One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/22/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/22/01

Written By Glynis

Sam and Rae are working on a plan and Rae doesn’t think that it is going to work. He has brought Rae home to speak with his daughter. She can’t tell him anything that Jennifer tells her. Rae is an option that he would like to offer his daughter. They enter Sam’s house and Jennifer is sitting with Cristian. Sam introduces everyone there. Sam is hoping that Jennifer will stick around and talk. Jennifer wants to spend her time with Cristian. Jennifer thinks that this isn’t a good time. Cristian tells Rae that he enjoys her column in The Banner. He calls her Dr. Rae. Jennifer puts two and two together and realizes that her father has brought a shrink there to speak with her. She thinks that her father is going to have her committed. Jennifer decides that she should talk to the doctor. She tells Cristian that she will talk with him later. He leaves. Rae knows that her parents have had a divorce and it is still pretty hard on her. Jennifer doesn’t know that she is supposed to talk about. Her mother was right. They shouldn’t ever talk about Colin ever again. Sam wants to know what her mother said. Rae goes to make some coffee and Jennifer thanks her father sarcastically. She can’t believe that he would bring someone else into this mess. He wants to know what happened with Colin and bring it out into the open. They will never find a healthy way to deal with all of this. This is their family specialty…keeping secrets. She thinks that they can pretend that he is gone and never existed. She says that he is gone for good. She isn’t sure if he is gone, but she believes that he is. All those years, Colin led her to believe that the divorce of her parents was her fault. She must have some angry feelings. She wonders if he is the one that needs to see a psychologist. He is worried about her never getting over this. Sam has rage at what Colin did to Will. He deserves whatever he gets. Sam hates him too and is not proud of that feeling. That feeling can backup on a person. Everybody needs a little help. She wants him to listen to her. She wants to be left alone. She grabs her things and leaves the house. Sam and Rae have tea together and discuss Jennifer. She has been through so much in her life and she is very vulnerable. She has a family that supports her and cares about her. Sam doesn’t know what he should do when things are not the way that they should be. No matter which way you go no way is right. How can you live with the guilt of doing something wrong? Rae asks him if they are talking about Jennifer or him. They finish talking and Rae leaves. Sam goes back in the house and gets his shoes. He brings them outside and wipes the mud off them.

Lindsay goes to see RJ. He doesn’t to see her anymore. She tells him that they are on the same side. He isn’t curious about why she is there. What she wants this time is information. She wants to know if RJ was the one that dealt with Colin. Both say that they have been staying away from Colin. If Colin is dead, then the letters that Colin had are going to get the both of them into very deep trouble. RJ thinks that Colin just decided to relocate. He thinks that she knows more than she is telling him. She doesn’t like his attitude. She always liked the idea of Colin disappearing without a trace. Now he is dead and she is jumping out of her skin. She is weary because of the terror that Colin put on her. She denies that she knows anything. She is afraid that whether Colin is dead or alive that he is going to win. She thinks that he should be afraid too. RJ is willing to live with his decision. She can’t take anymore. She wants this to be over. He wants her to stay away from him if Colin returns wanting more money. He gets back to work. Cristian walks in and Lindsay tells him that he doesn’t have to worry about Jennifer anymore because her family is going to be taking care of her from now on. Lindsay tells him that she thinks that he is a big part of the problem that Jennifer has been having. She doesn’t want him to take what she is saying personally. He thinks that she is trying to blame her for Jennifer’s problems. There were things that were not resolved and they are going to be dealt with inside the family. Having a new friend would only confuse Jennifer now. She needs time to adjust. Her father and brother are here for her so Cristian doesn’t need him anymore. Her daughter needs space and time and she thinks that means time away from him. She is telling him to stay away from her daughter. Cristian tells her that he found Jennifer packed one night ready to leave town. Lindsay thinks that maybe he should have let her go. He doesn’t have the right to meddle in her life. He thinks that Jennifer should be able to decide who her friends are. Lindsay really lays into her now. She tells him that Jennifer almost died from alcohol poisoning because of him. Just then Jennifer walks in and orders her mother to stop. She tells her mother to stop bothering Cristian, as he is her friend. Jennifer wants to know what she is doing there. Lindsay admits that Jennifer is right and that she shouldn’t have meddled in her life. She apologizes to Cristian. Lindsay leaves because she is going to be late for a meeting. She goes and Jennifer apologizes to him for her mother. Cristian doesn’t mind. She doesn’t want to talk about Sam and Rae confronting her. She is sick of all of this. She doesn’t want to talk anymore. She wants to have mindless fun. RJ arrives and sees them having a fun time, but thinks that they shouldn’t make this a habit. Cristian takes her hand and walks her out for some mindless fun.

