One Life to Live Update Friday 3/23/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 3/23/01

Written By Glynis

Kelly and Blair have their heads together again. They are running out of ideas. Max enters the room and dumps something in a canvas bag on the floor. It stinks. He tells her that she knows what that is and he is taking all the bull from her that he is going to take. He has dropped manure on her floor. Someone has charged lots of it to him and it was delivered. He thinks that she has stolen his credit card. He demands to have it back. Kelly likes the prank. Blair wishes that she thought of the joke, but she didnít. He addresses the stunt at the luncheon. Kelly tells him that the stunt was real. Max tells her that she is to shut up. Her games are not going to work. Not in this lifetime. Kelly is going to testify to how Max hurt Blair and cheated on her and she also can talk to the jury about how he tried to marry her for her money. He thinks that they are lightweights. He is the liar. He faked brain damage and scammed Asa. He should be charged for that little scam. He warns her that she should be charged right along with him. She was crazy when she shot him. She saw him with Skye in bed and he doesnít buy any of it. She thought that they were getting married and she was crazy after what he did to her. She didnít know what day it was and what planet she was on. He was covering because he knows that she was not in her right mind that day. He knows that she was crazy. He could go to the cops and tell them the truth. He could be a witness for her and get her out of this. First he pretends that he will help her but on second thought he decides not to. He thinks that she calculated shooting him for days before he did it. He makes up some things that will put Blair away. He is going to say it on the stand. He leaves and Blair throws the manure after him.

Starr is at it again. This time she is on the computer.

Sam comes to see Todd. He is there because of Blair. HE thinks that there is something that Todd has that can save Blair. Sam doesnít want to Todd and will leave if Todd doesnít get on with it right away. If he could get past what Todd has done to everyone in town, he would but he canít. Todd doesnít want to play any games. The only evidence that they have against Blair is the clothes. Todd wonders what would happen if they didnít have the clothes. Sam thinks that there is a possibility that they may not have the right clothes. Sam sees where Todd is going with this and he tells him not to even think about this. Sam tells him not to tell him what he is thinking about doing because he is an officer of the court and this opens him up to a lot of things. They both agree that Blair getting off her wrap is the important thing. Sam thinks that he should stay away from Blair. Todd canít do that. Todd figures that if Sam is not going to help him, then Todd is going to have no other choice but to go about things his way. Todd isnít planning anything that if Sam isnít going to help him then Todd is going to write him off. Sam starts laughing. Sam canít believe that Todd is talking about him as a friend. Todd says time and time again that he is going to change and he doesnít. Some friendship they have. Sam tells him to stick it and stay away from Blair. He warns him to stay away from Blair. He leaves and Todd gets out a bag and knows now that he has to move to plan B. He gets up and leaves.

Jennifer and Cristian are at the video arcade. She wants to stay there. She canít hear herself think there and she likes that. She is trying to forget what has gone on with Colin. She doesnít want to think about anything. Her father brought her there. She is sure that this is the place that she wants to be. They play some games and she thinks that he is giving her luck. They continue to play and she does great. She gets to put her name up where the high scores go. He doesnít want to play the game. He couldnít be as good as she was. He is not into arcade games, but she convinces him to try. He puts his money in and plays and she talks him on. She thinks that he is good. She gives him instructions on how to play. He tells her that he canít. He canít use his wrist. It is a big deal. She touches his hand and they look into each otherís eyes. She knows that art wasnít something that he used to do, it was he. Now he canít do it anymore because of his hand. He had his accident back when Jessica went back to her brother. He got drunk and got behind the wheel of a car. She thinks that she can understand. She is the girl that he found passed out in the park. He agrees that she does understand what happened to him. He knows that there are certain things that he canít do anymore. She knows that there are some things that he can do. He turns to her. They play more games, but only using one hand each. Soon their free hands are touching each other.

