One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/21/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/21/01

Written By Glynis

Viki is telling Ben that she has to go away alone. He can tell that something is not right here. Gina is waiting for her to make Ben believe that she has to leave for her own will. Ben is telling Viki that he is sure that something is wrong. Viki admits that something is wrong. Gina thinks that Viki is about to be very stupid. Her henchman that is watching Jessica is telling Gina that anytime that she wants him to do the deed, he will do it. He is watching Jessica at RJís club. Cristian, Jessica and Will are discussing Colinís disappearance. Will is telling him to stay out of his life. Cristian is suspicious about Willís behavior. Will thinks that this is not Cristianís business. Something is driving Will crazy and Will doesnít appreciate his implication. He tells Cristian again to stay away from his sister. Will is pretty sure that Colin is gone now. Cristian is wondering how Will was so sure that Colin is gone. He tells Will that Jennifer is with her father and she is safe. Cristian leaves them. Jessica asks Will for more information. Is Cristian right? Will doesnít want to talk right now. She questions why they are together. He wants to share a life with her. Right now, things are going well for her and things are really coming together for them right now. If he had done anything the night before that would have messed things up for them, he would have told her.

Lindsay is talking with her daughter at Samís house and Jennifer wants to tell her something. She really did something the night before and she wants to tell her mother about it, even though she didnít want to tell her father earlier. Lindsay wants her to erase her memories from her mind about Colin. He is gone and that is all that they need to know about him. Jennifer canít do that and she thinks that Lindsay canít do that either. Lindsay thinks that they have to wipe this from their memories. Jennifer did what she did because of Lindsay. Jennifer knows that Lindsay was the one that was hurting Nora. She wasnít eavesdropping, she overheard the conversation. There is nothing that can be done to make Jennifer forget what she heard. Not unless Lindsay is going to pump her full of drugs too. Lindsay tells her that what happened with Nora was an accident. Jennifer thinks that she has to tell her father the truth. Lindsay thinks that this is going to reopen old wounds for Will. Lindsay tells her that she canít tell anybody what happened that night. Jennifer is going to worry what happens to her and she will not be able to take back the things that happened that night. Lindsay wonders if telling the truth is more important than her familyís happiness. Colin is out of the picture now and Nora is safe. Telling everyone will make Jennifer feel good, but it will ruin the rest of the family. Jennifer says that she will not tell another soul. As she says that, Will walks in. Lindsay greets her son and then leaves. Jennifer remembers Will telling her that things are going to get better and she is still waiting.

Roseanne is sleeping in her bed and hears someone talking to her as she sleeps. It is Colin. He moves near her and tells her that she seems like a woman with a guilty conscience. She wakes and turns horrified to find Colin over her smiling into her face. He calls her a little tramp. She thought that she was finished with him. Turns out that she was dreaming and she jumps up in bed. Antonio arrives with his gun drawn and Sophia is with him. She tells them that she was dreaming. Sophia and Antonio are on detail checking out everyone that was at Colinís party. She was at the party for a special reason and Sophia demands to know what it was. Roseanne tells them that Colin was trying to make it seem like there was more to her relationship with him than there really was. Antonio wants Sophia to lighten up but she doesnít. Sophia is sure that Roseanne knows something. Antonio thinks that Roseanne will tell him the truth. He sends Sophia away and will touch base with her later. Roseanne wants to know what is wrong with Sophia. He reminds her that this is about him and her now and he wants to know what she is hiding. He thinks that she may have helped Colin kidnap Nora, or disappear without a trace. He knows that something is going on and she is not saying what it is. If he canít trust her to be honest with him then they have a problem. He is not talking to her as a cop. After what she tells him, he may never talk to her as a friend ever again. She tells him that she did something really stupid. When he broke up with her, she thought that it was his loss, but it was hers. She lost her self-respect and that was when she ran into Colin at the Palace Bar. She had a couple of drinks and was feeling sorry for herself. Antonioís eyes are welling up. It didnít mean anything to her. He wants her to say it. He wants to know what she did. She tells him that she slept with Colin. She never wanted to see him again. She didnít know that he was coming to her house, he just showed up. He wanted her to give him money or he would make her be with him again. That is why she showed up at the Inn, because she went there to pay Colin off. She is afraid that he is angry. He took advantage of her when she was down and then he tortured her with it. She wishes that it had never happened. It is going to take time for him to get over this. He is glad that it is over. She told him the truth and that is all that he needs from her.

