One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/20/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/20/01

Written By Glynis

Bo asks Lindsay what she knows about Colinís disappearance. If Colin has disappeared, Lindsay thinks that is for the best. He demands that she tell him if she knows where he is. She thinks that he should stay missing. Bo wants to know where he is. Bo thinks that Lindsay knows something. What is it? He believes the worst of her. He learned his lesson the hard way. He tells her that she is a pathological liar. She thinks that he is being mean to her. She tells him that she saw Colin last at his dinner party. She didnít see him after that. He thinks that Colin was holding something over her at the dinner party. She thinks that if she helped him the first time, she may help him again. He wants proof that she was home the night before. He thinks that maybe she was with Colin trying to finish Nora off. She thinks that he is saying terrible things. He forgets that she lost a baby for him. They created a life together and now he treats her so badly. She cared about the baby, but he didnít even know. That is not the point for her. It is the anniversary of them losing their baby, so she wants him to forgive her if she is not in the mood for his third degree. He only wants to know about Colin. She wants something. She wants to know when he became so heartless. Lanie comes out of Noraís room and Lindsay turns to conversation to Lanie. She tells him that Lanie came to her gallery the night before late, so if he wants to interrogate someone, he should interrogate her. Lindsay walks out. Bo tells Lanie that he thinks that Lindsay is blowing smoke. She knows something. Lanie thinks that Lindsay maybe telling the truth. Lanie tells him that she did go to Lindsayís gallery the night before. She starts explaining when a policeman arrives, the one that was working with Todd undercover. He tells Bo that he is turning his badge in because of an incident with Blair at the businessmanís luncheon. The officer says that he was working with Sergeant Starr from the LAPD. Bo tells him that there was no Sergeant Starr. The man had a big scar on his face. Bo goes and Lanie is left with a bodyguard. Lanie wasnít expecting that.

Jennifer wants to go out and Sam is trying to stop her. She thinks that he has all the information that he needs. Sam thinks that there is more that needs to be revealed. She thinks that they have already talked about everything that needs to be covered. She knows that her parents divorce is not her fault. She didnít do anything wrong. He is sorry that she felt guilty and was caught in the middle of everything. She should have been able to come to him and tell her how she felt. If she had known what Colin was doing, she wouldnít have had the problem. She wants him to stop this. She canít talk about this ever again. She promises that everything is over. Sam tells her that this is not over and things are not fine. He wants them to be able to tell each other the truth. He knows that she left the house the night before. She admits that she took a walk. He thinks that she went to Colinís house. She tells him that she didnít go near Colin. He loves her and he wants to help her. She doesnít want to talk about Colin because he is gone. Sam would like to stop talking about Colin, but he canít. Lindsay walks in and tries to make Sam stop trying to get things into the open. She gets Jennifer to leave the room. She turns to Sam and asks what she was doing. Lindsay thinks that he was pushing her over the edge. They both love her and he only wants to get to the bottom of this mess. Lindsay wonders if he wants to take responsibility for the mess that he could make. Sam takes a call and has to leave right away. He wants her to leave as well. She isnít leaving. She wants to see if her daughter is all right. Sam leaves and Jennifer comes out again. Jennifer thinks that her father may be right. She might need to talk about the night before. Lindsay loves her daughter very much. She knows what is best for all of them. They have to forget that Colin ever existed. Jennifer canít forget what happened. She has to tell her mother something that happened the night before.

Ben is home in the kitchen and he plays Vikiís message and listens intently. She stops part way through the message. She is telling him that they need to talk. She couldnít talk at the time that she left the message, but she will fill him in soon. Renťe comes to visit Ben. She is looking for Viki. She has some papers from the hospital and Viki needs to look at them. She confesses that she is not there to see Viki. She came to see Ben. She is worried that he could have been killed. She thinks that he needs a bodyguard. He thinks that she was the one that sent the goons over to watch him. She didnít realize that Asa cared. This means that he is coming around. Asa is a very powerful man, but Ben doesnít want help from Asa. She wants him to let Asa help. He wants her to stay out of it. She canít stay out of it. He is her son. She wants him to tell Viki that she brought those papers over. Ben wants her to address what she has just said. He likes the way that her saying his son sounds. He thinks that there may be hope for them after all. In her head, she is angry and she canít help it. Ben thinks that they should take things slow. They have a lot of years to catch up on. She likes that idea.

