One Life to Live Update Monday 3/19/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 3/19/01

Written By Glynis

Lindsay is in Noraís hospital room asking her what Colin did to her to make her ill. Nora is in the hospital after Colin tried to take advantage of her by drugging her and god knows what else. Nora has had a flashback while she has been in the hospital. The flashbacks seem to be coming more and more often now. She remembers someone coming towards her with a syringe and she has a sneaky suspicion that Lindsay might have been the person that came after her so long ago when Colin was holding her captive. Lindsay is not sure what Nora remembers, but she knows that she has to find out. Nora thinks that Lindsay should know what happened to her as she was there. Lindsay denies that she was at Colinís house the night before. Nora is sure that she heard Lindsayís voice. Lindsay thinks that she had a chance to get the drugs from Colin and this might not have happened. Nora thinks that maybe she was right and that she didnít hear Lindsayís voice the night before. She thinks that she may have heard Lindsayís voice another time. She reveals that she has had more memories and she heard Lindsayís house. Lindsay did visit him, but Nora thinks that Lindsayís voice was not that far off. Nora could swear that Lindsay was in the same room. Lindsay thinks that Nora should start her life over. Nora tells her that they are going to play this game, but by her rules. Nora thought that Colin would tell her the truth, but she doesnít need Colin anymore because she is getting her memories back slowly. Nora thinks that soon she will remember more memories. When Nora nails Lindsay she is going to nail her all by herself.

Lanie is outside telling Sam and Bo that she was at the house earlier. She saw Colin earlier and he was completely out of control. She did something but doesnít want to tell Sam and Bo what she did. She went to Noraís house and she could tell that there was a struggle. Then she went to his house and he wouldnít let her go upstairs and that was when she thought that Nora was up there. Bo thinks that she should have called him to alert him that something was wrong. That was apparently when Sam arrived. Sam is glad that Lanie got there when she did and scared off Colin. Colin left, but he didnít take his car. Colin didnít take his flight as he planned and he left evidence to incriminate himself. He didnít take Nora and that was his plan. Colin wasnít trying to make a quick getaway; he wouldnít have left his car. Bo is not so sure that Colin is gone. Bo is going to assign a guard to Lanie until he is sure that Colin is gone.

Viki is spying on Gina and her friend. She hears Gina telling the man that she wanted Ben scared, but not shot. She demands that the man do what she says. She reminds the man that he will do what she says, as she is the one that owns the organization. She hears Gina telling the man that he hated Ben and he has to live with it. He tells her that he knows who is in charge. She tells him to get away and if he ever screws up again, he will be visiting her daddy. The man leaves and Gina then walks back up the stairs to leave. Viki calls to speak with Ben. She leaves him a message to meet her because they need to talk. She hangs up and turns to face Gina who tells her that they are going to have a little talk. She takes the key and thinks that it is funny that they ended up in the same place at the same time. Viki tells her that she knows that Gina hasnít been helping Ben find the people that have been after Ben because it has been her all the time. Gina admits that there was a hitman and Ben needs her help. She thinks of herself as Benís savior and she intends to be a lot more to Ben. She tells Viki that she has a problem now. Viki tells her that Ben will believe that she found out the truth about Gina. Gina finds that to be a problem. That is something that she will have to take care of. She is going to have to make Viki disappear.

