One Life to Live Update Friday 3/16/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 3/16/01

Written By Glynis

Nora is in the hospital and Bo and Sam are there discussing Colin. He isnít anywhere that they can find him. Bo is not ready to throw in the towel. Nora is stirring. They tell her that she is safe. The talk her back to the conscious. She gets up and jumps in fear. They assure her that Colin is gone. She realizes that she is in the hospital. They tell her that they donít know where he is. They promise her that he is never going to come near her again. Bo wants details about the night before. Sam is particularly interested.

Lanie and Lindsay are at the hospital and Lindsay canít find sympathy for Nora. Lanie thinks that Lindsay should be more sympathetic. They should have seen it coming. Lindsay says that Colin is gone for good. Will walks up behind them and wants to know how his mother knows that Colin is gone for good. She is just being optimistic she says. Lanie wonders about her statement. They are worried that Nora will lose her memory again and if she does, no one will ever know what really happened to her. Nora tells him that she remembers Sam coming into her house. Colin was there and there was a needle. She rubs the spot where Colin stuck her. She remembers that she remembered the first time when Colin held her in his house. She knows that it was he. She could see. She sees the back of Lindsayís head through the window of her room. Bo urges her to continue. She canít exactly remember what happened next. Bo tells her that they found champagne, flowers, candles, and narcotics to knock out an elephant. She remembers that he was talking to her and telling her that she was going to go away with him. He was going to take her somewhere where no one would find them. He would make her love him, then he kissed her and he was gone and she was banging at the door. Someone else was there. She asks Sam if it was him that was at the door when she heard the banging. It doesnít seem to have been him. She asks them to please find him for her. Sam and Bo leave the room and Lindsay is waiting there. She finds out that Nora didnít say anything. Nora is back with them and that is all that is important. Lindsay is grateful for that. Bo takes Sam aside and asks what happened after Nora was found the night before. As they talk, Lindsay enters the room. Sam says that he doesnít have a clue where Colin is. Lanie walks up and thinks that she may have been the one that frightened Colin. 

Viki is doing her little investigation on the net and she finds out that Gina is a mob bossí daughter. She prints the information and takes it in her hot little hands.

Ben is at Asaís house. Asa tells him to get out of the house. Ben shows him the guards and asks Asa why he sent the guards to him. Ben sends the guards on a break while he continues talking to Asa. Asa reminds him that someone has been trying to kill him and Ben thinks that has nothing to do with Asa. Asa thinks that if there is a hit on Max, then it has a lot to do with him. Max tells him that someone named Roarke is after him. Seems that Asa knows this Roarke person. Asa met Roarke long ago and doesnít want to talk about it. They didnít agree and time past. Asa wants to know why Roarke would tangle with Ben. Asa knows that Ben can take care of himself. Renťe is the family that he wouldnít have had if she didnít care for him. Ben tells him again that he can take care of himself.

At the businessmanís luncheon, Kelly appears acting agitated that Blair is going to show up at the luncheon. Kelly tells him that Blair is in such a terrible state of mind that she doesnít know what Blair is going to do. Some of the businessmen arrive and greet Max. Kelly blows them off not interested in anything that they have to say. She thought that he would have cancelled the luncheon because of the scare. Kelly tells him that Blair has feelings for him. He doesnít care, if Blair shows up and ruins his day, he is going to have her thrown out. All are welcomed and the speaking begins. The mayor is there to honor Max Buchanan as the businessman of the year. Blair comes running in like a mad woman. She is shouting and she grabs Max and throws herself on him, greeting him with a big, never-ending kiss. Blair goes on and on about the both of them and how she loves him. Max tries to push her away from him. He shouts at her to get away cause he wouldnít marry her since she shot him in the bag. Blair acts totally nuts. She goes into her purse and digs around while the room waits to see what she has in her purse. Max is very nervous. Kelly stands by enjoying it all. Blair takes out a spray can and starts spraying Max. Max starts laughing and realizes that this was a set up. Blair starts faking crying and telling Max that everything is going all red, (thanks to her spraying him with red paint). 

