One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/14/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/14/01

Written By Glynis

Some time has done byÖ. Cristian goes to Noraís house and finds Lanie there. They are shocked at finding everyone there.

Will is at the hospital beat up with a bleeding faceÖ. He is getting treated for his injuries. He has to take off his coat. He tells the nurse that he walked into a door. She can tell that he was in a fight. He jokes that she should see the other guy.

Roseanne has returned home. She is stressed out about something. She gets on her hands and picks up the money that RJ has given her. She left the house earlier and we donít know exactly what has happened. She has to get her wits about her. 

Antonio arrives at the police station to find out that alarms are going off everywhere and no one knows why it is happening. He talks to another policeman and then Lanie comes in hysterical. She canít find Bo. Antonio tries to calm her down, but she canít sit. Antonio will talk to her and find out what has made her so upset. Bo arrives at the office and finds Lanie losing her mind. Lanie tells him that Nora is at Colinís house and Bo has to get her. Bo springs into action with some other policemen.

Cristian is with Jessica. They bumped into each other while he was looking for Jennifer. He got into Samís house because the house was dark and the door is open. He tells Jessica that no one is in the house. Jessica thinks that for sure something is going on. She canít find Will and she wonders where everybody is. Cristian and Jessica are at Samís house waiting for some news as to where everyone is. They try to piece together where Sam and Jennifer could be. Jennifer walks in behind them and tells them to be quiet. No one is going to call the police. She thinks that they are overreacting. Jennifer soon goes into an argument with Jessica over where Will is. Jessica thinks that it is really funny that no one is to be found. Cristian thinks that Jessica wouldnít lie about where Will is. Jessica leaves. Jennifer wants to know what Jessicaís problem is. Cristian wants to know where Jennifer was. He suspects that she was at Colinís house. He asks her point blank where she was. She doesnít answer right away. He tells her that he was worried that she was still obsessing over the things that she thought were her fault. She tells him that everything was settled with her father. Cristian thought that maybe she got into an argument. She thinks that he is making a big deal over nothing. She took a walk to clear her head and now she feels better. She doesnítí know where Sam is. He may be with a client in jail. He gets calls like that all the time. Cristian thinks that she is hiding something. She assures him that nothing happened. She wants him to leave so that she can go to sleep. She tells him that they will talk the following day. Cristian olives and Jennifer is left with her secrets. Once alone, she cries about her plight.

At Colinís house, Nora has passed out in the doorway to Colinís room. She almost made it out of the room, but has gone unconscious in her attempt.

At Lindsayís studio, there is a call from several people wanting to talk to Lindsay. She isnít there to answer. Finally, she comes home, but after the messages come to her house. She is disheveled and disoriented. She walks into her place with heavy breathing and Lanie is behind her. She turns quickly and hates that her sister sneaked up on her. Lanie is freaked out looking and Lindsay demands to know what is going on. Lanie doesnít know why she is there. She doesnít know where she should go. She is worried. Lindsay can see that something is terribly wrong. She feels guilty. If anything happens to Nora, Lanie is sure that it will be all her fault. Lanie tells her sister that Nora is at Colinís house. Lanie feels that she was the one that brought Colin there and she was the one that had to stop him. She says that sometimes, there is no other way. A person gets backed into a corner and there is no other place to go. There is nothing else that can be done, but no matter how terrible things are you donít have any other choice. Lindsay asks her what it was that she did. Lanie tells her that this is about daddy and everything. Colin went too far his time. You canít go around hurting everybody because it always comes back to you. Lanie begged and pleaded for her help to stand up to Colin, but Lindsay turned her away. What choice did she have? That is why she did what she had to do. Lindsay knows what she is talking about. Lanie is afraid that Lindsay does now what she did. Lanie has to make sure that Nora is okay. Lanie goes running out of the apartment. Lindsay turns and there is her ghost. It is Nora. Nora tells her that she should be ashamed. Lindsay talks to her ghost of Nora. The ghost knows what Lindsay has been up to that night. Lindsay tries to convince the ghost that there is nothing to talk about. She tells the ghost that nothing is to be said so she can just go. She tells the ghost good night. The ghost disappears. Lindsay shuts off the light and goes to her desk. She sits and grabs a wineglass. She looks at the bottle of wine and drinks from the bottle. She then gets her messages and hears a message from RJ asking her to call him and talk with him. She deletes the message. She tells herself that there is nothing more to talk about anymore.