Blair is on the roof of the business luncheon. She is acting like an ass with Todd there. She gets on the ledge and slides off. He grabs her arm and holds her from certain death. He tells her that he is not letting go of her and she better trust him. She tells him that she is not letting go of him. She looks down at her certain death and is terrified. She has to depend on Todd now to save her. It doesnít matter what happened at the beginning. What matters now is what he can do to save her. Todd tries to give her tips on getting back on the roof. He is holding her and she knows that she has only him to depend on. He pulls her to safety and she climbs towards him because she knows that this is the only way that she will be safe. Once she is on the roof again, she moves away from him. She tells him that this was part of her plan. He isnít buying anything that she says at all. Kelly arrives with another policeman. Kelly plays along with Toddís game. Todd cuffs Blair to him and the other policeman thinks that this is not part of the procedure and Todd convinces him that this is necessary. Kevin arrives and sees that Todd is dragging Blair away in cuffs and that he is dressed in cop clothes. Kelly manages to get him to keep his mouth closed until the other policeman leaves. Kelly then explains what happened and she wants to leave right away to help Blair. Kevin first of all wants to know what Kelly has to do with all of this. She tells him that Blair has lost it and she has to file her story to help her. She tells him that Blair nearly plunged to her death. He tells her that he is not going to print the story. Kelly things that she is acting like a maniac. Kevin points out to her that Blair is just acting and he thinks that she knows what she is doing. He thinks that she shouldnít try to influence the jury pool. She is jeopardizing her integrity. Kelly is sure that Blair doesnít deserve this. Starr doesnít deserve to lose her mother. She shot her husband in the back, but this is not the way to go about things. Kevin understands her feelings, and he has gone through the same things. He thinks that she is not going through things properly. Kelly tells him that she has to help her cousin somehow.

Cristian is trying to help Jennifer with her problems. She is telling him to go away and leave her alone. He finally agrees that he should leave her and it is only then that she realizes that she doesnít want him to leave. She thinks that this town is insane. They should go to a movie. She wants him to choose a movie and she will get them a soda. Cristian and Jennifer have decided on a movie that they will go to see. Just then, Sam arrives and tells Jennifer that the movies will have to wait and that they have to discuss a family matter. Cristian leaves and Sam tells her that they have to discuss wheat happened the night before.

Todd arrives home with Blair handcuffed to him. She demands that he take the cuffs off. He drags her around the room like a rag doll. He demands to know that she wants from him. She can tell that he is admitting that he was wrong but at the same time he knows that he came to the right conclusion. She thinks that he should have let her fall. He can still tell that she loves him. She tells him that it doesnít matter if she loves him or not. She tells him that she thinks that he shouldnít turn her daughter away from her. Todd explains that he came because he was trying to get the evidence to free her and then the call came in that there was a crazy lady and he had to go and help out. He will get the evidence back and thenÖ Blair tells him that she is trying to appear crazy so that she can get away from her fate. She canít get over the fact that Todd kept her clothes. She can forgive him for what he did at the wedding, but what she canít forgive is that he didnítí trust her. She thinks that if he really loved her, he wouldnít have kept her clothes from the murder. She wanted to believe in him and she wanted to marry him and she caní believe that he did this to her. She hates him and she tries to attack him. Todd tells her that he hates her and that she shouldnít blame him for what has happened. He is sure that she doesnít have a choice. This is fate. They have been trying to avoid each other and they canít because it is fate. She thinks that everything that has happened is because of him. He wants her to work with him. He never used to believe in fate and what he wants is an us. She wants that too and he believes that.

Ben is in Rourkeís private office looking for information with one of his thugs. Ben looks through Rourkeís things are the thug watches out for him. Ben thinks that Gina is doing all she is for him. He wishes that he never got Gina involved in all this. When this is over, Ben is going to take Viki on a vacation. He opens a drawer and looks through some papers. Someone is coming and Ben and his henchman try to escape, but the man that Gina was speaking with catches them. He orders Ben and his man to empty their pockets onto the desk. The man thinks that they did good work. He tells them to pick up their stuff and get the hell out of there. Ben and his man leave, but canít believe that they were not killed.

Bo enters and interrupts Nora talking to Lindsay. Lindsay leaves and Bo tells Nora that he wants to know what else happened to make Colin leave the way that he did. He thinks that maybe Colin faked his disappearing act. Nora thinks that maybe Colin faked his disappearing act to make Nora think that she is safe. Bo tells her that he will not let Colin take her again.

Bo comes out of Noraís room and tells Lanie that he doesnít think that Colin is not gone. He feels that he is still there. Lanie goes into Noraís room and Nora is glad to see her. Lanie is glad that Colin didnít hurt her more than she thought that she did. Lanie tells Nora that Colin is gone now and he canít hurt them anymore.

Outside the room, Lindsay appears and Bo would like to ask her some questions.

Ben and his thug arrive at his home. They canít believe that they were let go. Why isnít Ben dead now?

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