One Life to Live Update Friday 3/9/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 3/9/01

Written By Megan

Jen places a letter on the entry way table of Sam's house. It simply say Mom and Dad on the envelope. She picks up her bag and begins to walk out the door. She opens the door and Cristian arrives.

Colin stares at a room full of Llanview citizens: Lindsay, Nora, Bo, Sam, Antonio, Roseanne, R.J., Lanie, Will and Jessica. Colin welcomes them all. 100% attendance he brags. Why are we here? Lanie asks. Sam suggest that everyone leaves, he and Bo will take care of the slime. Bo tells him not so fast, he wants to hear what Colin has to say. Bo recites his own poem: "the truth with me is always a hit, so get to the point, you little.. poet." Colin says he has an announcement that will change everyone's life in one way or another. He's leaving town.

Max sits at his desk in Asa's home, when Skye comes walking in, wearing a sexy golden red dress. He tells her he was thinking about her. Skye tells him that she thought he didn't care, since he has never tried to contact her. Is she right or wrong?

Rae is talking to an empty chair about her situation with Skye. She's telling the chair to give Skye time. John walks in a startles her. She tells John she is with a patient, herself. She was trying to analyze herself and her situation with Skye she explains. She feels she has made such a mess with Skye.

Cristian asks Jen is she is going somewhere. Jen asks Cristian if he would take her to the airport, she's going back to school. Cristian wants and explanation. He makes her that she owes him for saving her life. She gets snippy says fine, thank you and tries to storm out the door. Cristian tells Jen that she doesn't own him a thing. He just wants to talk. Jen gives him 2 minutes. Cristian wants to know why she is sneaking off in the middle of the night. She again tells him to butt out. Not ok, he tells her. Jen tell Chris that he doesn't know her. Chris deducts that she is running away because of Colin.

Colin asks Bo what truth is? Don't start, he warns Colin. Colin thinks truth is relevant. Colin taunts Lindsay about her truth. He gets right in her face. Will screams that Colin is a liar and a cheat. Well get back to you skippy, he tells Will. Will tries to attack Colin, but is held back by Jess. Colin then begins to taunt Lanie asking her if the truth stays the same or if it changes over time. Lanie wants to know if Colin will go talk with her in private. Bo refuses to let her go. Bo and Sam both tell Colin to get to the point. Just wait, he tells them. He then taunts R.J. about his "truth". Nora is starting to agree with Bo and Sam, either talk or we leave, she says. He says he will talk all right, but not on an empty stomach. Appetizers are being served, and the main course will follow he states.

Max tells Skye that she was wrong, he does care. Skye wants to know why he hasn't been in touch. Max recaps the past weeks' events: losing his "Buchannan" name, being shot at, again, by Blair, and being almost buried by Todd. Max tells Skye she is beautiful and congratulates Skye on her freedom. Max tells her that they are both off the hook and there is nothing to stand in their way of being together. He kisses her, but she pulls back and tells him that she does not ever want him to do that again.

John wants Rae to calm down. John tells her that's it not her fault. Rae suggests that they role-play. He can be Skye and she will be herself. John says he has a better idea, he'll be John and she'll be the woman he loves and she will listen to exactly what he has to say.

Cristian and Jen continue to argue. Jen tells him he is wrong, that it has nothing to do with Colin, she came to visit and now she is leaving. Cristian thought that Jen was a lot more together than this. He calls her a coward. You don't have a clue he tells her. He finds the letter to Sam and Lindsay. He asks her if it contains the reason she wants to leave, she tells him that it does. He asks her if it is the real reason she is leaving. Cristian then asks where Sam is. Going to see Colin, she replies.

Lindsay tells Colin he has some nerve, no one wants to have dinner with Colin, she states. Why are you letting this continue, Lindsay asks Bo. He wants to hear the truth, Bo replies. Lindsay doesn't want dinner. Nora asks Lindsay what her note said. Never mind, says Nora, but Lindsay is right, none of us would have come just so Colin can be "P.T. Barnum". Colin tells Nora that his is glad she is here and calls her "Scarlet". You don't want to call her that, says Sam. Nora makes Sam back off. Nora tells Colin that he has forgotten place cards. He says no, he has them in his head. Nora, to his left, Lanie on his right, and Sam at the opposite end. Everyone else takes a place at the table. Colin tells everyone that his inspiration for this dinner party was brought to you by Todd Manning and his wedding. Revealing all of those deep, dark secrets, Colin thought, sounded like a good idea for a dinner party. He lifts his wine glass and tells Lindsay that since she wants this over with so badly, maybe he would tell her secret first. He winks and toasts a visibly shaken Lindsay.

Max tells Skye that he knows he hasn't been there for her when she's been in trouble. Skye says trouble, that's an understatement. She lists the problems she has been facing as of late, not being a Chandler, Rae is her mother, being accused of shooting Max. She wants to know why Max is still in the mansion. Asa and him came to an understanding, he tells her. She thinks that they should do the same. Max asks her if she has been drinking. Skye can't believe he asked her that. Of course not. She has never been more sober. Her life has been turned upside down once again. Max tells Skye that Rae will go away if she smacks her down. Skye says her situation is different. Rae is her mother. Skye asks if anyone is who they seem to be. Skye tells Max that she could not figure out why neither her or Max tried to contact the other one. She realized why that was when Max kissed her.

