One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/15/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/15/01

Written By Glynis

Ben and Viki are making breakfast together. Viki is furiously chopping vegetables. She is waving a big knife and Ben is sure that she is having a bad morning. She is obviously upset about something. She is mad at everything, Todd, the world. Ben tries to calm her and make her think about them. That seems to calm her for a while, but still she canít believe that things are so grim for them and that someone is trying to kill her husband. They are making omelets and he leaves her to go and get his shirt as he is only in an undershirt. She continues cooking when Jessica comes to see her. Viki tells her daughter that she has been thinking about her daughter. Viki can tell that something is wrong with Jessica. Jessica does have conflicting feelings about the people in her family, especially Asa. Viki thinks that there are reasons for Asaís strange behavior. Asa has been awful lately and she does understand that Ben would like to hide that he was Asaís son. Back when Viki was diagnosed with breast cancer was the time that Ben found out that he was Asaís son. Due to circumstances, Viki didnít think that she could tell her daughter the truth. Viki is sorry that she didnít tell her daughter the truth when she found out. Jessica doesnít care about that; she only wants her mother to remain happy with Ben. She wanted her mother to get back with her father, but that obviously wasnít going to happen. Ben comes back to the kitchen and overhears what the ladies have been speaking about. Two goons burst into the kitchen and ask if Ben is Ben Davidson. Ben admits to it and asks who the men are and what they want. Viki and Jessica donít like what is going on. Max is sure that they can handle this. The men explain that they are there to look after Ben. Asa sent them. Max tells the men to get out. Viki thinks that this is not the worst idea that Asa has ever had. Ben doesnít care; he turns to the men and tells them to leave. Jessica wants to know why Asa hired guards. Ben and Viki tell her that the bodyguards are just a precaution. They are not really in danger. Jessica thinks that Asa is just trying to make things right. He may be trying to make peace. Asa doesnít operate like everyone else. They get a call and Viki has a meeting at The Banner but she doesnít want to go. Jessica and Ben think that she should go. Jessica would like to spend some time with her knew stepfather. Viki leaves. Ben promises to stay safe. Ben tells her that if they needed bodyguards they would have them. Jessica tells Ben that she called her father to let him know what is going on. Her father told Ben that he can call if he needs some help. Just then, the two hired goons enter the kitchen again dragging Gina with them. They found her outside snooping around. Max goes outside with the thugs leaving Gina with Jessica. Gina and Jessica greet each other and Gina tells her that Ben is very happy. She has known Ben for a long time and whatever Viki is doing to keep Ben happy has been done right. Jessica goes and gets some things that she wanted from the house. She arrives back in the kitchen with a box full of goodies. Gina has some questions about Ben and Vikiís relationship when Viki calls. Jessica puts her mother on hold and asks Gina to go and get some boxes out of the office. Jessica tells her mother that Gina is there and Viki doesnít like that one bit. Viki tells her daughter that she is going to come home right away. She asks Jessica to wait at the house for her. Viki hangs up and prepares to go home. Gina arrives back in the kitchen with the boxes and then she continues with her questions. She wants to know how Viki deals with the bodyguards and such. She is sure that Viki canít be happy with that.

Todd is with Starr and Starr is upset that he might get back together with Blair. She is angry with him. He promised that he would fix things and she is disappointed. Todd thinks that he is not able to fix things now. Starr shouts at him that his stupid plan didnít work. Starr warns her father that he better get her mother out of jail. She knows that he parents love each other. She still wants a brother. He offers to get her a pet, but she doesnít want that. She doesnít want a stupid rock collection. He didnít do the things that he promised he would for her. She walks over and kicks him. He blames the problems on Max. He shouts at her to get off his back. He promises to try and fix things. He wants her to go and get ready for school. She asks him to please take care of mommy. Todd leaves and Starr sits in her fatherís chair and rubs her little hands together. She is going to take care of Max herself.