Bo arrives at Colinís house and has policemen with him. Antonio thinks that someone is in the bushes behind him and he turns to point his gun at that unseen force. It is RJ and he is hiding in the bushes. He isnít seen. Bo and the policemen enter the house and quietly walk to the stairs. Bo peers up the stairs with his gun ahead of him ready for someone if they are there to cause any of them harm. Sam is upstairs and he is glad to see Bo. He is carrying Nora and he tells Bo that they have to get her to the hospital. Nora is breathing and alive, but she is out of it. Sam doesnít know what happened to her. He thinks that she was drugged. You just have to look at her to see that. They donít know where Colin is. Sam doesnít directly answer Boís questions. He only cares about Nora. John has already gone upstairs to see what is going on. He comes down and tells Bo that they have to go upstairs together. Sam is acting very strange and Bo notices that.

Bo goes upstairs are John suggested and asks what happened there. They see the red bedcover and Bo and Antonio try to piece things together. Bo says that they have to take Colin to the hospital. Colin has to be found. He wants the town shut down so that they can find Colin. Bo is going to the hospital to talk to Nora so that he can find some answers.

At the hospital, Nora is taken to the hospital. She has had a drug overdoes and Will is there hiding. He sees that Nora is brought into the hospital. He flees unseen. 

Jessica arrives at home and finds Cristian there. She tells him that she was worried. He hides his face from her. He tells her that he is fine. She has been really worried and has been worried where he has been. She grabs him and forces him to face her. That is when she sees his face. She makes a sharp sound at seeing his face. She wants to know what happened. Will doesnít want to talk to her right now. He wants to go to bed and talk about it in the morning. He tells her that he got into a fight. He was driving around and got upset and so he decided to go into a bar and drive around later on. She doesnít believe him and he snaps at her and tells her that he needs to go to bed. He really wants to go to sleep. He walks away from her and she is left wondering what really happened.

RJ makes his way to Roseanneís house and she lets him in. She tells him that she has come home and hasnít gone anywhere else. He warns her that she shouldnít go anywhere near Colinís house. He tells her that the cops are crawling all over Colinís house, so she should just play dumb and stay home. She suspects that he has handled things, but she wants to know what he has done. RJ says that there is no point in her asking him questions. She can tell that something is going on or he wouldnít know that the cops were hanging out at Colinís house. Unknown to her, Antonio is outside getting ready to enter her apartment. Antonio starts banging on the door and RJ hides while she lets Antonio in. Antonio tells her that he knows that Colin has had a thing for her and she might have more information that he wants to know about. He tells her that if she talks to Colin, she is to tell the police right away. He tells her that something happened and he walks out. RJ comes out of hiding and she tells him that if something happened to Colin, they will both be in trouble.

Bo and Sam go to the hospital where Nora is and Sam is beside himself because Nora is hurt. Bo demands to know what it is that Sam knows about all that has happened. Since Bo has seen Sam at the house, he knows that something more is up and he wants Sam to tell him what he knows. Sam is trying his best to hide the information that he has. Sam tells him that what he does know is that the ridiculous dinner party got him all riled up. He went to Colinís house and found Nora. He picked her up and that is when Bo arrived. Sam says that he hasnít seen Colin since dinner. Sam suspects that Nora was drugged and that he didnít see anything else happen. Nora is still unresponsive and now they are going to have the drug analyzed. Sam wants to go in and see Nora and he is let in. Bo sees a doctor and finds out that Nora hasnít been tested for sexual assault yet. Lanie arrives and finds out that Colin hasnít been found yet. Bo assures her that they are going to find Colin soon.

Sam goes to Nora and talks to her unconscious body. He apologizes to her. He shouldnít have left her alone. He tells her that Colin will never hurt her again. 

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