. The three bomb squad men move to another part of the office looking for the bomb. Todd slowly moves from desk to desk hiding and trying to make his way to the evidence.

Kelly shows up to visit Blair. Blair is very jumpy. Kelly has an idea. She thinks that Blair should stand in traffic in her wedding gown and direct traffic. That would make her seem crazy. How about Blair pretending that she can’t talk anymore. Blair tells her that the ideas won’t work. Blair is edgy and thankful, but she isn’t going to need to be crazy after all. The charges are going to be dropped. The prosecution doesn’t have a strong case at all. She tells Kelly that Todd is going to take care of things. Kelly demands to know what Todd is going to do.

Todd is alone in the office now and he has full run of the place. He makes his way to the Evidence Room. Once inside, he searches the room thoroughly. There are many boxes in the room. He has to peek into everyone to find what he wants. He climbs to the top of the shelf and finally finds what he is looking for. He tries to leave, but the security gate where he entered the room is now locked shut. He tries his best to get out, but the gate won’t give. He stands looking through the linked fencing, "Uh oh…." Todd fights and fights to get out of there. Blair suddenly appears. He took so long that she got worried. He tells her that she should go away. He pretends that he can get out, but then admits that he is stuck. He tells her to go away right now. She can tell that something is terribly wrong. He shouts at her to go! She is not going to leve without the evidence. He tells her that she should leave. Someonem will see her there. He tells her that there is a real bomb and he doesn’t know what to do. It is going to blow them off the map if she doesn’t go.

Bo and Lanie are outside and Bo is making a call to find out about the bomb. There is a bomb in the building. The bomb is in his office under his chair. The bomb has a device on it so that it can’t be removed. If it blows, it could do some real damage. They worry about the bomb squad. Bo realizes that if the bomb goes off they are going to lose evidence and the bad guys are going to laugh right in their faces. Bo suddenly realizes the truth. He knows who did this.

Viki is alone and there is a television monitor in the room. It suddenly goes on. Gina is there taunting him. Ben arrives to see Gina. She runs to him and says, "Thank God that you are all right."