Lanie is resting in the hospital when she suddenly awakes and looks around her. She sees Colin bringing Nora out of the hospital room. Nora seems unconscious and she doesn’t move as he carries her. He turns to Lanie and makes a sarcastic remark. She watches as he carries Nora into the elevator and disappears. Lanie wakes up and finds that she has been dreaming and when she checks for Nora, she finds that she is gone. Antonio arrives and Lanie tells him that Nora is gone. He makes a call to report that Nora is missing. The police begin looking for her. Lanie tells Antonio that she didn’t know that Nora had left on her own. She told Bo that she would try to help him in anyway that she could.

Nora has returned to Colin’s house. She is in the room looking at the things all over the room. She picks up the teddy and as she does, she hears a noise behind her. She turns and it is…Bo. She didn’t to be sitting around. He reminds her that this is a crime scene and she shouldn’t be there. He wants to call an ambulance and have her returned to the hospital. She is grateful for his concern, but she is not going to stay in the hospital waiting for something to happen. She has to stop playing detective. She is not going to be a victim. Bo understands what she is saying. This makes Bo’s job harder. She could have at least told him what she was doing. Maybe he could have helped her out. She is sorry to be giving him a hard time. She knew that something terrible had happened and she knew that it had happened to her. The feelings that she has are so powerful. The details are right in front of her and she feels like she can just reach out and touch them. It is different for him because he wasn’t there. It is a horrible feeling. She sees her necklace and puts her hands on them. She holds them in her hands. She had to come there and find out if the answers are there. She knows that he tried to seduce her. He thought that she wanted him and she thought that he was mad. She remembers something else. She remembers him coming into the room with a wash basin and a cloth and he put it on a table. He then pulled back the covers and he bathed her. She thought that the water was warm, but she doesn’t remember if that happened recently or the time before. No, it has to be last summer because she remembers the pain in her hip and her legs. It is all one great big jumble. Bo thinks that she has to give it a little more time. She wants her life back and she can’t do this. She was given a muscle relaxation substance and something else. He thinks that she was given something to take the fight out of her. She is fighting now. He took her memory and took her will. Bo thinks that her will is healthy because she made it all the way there from the hospital. She gets an idea. She wants Bo to pretend to be Colin. Bo doesn’t want to pretend to be Colin. Nora will not let go of the idea. He will do it, but then they are going to leave. She makes him stand in a special place and she takes a stand in a special place. She needs a prop or something. She needs something like a syringe for him to hold. Bo searches for some syringes and finds one. He removes it from the package and turns to face her. Immediately she remembers something. She falls into a chair nearby and Bo goes to comfort her. He thinks that they should leave. She knows that this is the only way to get her memories back. Next, she takes off her coat and walks through the room slowly. She closes her eyes and lies on the bed. Bo thinks that this is going too far. She tells him to sit ‘over there’. He does and then she tells him to come at her with the needle. He starts walking to her and unknown to the both of them; someone is walking up the stairs and can see Bo walking slowly to Nora with the needle.

Antonio has managed to reach Bo and he learns that he is with Nora and that she is okay. Lanie is relieved. She knew that Colin couldn’t have possibly have taken her away. Antonio wants to know why she is so sure of that. Antonio wonders if he can help her and she tells him that there is nothing that anyone can do for her now. She walks away from him.

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