One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/13/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/13/01

Written By Glynis

Jessica talking with Cristian and he thinks that something is going on with the way that Jessica is acting. She keeps getting involved in his business and he thinks that is something interesting to see. He thinks that everything is always about Jessica. She thinks that he almost helped Jen kill herself. Will walks up behind the two and wants to know what Cristian knows about his sister. Cristian is going to keep things between him and Jennifer. Will tells him that if he serves his sister another drink, he will have to answer to her brother. Cristian thinks that it is really funny that Will thinks that he knows his sister so well and yet he didnít know that Jennifer was going to leave town that night. Will wants to help his sister and begs Cristian to help him with the information about his sister. He tells them that this has to do with Colin. He said something about Lindsay. Will seems to know a little something about that. He told Jennifer that it was her fault that they got a divorce. Will knows that is not true. Jennifer thought that what he said was true and that was why she went off and got herself drunk. Will runs off to go see Colin. Jessica is afraid that he is going to get hurt. 

Jennifer is talking to her father. Sam tells her that he saw Colin and he said that Jennifer knows something about his marriage and Sam wants to know what it is. She thinks that discussing it is futile. Sam thinks that he knows everything. She tells him that it was her fault that things went wrong in Samís marriage. She apologizes to her father, but Sam doesnít know why she is doing it. Sam is sorry that she was caught in the middle of all of this. He is sorry that she was alone. She thinks that it was her fault that he split up with her mother. Colin called and if he hadnít, they could still be together. Sam is sure that his marriage to Lindsay wouldnít have survived anyway. Lindsay and Sam couldnít stand each other. She thinks that they could have worked things out. She thinks that he left his mother because of what she did. She was only a kid. Jennifer thinks that is why Lindsay went nuts. She would never normally hurt Nora. Sam perks up when he hears this. He wants to know what his daughter knows about Nora. Jennifer thinks that things are okay now. Sam canítí believe that Colin made Jennifer feel guilty for their divorce. Jennifer doesnít know what happened with Nora and Lindsay. She only knows that Lindsay hates her. Sam thinks that there is something else that he needs to know about. She denies that there is anything else to talk about. Sam tells her again that she is in no way responsible for anything has gone wrong in the past. Sam vows that Colin will never hurt her again. He hugs his daughter. Jennifer leaves for bed and Sam gets a wild look in his eye and he walks off on a mission.

Lindsay is walk through her apartment getting some of her implements and sifting through them. She is collecting things that she thinks that she might need to help her do what she has to do.

Lanie is having a dream and she is fighting furiously in it. Bo wakes her and tells her that everything is going to be all right. She was having a dream about Colin and Bo tells her that Colin canít hurt them. He has never seen that look on her face before. He tells her that he knows that she went after Colin the other day to protect Nora. What does Colin want? Lanie tells him that she doesnít know what Colin wants. He may not leave town. Bo will not let Colin hurt her. Lanie just wants him to leave her alone. Bo thinks that he is nothing but a man. 

Colin has taken Nora to his house and is lying her on his bed. He has drugged her. He tells her that this is going to be their new beginning. He lights some candles to create a romantic atmosphere. He thinks that this is how it was always supposed to be. She doesnít have to pretend anymore. He understands that she believed Bo when he said that she was in danger. She tries to fight him, but is too weak to do anything. She has really been disabled. She keeps saying, "No." He tells her that she only has to stay there for that night. He wants her to remember the time that they fell in love there a long time ago. Sam and Bo have been lying to her all along. He is sure that she loved him. She has to get out of there. She tries to fight, but she just canít. He thinks that they should wait a few minutes, he is sure that she will love him then. He gives her some water and she sloppily drinks. She realizes that he has drugged her and she throws the water in his face. She is soon going to lose all her inhibitions. He wants her to love him and in a few minutes, she is going to want him all over again. She falls on the floor and he picks her up and takes her to the bed. He lays her out on top of the covers like a mannequin. She can hardly move. He tells her that soon the both of them are going to be in paradise. He grabs a red and black teddy and drapes it over her body as he admires her lying there. He remembers when she was there so long ago. That was the best time of his life. He wanted to spend all his free time with her. He takes off his shirt and throws it to the floor, next he takes off his belt and he throws it to the floor. He pours himself a drink and tells her how she trusted him so long ago. She wasnít afraid of him at all. As he talks about the past, she has flashbacks. She remembers being in the bed so long ago. Lying immobile in the bed. She also remembers him over her trying to calm her down. Colin thinks that everything was perfect until Sam and Bo started coming around to find her. He thinks that she loved him too. She remembers being all cut up and the time that Colin first brought her to his house. He unbuttons her blouse and exposes her bra. He goes to kiss her and she tells him, "I rememberÖI remember!" This stops Colin dead in his tracks. He searches her eyes to see if she is lying to him. He believes her, she is telling the truth. She remembers that he was holding her captive. She wanted to get away from him so long ago. Whatever he says to her, she tells him, "No." He tells her that she doesnít get to say no to him. He doesnít care if he has to drug her for the rest of her life. She isnít going to say no to him. He kisses her full on the lips and then slams the door shut so show her that he has full control and isnít going to let her go anywhere. He puts her back on the bed; He takes out a ring and places it on her finger. This is going to be their night. There is someone at the door, but Colin tries to ignore it. Now there is furious banging on the door. He leaves the room. Nora can hear the banging. She tries to raise herself off the bed, but it isnít working. Colin opens the door and sees a recognizable face. He looks puzzledÖ."You?!"