Viki tells Ben that her doctor told her that she has to keep her stress to a minimum. He forgot how stress could affect her immune system. She loves him and thinks that he could cure her. She feels like she is letting him down. She has to go and do this for the both of them. She also has to do this for her children. He doesnít know what he can say to her. She thought that she could do this, but she canít, she canít leave him. Gina enters the room and finds them hugging each other. She pretends that she has come at a bad time. Ben tells her that she might have come at a bad time. Viki tries to water down the fear that she can see in Ginaís eyes. She was just checking in and will be back the following day. Viki says that she will be gone in an hour. Ben will not be going with her. Gina will leave so that they can say their good-byes. She wishes Viki a Bon Voyage. She leaves and the decision is made. The last thing in this world that Viki ever wanted to do was to run out on Ben, but Ben knew that Viki would always be better off away from him. This is going to work because she is going to be safe. He promises her that the gangsters are all going to be out of their lives when she gets back. She thinks that would be nice having a homecoming present like he describes. Ben wonders if they have time for a preview of them being happy. It is going to be a long time before they see each other again. The phone rings and Gina is there. She tells Viki that if she doesnít get out of the house in 5 minutes, Jessica will be dead. Viki agrees to the terms. She tells Ben that the car is on its way. Gina doesnít want them to make love because he will find the wire on her. Viki manages to stop Ben from making love to her and she turns to him and tells him that she loves to look at him. After she is gone, she wants him to promise that he will be miserable without her. He will promise her anything and she knows that. He kisses her. She is crying and she knows that she has to go. She doesnít want him walking her out. She wants him to stay there. She wants him to remember that she loves him. Ben wonders what happened.

Outside, Viki gets in Ginaís car and Gina is angry that Viki almost blew it. Viki tells her to call her people off of her daughter. Gina makes the call and tells Richard to back off Jessica. She really is a woman of her word. She doesnít tell Viki where they are going. She doesnít want to spoil the surprise.

Blair and Todd are cuffed together at his place and Bo is banging on the door trying to get in. Todd had a great idea to cuff Blair to him so that he could take her back to his place and talk to her in private to convince her that he would do anything to get them back together and instead, he has lost the key and they now are cuffed together and canít get apart. They have to figure something out. He is dressed like a policeman and Todd is trying to hide the clothes. He dressed that way to get evidence out of the evidence closet. She has to tell him if she wants to get help from him or not. Bo shouts out that Toddís time is up and he is going to come into the apartment. Bo gets ready to open the door and he kicks it down and walks in to find Blair and Todd hiding under a blanket together. Staring at the door like deer in the headlights. Blair asks him what he is doing. The officer with Bo identifies Todd as the person that impersonated the police officer. Bo places Todd under arrest and he is going to take Blair with him to talk to her downtown. Blair tells Bo that he isnít taking them anywhere. She thinks that Bo is mistaken the man that was dressed as a policeman looked totally different. Bo thinks that the cop is telling the truth and Bo is willing to back him up as long as he is sure that Todd was the man that disguised himself as the cop. Now, the rookie is not that sure anymore. Bo thinks that they donít get to nail Todd that day, but soon enough they will get him another day. Bo and the rookie leave the apartment. Blair thinks that Todd was great. He wants to know if he is forgiven or not. She starts to answer, but then she finds the key. She hurries to take off the cuffs and he wants to know where they go from there. She canít answer that right now. She doesnít even know if she is going to have a future. She wants him to concentrate on getting her clothes out of the evidence room. She gets up and grabs her things. She leaves. He goes to the fireplace are removes a hidden box. In it is a timer and things that seem to belong to an explosive device.

RJ is telling Cristian that the next delivery is ready. Cristian is sure that they are being watched. Cristian mentions a source at the station. RJ is surprised at what he is saying. He tells Cristian not to ask anymore questions. All he needs to know is that RJ takes care of his business.

Will has left Jessica and she is alone when the hitman set up by Gina, Richard stops her and tells her that he is going to be in one of her classes and he wanted to get some information about the professor teaching a class. He asks her to recommend some more professors. He is interested in films. He likes gangster movies.

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