Nora and Bo are acting out a scene from her appearance. Bo is walking to Nora with a syringe in her hands when someone shouts out behind them, "No!" Nora and Bo turn to see Lindsay in the doorway. They explain that they are investigating Colinís disappearance. She says that she came back to get a necklace that Colin took from Lanie. The necklace is a ruby necklace. This is the necklace that Nora found and put in her purse. She thought that Lanie would like to have the necklace back. She screamed because she saw a man hovering over Nora. She was startled and thought that she was looking at Colin. Nora tells her that they were role-playing and Nora thinks that Lindsay could actually help them. Nora wants her to hold the syringe in her hand to help them out. Lindsay thinks that Nora has been through enough. She thinks that something is wrong with Nora. She should be where she can be taken care of. Nora just wants back the part of her life that is missing. Nora runs to Lindsay and chokes her and tries to make her admit that she tried to hurt Nora. Bo stands back and watches Nora choke the life out of Lindsay. He is not going to help. He crosses his arms and watches them both go at it. Nora obviously has the upper hand and she continues to choke Lindsay. Finally Bo intervenes and moves Nora away from Lindsay. Lindsay demands that Nora be arrested. Bo tells her to leave. Nora orders her to leave. Nora grabs her purse. She knows that Lindsay did it. Attacking Lindsay made her feel great. Bo tells her to stay away from the house from now on. He will arrest her if she comes back. She agrees not to come back. She is not giving up and Bo thinks that she shouldnít. He promises to get to the truth for her and everyone else.

Lanie is ushered into Boís office and he tries to calm her down. She is still afraid that Colin is alive. She is infuriated. He thinks that he understands how people get impatient with the justice system. Eventually, things catch up with you one way or the other. She wants nothing to drink and she settles in to wait for Bo. She sits at his desk and finds a folder on his desk. She opens it and finds a file in the folder. She reads what has been going on with Colinís investigation.

Sam is at the police station and goes in to see Lanie in Boís office. She puts down the file that she was reading. She tells him that she canít get Colin out of her mind. She thinks that the things that he did made him think that he could actually get together with Nora.

Todd is at the police station. He is sneaking around there once again. After Sam leaves Boís office, Todd enters and talks to Lanie. He asked her for a favor nicely and she didnít cooperate. He corners her into the office. He tells her that one good turn deserves another. Lanie walks out and Todd closes the door in Boís office, glad that he is alone. He starts putting on his gloves and looking around the office. Lanie and Antonio arrive and Antonio tells Todd to make an appointment if he wants to see Bo. Antonio thinks that he should have let RJ and Todd finish each other off. Todd hurriedly leaves the office.

Nora goes to a restaurant and finds Max there. He discusses her little dance with Colin. He hasnít seen Renťe. She is okay and doing fine. She guesses that Renťe and Asa havenít welcomed him back into the family. He doesnít even have Skye. Nora had no right getting involved with Colin, so he was right about something. Bo gave her a policeman to walk around with. He is waiting for her at the bar. Max orders her a club soda. Nora wonders if Max is going to change his life after this. A telegram arrives for Max. Max doesnít answer the call, but Nora does. The woman that brings the telegram sings it to him. She tap-dances and ends her singing and dancing by hitting Max in the face with a pie. Nora canít believe what she is seeing. She laughs. Max cleans himself up and Nora laughs and laughs at him and the little trick that has been played on him. Max says that Blair is going to be very sorry.

Bo arrives at the office and Lanie is waiting for him. She tells him that she saw the file on his desk. Bo wants to know if there is a special place that Colin likes and world return to. Lanie thinks that there is no place like that. There might have been a special place where Colin liked to be with her. She only wants to focus on her future with Bo. He is glad that she is there. He knows that nothing is going to happen to her that way.

Lindsay is putting on her gloves and she once again has entered Colinís house. She is searching for something and doesnít want her fingerprints found at the scene. She gets on her hands and knees and continues to search. She reaches under the bed and feels around. There is nothing there. She gets up and looks around herself. She decides to leave.

Todd arrives to tell Blair he has fixed everything. In a few minutes, all of Blairís problems will be gone away. There is something rigged to the bottom of Boís desk. It seems that Todd has but some sort of device under Boís desk and currently at the moment, Bo is sitting on the desk while he kisses Lanie.

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