One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/8/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/8/01

Written By Megan

Lindsay walks in to Will's office. He is not very happy to see her. She says that she needs his help. He wants to know how much. Lindsay gets a hurt look on her face and turns away from Will. He again asks her what she wants. Lindsay says she is broke. She has borrowed all that she can against the gallery. Will wants to know what she needs money for. She hands him a small blue envelope and reads the following poem out loud. "If you hope that Nora won't hear of your sin, then come to the lounge at the Cherryvale in. 8 PM tonight."

Nora is standing in the police station holding a similar blue envelope with a disgusted look on her face. Bo comes flying past her into his office. Nora chases after him asking if he has a minute. He says no and starts ranting about the scum of Llanview, Max, Todd, and Colin. Nora says she just had the same conversation with Hank. Nora tells Bo that Hank is not going to prosecute Todd for Max's shooting. Bo is upset because Asa will not press charges against Max for fraud. They were both baffled by why Asa would not press charges. Nora says that justice might be served and holds up a blue envelope. As she begins to read, interrupts and says "if you want the truth telling to begin, then meet at the lounge in the Cherryvale Inn, 8 o'clock." Bo pulls out an identical blue envelope. 

Kelly comes into the jail, where Blair is being held. Kelly said she came as soon as she heard. Blair thinks Kelly is there to say "I told you so". Kelly was right, says Blair. Todd betrayed her. He handed over the clothes she was wearing the night she shot Max to the police. Blair is very upset. Everyone knew all along that Todd shouldn't be trusted. Blair then tells Kelly about Max setting her up in bed and Todd finding them together. Blair then tells Kelly she forced the confession out of Max. Blair thinks Max's plan would not have worked if Todd had believed in her. Blair swears she is going to make Max pay for what he did to her. Max comes to with a bad headache. He sits up and he sees he is laying down in a shallow grave in the middle of a cemetery. To make matters worse, Todd is standing over him, holding a shovel. Todd kneels down and asks Max which last name he wants on his gravestone; Buchannan? Holden? or just occupant? Max tries to get out. Todd calls him a "bad corpse" and tells him to stay put. Max says he knows why Todd is doing this. Max brags that he drugged Blair. He says that Todd can get into computers, but he can get into peoples minds, like he did with Todd. Max then laughs saying that Todd would do time for aiding and abetting Blair. Todd lets him know that he won't be spending anytime in jail. Max figures out that Todd turned Blair in for his own freedom. Max laughs because Todd is the one who caused Blair's downfall, not Max.

Kelly and Blair argue in the jail cell. Blair thinks she can get off for shooting Max since it was a crime of passion. Kelly tells Blair that Sam has already considered it. She would have had a better chance of getting off if she would have shot Max as soon as she found him in bed with Skye, instead of waiting. Blair says Sam can get her off on temporary insanity. Kelly says that that defense works on only 3% of all cases.

Antonio and Roseanne flirt in the police station. They discuss their date for tonight. She tells him that she has "a strictly undercover" assignment for him tonight. Antonio leaves with a grin on his face. Roseanne starts to open the mail, when she comes across the familiar blue envelope with a poem: "If you know that the cops have a traitor within, then come to the lounge at the Cherryvale Inn. 8 o'clock." Roseanne freaks. She picks up the mail and walks out of the room passing Antonio, who doesn't seem to notice. Antonio is checking his box and finds another blue envelope with another poem " If thinking of R.J. in jail makes you grin, then come to the lounge at the Cherryvale Inn. 8:00 tonight." He tries to find a name on the envelope to no avail.

Bo and Nora know who they are from. Bo suggests they don't play along. Nora wants to find out if Colin will finally tell who Lindsay stole her memory. She tells Bo that she remembers a hand with a syringe coming at her. Bo jumps up and starts asking her if it was a man or woman? Nora doesn't remember, that's why she is going meet Colin tonight, to see if he can jog her memory. Bo tells her she is not going alone. They both agree that Colin will probably not say anything they don't already know. Nora is not willing to take that chance. Nora says if he won't come for her, them come for Lanie.

"If Bo learning everything makes you head spin, then come to the lounge at the Cherryvale Inn. 8 tonight." Lanie reads her blue envelope in Sam's home. Sam walks in. How are you, he asks her. Fine she says. Are you in trouble? She won't answer him. Sam reminds her that he is not only her lawyer, but also executor of her trust. He says that the bank notified him that she withdrew the entire amount of her trust. Lanie says she needed it for an investment. Sam doesn't believe her. Sam figures out that she gave the money to Colin. She denies it, and then says she did it because Colin said he would leave town if she did this. Lanie says she had no choice. Sam wants to know if he is blackmailing her. Sam tells her if Colin is blackmailing her to tell him and he will make sure Colin disappears ears forever.