Roseanne is trying to convince RJ to take care of Colin right away. She is afraid of going to jail for going against the police. She decides to give Colin the money. RJ tells her that she has to wait for him to take care of everything. She has to trust him. She is leaving and bumps into Lindsay at the door. Lindsay tells her that she is there to talk to RJ about some art. Roseanne tells her that she was visiting to talk about a job at the bar. Roseanne leaves and Lindsay enters. Lindsay knows that Roseanne was there because of something to do with the dinner that Colin set up. Lindsay asks RJ for the drug. He tells her that his hands are empty. She reminds him that they are both really in it. She demands that he give her the drug. RJ doesnít have the drug. He said that he could get the drug, but it is still not available. Lindsay tells him that they have to give Colin that drug before he leaves, or he will always be threatening them. RJ agrees with that. RJ comes up with an idea. He calls some associates to arrange for the cops to be busy for the next little while. RJ is sure that they have to make sure that Colin is not breathing. That is the only way that they will be able to control Colin and his threats. Lindsay and RJ realize that they canít trust each other. She tells him that he should do what he thinks that he needs to do and she will do the same.

Roseanne arrives home and finds Antonio hiding in her house. He turns on the light and she is glad to see him or pretends to be glad. She told him earlier that she wanted to be alone, and now he finds her lurking back into her home in the dead of night. She is acting funny and Antonio wants to know why. She doesnít know why she was invited to that weird gathering earlier. Antonio is not buying that excuse. He tells her that Sophia told him that she came there and found Roseanne yelling at Colin. She denies that anything has been going on. Roseanne tells him repeatedly that Colin didnít do anything to her and she is not hiding anything. Antonio is determined to get the truth from Colin and he makes moves to leave. Roseanne admits that she was talking to Colin when Sophia saw her but she thought that she could handle things. Roseanne was afraid because Sophia told her that Colin was a dangerous guy. The phone rings and Antonio runs to answer it. It is his boss and he has to get back to work. He will see her later. This isnít over. He tells her not to worry because Antonio is going to have a talk with Colin and get him out of town once and for all. Antonio leaves and Roseanne decides that it is time for action. She grabs her purse and leaves the house.

Jennifer canít stand the conversation that she had with her father. She packs her things and walks out of the house.

RJ is getting ready to go out. He puts his gun under his coat and walks out of his office determined to make things right.

Lanie arrives at Noraís house and finds the door open. She sees Noraís purse on the floor. She immediately knows that something has gone down and she runs out of the house for further action.

Lanie thinks that Colin is a monster in spite of being a man. She feels much better, but that is just for appearance's sake. Lanie worries that Nora might not be all right. Bo is sure that Sam took great care of Nora. Bo thinks that if it would make her feel better, he will drive over to Noraís house and make sure that she is all right. Bo gets a call and has to go to the North side. There are alarms going off all over the place. He will check on Nora on his way back home. Lanie is sure that she will be okay while he is gone. He leaves and Lanie calls Noraís house to make sure that she is okay. She gets Noraís voice mail and she leaves her a message to pick up. No one does, so Lanie hangs up the phone.

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