Todd is disguised as a cop and he tries to get into the evidence locker at the police station when John arrives with a perp. John is trying to control the criminal, but sees Todd trying to get into the evidence locker. He asks Todd if he has clearance for going into the locker. Todd freezes dead in his tracks. John can't give Todd all of his attention because his collar is trying to get away from him. John grabs the man and holds him more firmly. There is a call for a job to be done and Todd is called out to go to a luncheon because some crazy woman is there causing a scene.

Gina is still at Vikiís house talking to Jessica. They are discussing Viki and Benís relationship. Viki walks in. She acts like this has been a surprise. Jessica has to leave and see her boyfriend. Jessica whispers for Viki to watch out for Gina. She leaves and Gina tells her that Jessica is lovely. She means the world to Viki. Gina understands that. Viki still doubts Ginaís involvement. She tells her that she has gotten some information about Ginaís engagement to one of Benís old rivals. Gina explains that she didnít want to go through with the marriage. She was part of a family then and she was expected to be married to Roarke. None of the reasons for her being married to Roarke had to do with love. Roarke had his good points, but she still didnít marry him because she still had feelings for Ben. She called off her wedding to Tim because of Ben and Tim has hated Ben and Gina since that time. She told Ben all about this long ago. Gina thinks that Ben should have told her about this before. Viki is not worried about this at all. Viki tells Gina that she is in Benís life now and she will stay in it forever. Gina tells her to stay out of this or she may get hurt. Viki is sure that she was just threatened. Gina is just trying to make Viki realize that she is way out of her league. Gina thinks that if she had to live in Vikiís life, she would be terribly out of place there. She thinks that Ben has to be concerned about his own safety. She thinks that if Viki loves her husband, she would realize that his place would be elsewhere. Gina hopes that Viki doesnít get hurt. Gina is only trying to save his life. Viki is not buying any of it. Gina picks up her coat and purse and she leaves the house. Viki goes into another room to do something else.

The cops arrive at the luncheon and Todd has the megaphone. He talks into it to get order and says, "All right everyone calm down and stay put!" Kelly and Blair turn to look at the voice and see Todd in disguise. They take a second look at him and can't believe that he is actually pulling a fast one too. Max realizes that Todd is one of the cops and tries to tell people, but no one will believe him. Todd grabs Max and takes him to the side. Max tells the other cops that this is Todd Manning. The other cop knows him as Sergeant Starr. Blair crazily salutes him. Todd arranges for Blair to get away and she runs to the roof. Todd gets to her and tries to get on the roof, but Blair tries to block the door and finally he gets in and makes her explain what she is doing. She tells him that she is trying to save her butt. He was trying to save her butt too. She canít believe that. She gets on a ledge and stands on it. She pretends that she is going to fall. Todd tells her to get down off the ledge, but she doesnít. She sits on the ledge and makes like she is going to fall off and she starts sliding. Todd rushes to her to pull her to safetyÖ

Max gets ushered into Asaís living room where he is speaking with Ben. Asa pretends that he doesnít know Max for a minute and then he lets him go. Ben was almost fooled by Asa. He thought for a minute that Asa was really trying to care about him, but he feels that he is mistaken when he sees that Ben is welcomed here. He warns the guards that if they come near him again he is going to run them over.

Lindsay walks into Noraís room and stands over her as she sleeps. Nora is having a dream about being stabbed with the needle. She opens her eyes to find Lindsay standing over her and she is shocked into some sort of realization.

Viki has gone to her car. She is tailing Gina to see exactly what has been happening. Ben has returned home looking for her and she is no where to be found. Viki remembers Gina saying that she wants Ben back more than ever. She defends that she would never risk her life and position by pretending to kill Ben. She remembers many conversations that she had with Gina. She even sounded like she liked the life of danger that she lived with Ben so long ago. Viki is watching Gina in an underground parking lot. Gina meets a man and he kisses her on the head. They have a discussion as Viki watches.

Kelly goes to the mayor of the luncheon and she explains that Blair has been having theses little outbursts for a while now, but not in public. She convinces the mayor that Blair is obviously very ill.

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