Colin is standing in his bedroom. He hold up a syringe and fills it with an unknown liquid (medicine of some type). He grins wickedly and says "Doctor feel good is in the house."

Sam keeps pressing Lanie for info. Lanie wants to know that if he does go after Colin, would everything go public. Sam tells her that it would be a matter of police record. She screams that the police don't need to be involved. All of the police or just a certain one, he asks. Lanie tells her that Sam can't help her. She wants Colin out of her life, Nora's life and Jen's life. What? Jen? Sam asks. Yes, he's been harassing her too, Lanie tells him. That is why we need to get rid of him she tells Sam.

Lindsay says that Colin will leave if she gives him money. Will doesn't buy it. Jen starts to walk in to her brothers office and stops when she hears them arguing. She positions herself outside of the office, so she can hear everything. Lindsay says she is trying to change, but she can't while Colin is in town. She says she wants to be there for both Will and Jen and she feels terrible for ruining Nora's memory. It was a mistake, she cries. Will bellows back, it was not a mistake, you drugged and kidnapped her! Outside, Jen hears the crimes of her mother.

Nora tells Bo that Lanie came by her home earlier to warn her about Colin. When she found Colin there..... Bo stops her, Colin was there? Nora tells him that he was uninvited and did not hurt her. She tells Bo that Lanie lost it when she saw Colin in her house, grabbed a gardening tool, and was going to "plant him". Then, she tells him that Colin said there was nothing left for him in town and so he was leaving. They both begin to suspect that maybe Colin will tell them everything, including how Lindsay is involved. Nora grins and says "wouldn't it be lovely?"

Max laughs hysterically. His plan is better than he thought it could. He says that Blair was never supposed to find out. But when she did find out, Blair didn't care about hurting Max. Max says that all she wanted to do was to find Todd and tell him what happened. Max says that Blair loved Todd after all. Max laughs and laughs. Todd could have saved her, he taunts. Poor Blair will have to spend the next 20 years in jail, but Todd will have to live with knowing he put her there. Max stands up. Todd turns and then WHAM! shovel to the chest of Max! He falls back into the grave in pain. Todd tells him to get comfy. He sprinkles the first shovel of dirt on Max's body.

Lindsays says that she knows what she has done and she will be paying for it for the rest of her life. Will says she has spent this time trying not to pay for it. Does he want her in jail, she asks? That would be a death sentence she exclaims. No, but he thinks she deserves more than what she is getting. Lindsay says she has to face her demons everyday. All she wanted was Bo. Will cuts her off. He's heard it all before. Jen is still listening. She hears Colin's voice in her head saying that it was all her fault. Upset, she runs off. Lindsay says that if she wanted her in jail, he would have turned her in by now. You're still my mom, he says. She begs Will not to let her go to jail. You wouldn't want Jen to visit me there would you? Then help me she begs.

Lanie says that she is determined to get her out of everyone's lives. Sam tells her that their is a difference between being desperate and determined. Lanie screams she doesn't care about the money. She will go bankrupt if it gets Colin to leave town. Sam asks what is it doesn't work? Lanie said she would do anything. Sam warns her not to do anything alone. She runs out of the house. Sam sits on the couch and gently touches a picture of his daughter, Jen. He picks up a blue envelope, opens it and reads " if you want the forces of justice to win, then come to the lounge at the Cherryvale Inn, 8 o'clock tonight." Sam grabs his coat and runs out the door.

Kelly tells Blair she can't give up. Kelly tells Blair to face facts, it would be a big fight. Blair closes her eyes and describes her wish that if she closed her eyes she would wake up and be on her honeymoon with Todd on the beach, starting the rest of her life with him. She smiles and holds back tears. Blair opens one eye as if she really thought it would become a reality. She shakes her head in disappointment. Blair tells her she did trust Todd, but he never trusted her. She wonders what she could have done to make him believe in her. Kelly tells her that their are bigger problems she needs to deal with, mainly 10-20 years in jail. Kelly wants to know what Blair is prepared to do. She usually calls Todd, she says. Kelly wants to know if Blair is just going to give up.