Viki is with Gina in an underground parking lot, and Gina has told her that she is going to make Viki disappear. Viki has tailed Gina to that location and she knows that Gina is head of a group of mobsters. Viki is the one with the education, so she should be able to figure out what Gina is saying. Gina wants to make her disappear and Viki doesnít know what that means. Gina is very thorough. She knows her job and Viki knows too much about her job and therefore she has to be taken care of. Viki is worried that Gina is going to kill her. She asks Gina what her intentions are. Gina will answer her question. She puts her purse on the car and slowly opens her purse. She shows Viki a wire. It is something that the police use to listen in on conversations. She wants Viki to wear the wire so that Gina can hear her telling him that she has to get away alone. Viki will have to convince him. She canít do that because Ben will not believe her. She has to convince Ben orÖ Gina wonít kill her if Viki doesnít cooperate. That is not what she meant. She is not going to kill Ben, he means far too much to Gina. Viki demands to know whom she is going to kill. Gina really enjoyed meeting Jessica. She is so pretty and smart. Jessica is such a talented writer. She is very impressive. Gina has been watching Jessica and speaks of her schedule. Gina wonít have to go near Jessica because Viki is going to tell Ben that she has to go away for a while. If Viki tries to alert Ben of what is really going on, Jessica is going to miss her next class.

While Ben is talking with Renťe, Viki walks in. She likes that Ben and Renťe are talking. Renťe would like to mend fences with Viki. They hug. The two ladies have missed each other. Viki thinks that they should work out their differences. They deserve each other. Renťe mentions that she came to leave some papers for Viki and she will talk to Viki later. She leaves. Ben tells her that he got her message and they need to talk. Viki turns to him and tells him that she is going away for a while. Gina is in her car listening to Viki tell Ben goodbye. He demands an explanation. She tells him that she got a call from a friend who needs her help. She is to talk about her battle with breast cancer. She knows how hard it can be to have breast cancer. She wants to fulfil her promise to God to help other women. Ben thinks that she has done a lot for women. Viki has to do more. She is leaving that same day. She is going to leave right away. He can call her on the cell phone. He tells her that he will not be calling her on the cell phone because he is going with her. Gina canít believe her crappy luck. She calls her henchman and tells him to stay with Jessica and not let her leave his sight. Viki tells Ben that he canít come with her. He is not going to let her go until she tells him what is going on.

Todd is begging Blair to work with him on getting her free. She canít believe that he cares about fate. What he wants is her. He wants them to be together. He is sure that she wants that too. They move together to kiss. They donítí kiss and he can tell that she wants to be with him. They do fit together. She canít. She canít forget what he did to her. He is willing to go to the evidence room and fix things. She has every right to be rid of him. He was setting her up for 20 years. Hank and Bo have evidence that can put her away for a long time. He didnít trust her. Even when he asked her to marry him, he didnít trust her. She would rather go to jail than be with him. He wants her to listen. He will get the clothes back and when he does the case will disappear. Then she will see how he cares about her. Things are not that simple. She wants him and she knows it. She wants him to find the key to unlock the handcuffs. He agrees. He canít find the key. The keys are in his pocket. She reaches in there and there is no key there. She thinks that he is playing another game, but he isnít. They are stuck together. Blair and Todd are groping around on the carpet looking for the key to the handcuffs and he breaks out laughing. She is not laughing. He thinks that it is funny that they are on the floor looking for the key to the handcuffs and he is stuck to her. They are pathetic. He thinks that it is funny that he is impersonating a cop and she is waiting to be free of him. He finds a balloon. It is one of the gold balloons that she sent to him for their wedding night. She remembers the night that they first got married. Everything was so perfect. Everything was going to go on forever. He thinks that the dream can go on forever. All they have to do is get the clothes back. There is banging on the door. It is Bo with a policeman. He is shouting through the door that he is there to pick up Todd pretending to be a policeman.

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