Bo says that if he has something to say about Lindsay say it. Colin says sorry that he has to do it. Nora says if it has something to do with her kidnapping and Lindsay, she wants to know. Colin gets close to Nora's face and tells her that it does have something to do with Lindsay.... and Sam! He asks Sam if he remembers the day his secretary got an anonymous tip about Lindsay. He tells Sam he was the one who called the secretary. How did he know that? He tells her that Jen called him that day that Lindsay was sleeping with one of Sam's law partners. Lindsay can't believe that Jen was there. Sam is furious, Jen went to you for help, he tells Colin. He says he helped her, but Sam accuses him of betraying his trust. Colin tells Sam that he can't be blamed for the mess with Sam's marriage. Colin tells everyone that he a Jen have always been close. He gets behind Sam, bends down, and says he hopes to get even closer. Sam jumps up, grabs Colin by the shirt and says that he will kill Colin.

Cristian tells Jen that he knows Colin is behind this. What did he do? She says she's leaving because she likes to have fun and Llanview is boring. Chris doesn't believe her. She says it doesn't matter. Chris, tries to soothe her. Jen says he doesn't know what it feels like to have see your mother having an affair with someone else or what it's like to cause your parents divorce. Jen tells him that she wrecked her family.

Skye tells Max to get over himself. She tells him that she doesn't feel anything for him. At least anything real. If she wasn't involved with him, then none of this bad stuff would have happened to her. He tells her she can't blame him for everything. Skye doesn't blame him, she blames herself. She tells him that she wanted him so badly, that once she got him, it was like, what's the big deal. Max doesn't believe that she can just shut off her feelings for him. Max begs for a second chance, he wants to try and change her mind. He took out Blair and Todd for her, knowing that Todd would retaliate and he would lose his Buchannan last name. Please, let me change your mind. Her mind doesn't need changing, she says with a smile. He pulls her into another kiss.

Jen tells Chris that she blamed her mother for everything. Chris tells Jen that her family loves her. She says she found out that Lindsay had an affair with Colin and did many other "bad" things. She tells Chris that they are not her mothers fault, they are her fault. Jen tells Chris that she was the one who made sure that Lindsay was found in bed with someone else, therefore, it was her fault that Lindsay does all of the bad things that she does. Jen says that after tonight, everyone will know it's her fault and they will all hate her, like she does herself. Jen goes tearing out the front door, with Cristian close behind.

Bo and Antonio pull Sam off of Colin. Colin is laughing and Sam is screaming that he will kill Colin. Bo tells him that he better stay away from them or else. Colin says he's tired of this. He goes back to the front of the table. Colin tells them to go home. He tells them all good-bye, he was leaving this town. He says he was betrayed by the first love of his life, Lanie. And the second love of his love played with his heart. He looks towards Nora, who just shakes her head. Colin tells them he is leaving town, no that he has found a great source of income, he glances at Lindsay. He promises them that he won't be out of their lives. He produces a one way ticket to Maui. He then lists off the people with secrets, Lindsay, Lanie, Roseanne, and R.J. He tells them that he's just a phone call away. Enjoy the rest of your lives, if you can. Then he walks out.

Lindsay tells Nora that she must be relieved that Colin did not say anything. She tells Nora that whatever she is looking for, its not here. Nora disagrees and promises to find it. Nora tries to leave, but Bo won't let her go alone. Sam offers his escort. Nora wants Sam to go and talk to Jen. He says he will, but first, he will take Nora home. Nora asks if Sam thinks Colin is still around. You can bet on it, he tells her.

John and Rae play gin. She wins again. Only you, can make me laugh. I love to see you laugh, he says. He just wants to help her. Rae tells him that he has. She has decided to let Skye make the next move. John wonders, out loud, if Rae is prepared for that to never happen. She is not, but she can accept it, she tells him. She is just worried about Skye.

Skye says sorry Max, were done! Max doesn't believe her. Skye says its true, she doesn't want him and she feels great about it! She realizes that she is dumping Max. She's never dumped anyone before in her life and this feels pretty good! She thanks Max, kisses him on the cheek and saunters towards the door. She tells him that she is off to the great wide open to deal with the rest of her life.

Cristian drags Jen back into the house, kicking and screaming. He holds on tight. She turns toward him and she breaks down. Cristian pulls her close.

Antonio observes that this was interesting. Bo tells everyone that they are not finished, yet. He wants to know about Colin's threats. Bo says if they have anything to say to him, do it now. No one speaks. What was this all about? He asks Lindsay first, she walks out. Antonio asks R.J., who laughs and walks out. Roseanne asks Bo if he can leave. Yes and he excuses Antonio also. Lanie says she has no idea what had happened.

Colin is standing in the front room of Nora house. It's dark and he is looking at a pair of ticket that says Dr and Mrs. R. Butler. Nora and Sam are heard talking on the front porch. Sam wants to check out Nora's house. No, it's locked up tight. Come to my house, Nora he asks. No, Colin is gone, I will be all right. Matthew's not here is he Sam asks? No, remember, he's in Chicago with her parents. Nora thinks Colin is gone, she tells Sam. Nora walks into her home, alone. The lights don't work. She begins to walk away from the door, towards Colin, who is waiting with a readied syringe!

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