Todd is buy throwing more dirt on top of Max's crumpled body. Max begs him to stop. Todd tells him to lie still. Max says people will miss him if he's gone. Todd says no one will miss him. Besides, there were a lot of people who wanted Max dead. Max taunts him saying that Todd will be thrown in jail next to Blair. Max says that Todd can watch Blair flit with the guards. He says that if she's friendly enough, she can get whatever she wants. Todd raises the shovel to kill Max. Max screams Do it, but what will it bring you? A murder charge, but no Blair. This infuriates Todd who again raises the shovel as Max braces for the impact.

Kelly asks Blair who she is and what she did with her cousin. A mopy Blair says that it's her. Kelly disagrees. She knows Blair and Blair is a fighter. Blair says there is no fight left in her. Kelly gets mean. She wants to know if Blair is just going to stare at the walls for the next 20 years, like she had to many shock treatments? Stop it, she asks Kelly. You act like you're already crazy, Kelly tells her. Blair shoves Kelly against the bars in the cell. What are you going to do fight Kelly asks Blair. Fight for your, future, you're cousin and your child she tells her. Stand up to the world, Blair. The old Blair resurfaces and tells Kelly to go tell everyone that they are in for the fight of their lives.

Todd readies the shovel. He brings is back down and tells Max he wants him to suffer. If he's dead, then he can't suffer. Get out, he tells Max. It isn't over Max, Todd exclaims. You can count on that Max replies as he climbs out of the grave and slinks off.

Will is writing out the check and Lindsay doesn't know what to say, except she promises she will never ask him for anything again. Will tells her not to promise anything. He hands her a check made to cash. She thanks him and tells him that she will feel better when Colin in out of their lives. As she leaves, she passes Jess, who is walking in to the office. Lindsay is spaced out and barely misses running into her. She tells Jess that she looks very beautiful today. Jess tells Will Lindsay's seen her in that outfit a hundred times. She wants to know if Will is ok. He says he's fine, but in a very depressed tone. Jess produces a blue envelope and hands it to Will. He reads "If you're concerned for you nearest of kin, then come to the lounge at the Cherryvale Inn, 8 o'clock tonight." He tells her that it's from Colin. They both think that it could be for either of them. Jess questions on whether or not should go.

Roseanne is frantically talking on the phone with R.J. She tells him she needs the money to give to Colin or he will expose that she is the mole in the police station. She tells R.J. that she received a note saying to meet at the Cherryvale Inn tonight. She knows it was from Colin. R.J. says he received on from Colin also. R.J. says he will be there tonight, with the money. A very relieved Roseanne thanks him. R.J. says that he will let Colin know that this will be his last payment. She hangs up the phone and jumps when Antonio calls her name. He tells her that he has to cancel tonight, since he is following up on a tip. He's sorry, but Roseanne is relieved. They set a date for tomorrow. Antonio comments on how well she is taking the news. She chalks it up to growing up.

Bo tells Nora he is going to Cherryvale alone. Nora says she is going with him. Bo puts on his coat. She tells him that if she isn't there, then Colin might not talk. Bo tells her that he could demand her to stay there. She says she could ignore him. Bo agrees, but makes her promise to do everything he tells her to. Don't I always she says with a hurt puppy look on her face. They leave together.

Looking in the mirror, Colin puts on the final piece of his tuxedo, the jacket. He is grinning. He picks up the syringe he filled earlier and places it in the jacket. He straightens his jacket and heads out the door.

Lindsay walks into the quaint Cherryvale Inn lounge. It is decorated and there is a long table set for what seems to be a dinner party. Laine comes in from the opposite direction. They both realize that they received similar notes from Colin. Lindsay tells Lanie that its her last chance to tell her the big secret she's been keeping. Lanie snubs her sister and walks towards the table. Roseanne enters, followed by R.J. The speculate why Lindsay is there. Roseanne wants to know if R.J. has the money. He hushes her and hands her a large amount of cash. She thanks him, and tells him not to mention it- really don't mention it. R.J. saunters over to Lindsay and they discuss why they are each there. As Roseanne is counting the money, Antonio walks in. He asks her what she was doing there. She tells him that she happened to be there. Antonio sees R.J.

Jess and Will walk in as do Bo and Nora. Bo walks over to Lanie and they kiss. He asks if she received a note from Colin. She did. Nora smarts off to Lindsay about the note she received from Colin. As she does, Sam walks in behind them. Nora makes up her own poem for Lindsay, "If you have a syringe and you want to stick it in, come to the lounge at the Cherryvale Inn." Lindsay tries to leave, but Nora stops her. Finally, the guest of honor arrives. He welcomes the "poetry lovers" and tells them that this will be a night to remember. Roseanne, Antonio, R.J., Sam, Lanie, Bo, Lindsay, Nora, Jess and Will stare at their host, wondering what is to come.

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