Blair is out of jail and she is with Kelly. Blair is sniffing flowers, doing anything to feel life again. She was really betrayed by Todd but thanks to Kelly she has the strength to fight again. There has to be an answer. Kelly thinks that she should take a hot bath to feel alive again and get her wits about her. Blair is still facing hard time and doesnít care for bubbles right now. She has to come up with an idea that is going to save her ass. Blair goes out on the terrace to breathe some air. They have to do something more than say that Blair is crazy. They try to come up with a plan. Blair should prove to the world that she is crazy. The jury is going to be picked from Llanview and she thinks that she can get sympathy from the people. Blair thinks that Blair can right a story to get sympathy. Blairís mother was crazy and it would make sense that she be portrayed as crazy too. Kelly doesnít want to write the story because she only writes the truth. Blair doesnít think that she can do 20 years in prison. Kelly is more concerned about the prison. Blairís life is going to be over if she has to go to jail for that long. Kelly is not trying to pay her back for anything, but she is trying to pay her back for everything. Todd breaks in and announces that he knows how he can fix this. He thinks that he knows how to fix everything. Kelly and Blair turn to him shocked at him being there. Kelly orders him to get out. Blair thinks that she would like to talk to Todd alone. Kelly will be right outside the room. She walks out. Blair turns to him and asks him to tell her how he is going to help her. He tells her that he believes her. It matters to her because she could go to prison for 20 years. He tells her that Max admitted to her that he drugged her. She thinks that is really great. He believed Max and not her. Now when it is too late, it doesnít even matter. She thinks that it is too late. The police have her clothes. He thinks that he can undo everything that he did. She doesnít want him to undo anything. She tells him to get out. He wants to know what she is going to do. She is going to take care of this herself. She orders him out and he turns and leaves. He goes away and Kelly enters the room again. Blair still thinks that Todd is all that she has left. Kelly offers to help her out. They have to make a plan. They are going to make sure that people think that she is crazy. They have to think of something wild and innocuous. Kelly suggests that Blair go running wild naked. NahÖ. That would never work. It has to be easy to come up with something nutty for her to do. Kelly doesnít like the mental illness thing. They shouldnít really fool with this. Blair knows that she was crazy when she shot Max. They just have to the people know that she was whacked out when she did the shooting. Kelly comes up with an idea. She knows exactly what they should do. Kelly gets to the phone and calls Max. She tells Max that Blair is going to the luncheon where he is going to be named businessman of the year. Blair loves it. Kelly hangs up saying that Blair is coming so she has to go.

Asa is home talking with Max. Max should have been packed and gone by now. Max tells him that it isnít so smart that Asa try to strong-arm him at this time. Not after lying to Bo about knowing that Max wasnít his son all along. Funny how things work out isnít it? Asa wants him out of the house. Max thinks that it would be strange for Max to leave the house now. Max still cares about Asa. He warns him that he wouldnít like to spend his final years in prison. Max thinks that he should be there to avoid more suspicious. Max tells Asa that he really loves Asa. He still cares about him. Asa is going to have to get used to Max loving him. Asa is glad that Max is really not his son. Max will do whatever he can to get what he wants. Max tells him that he is going to end up loving him and soon he will wonder how he ever got along without him. Max has to go and pick up his award for businessman of the Year. Asa will deal with Max later and he promises that. Asa leaves the room. Max sits and drinks some orange juice. In walks Starr. She tells him that she knows that he was mean to her mother and now he is going to be sorry. Starr starts attacking Max and Max calls for the butler who enters and drags Starr out by the scruff of the neck. She breaks away from the butler and runs to Max throwing herself at him. She tells him that she is sorry for her behavior. She promises to be good. He forgives her and she assures him that she is feeling much better. After Max leaves the room, Starr takes out a card and hides it in the couch. Starr walks over to Nigel and asks him to take her home. They leave together.

Todd goes to the police station and tells Hank that he made a mistake. He thinks that he has made a mistake about Maxís shooting. Hank tells him that he is right. Making a mistake about Maxís shooting is a serious problem. Todd thinks that things were not as clear as he thought they were. Hank tells Todd that he doesnít need him to get at Blair. He reminds him that he has Blairís clothes for the night of the shooting. Hank warns him that he better not try to screw up the investigation or he may find himself in some deep trouble too. Hank leaves Todd alone and Todd sneaks over to the menís locker room. He enters.

Instead of leaving the office right away, Viki decides to go to a Website that offers up information on people. She types in Ginaís name and waits for some answers.

Asa comes back into his living room. He is not pleased at all to find that someone has eaten his breakfast. He calls for Nigel so that he can get an explanation. Instead, Ben walks in. He faces Asa.

Starr is back home ordering from the telephone. She wants some dolls. She is purchasing several dolls. She says that her name is Max Buchanan. Max is supposed to be short for Maxine. Now that she has ordered here first doll, she looks about ordering another.

Todd is ready to leave the locker room. He has gotten himself some cop clothes and is disguised so that he will not be recognized. He has on some sunglasses and a hat and is in full uniform. 

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