One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/7/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/7/01

Written By Glynis

Asa is attacking Renée and trying to make her leave him alone. She tells him that he can say what he wants, Ben is still his son. Max is there and soon Renée leaves. Max is in the room now with Asa and is glad to see that Asa is feeling better. Max is willing to make a trade. They made a deal that Asa would keep him out of jail and Max would not allow Asa to go to jail for his cheesy trading practices. Asa thinks that they can talk and maybe work something out. Max is on the winning hand. If Asa goes to jail, Max goes to jail. Max reminds him that he isn’t going to do hard time. Asa thinks that he would still be real popular in jail because he is so good looking. Bo walks in and wants to hear all the information that Max has to offer. Bo wants Asa to say that it is time to put Max in jail so that he can do it right now. Max threatens to talk with Bo. Max says that he can’t keep quiet any longer about something. Asa tells him to keep quiet. If Bo is going to hear some horrible news, he is going to hear it from his father. Asa tells Bo that he always knew about Max not being his son. He was to smart. Bo doesn’t understand why Asa kept playing the game if he knew that Max wasn’t rally his son. Bo wants Max to leave the room and Max does. Bo wants to talk with his father by himself. He turns to his father and wants to know what Max has on him. Bo is not buying Asa’s back. Bo wants to lock Max up and Asa doesn’t want Max to go to prison. When Bo was 7, Asa told him that he should never let a bully rule him. Bo will beat Max with him. He promises.

Nora and Skye meets and Nora is shattered and not doing very well at all. Skye has taken some body blows and she is not ready to go back to prison. Hank arrives and has some news. Todd turned over evidence against Blair. Blair has been arrested and Hank is sure that Blair will be convicted. That means that Skye will be free. This is not a trick.

Blair is in her prison cell reliving her memories and wondering how the hell things got the way they are now, and Todd arrives to have her tell him the truth. Slowly he is becoming more and more interested in her side of things. She tells him again that she told him the truth. She tells him that she didn’t sleep with Max again. She tells him that she was drugged and Max got into bed with her. Todd saw her. Did he see her move? Did he see her kiss Max? She knows that she wasn’t moving because she was out of it. Todd was supposed to think that she was in a torrid affair with Max that is how the trick worked and it is apparently still working. He thinks that she is conning him. She was set up and so was he. What was his excuse for not loving her? He is sure that she never loved him. He thinks that she has always been in love with Max. She shouts at him that she loves him and she still does. She wants to prove her love to him. She was given sleeping pills. She went to Max with a gun and fired it at him and she risked everything for Todd because she loved him. Todd can’t believe her. She wishes that she could reach beyond the bars to really reach him, but the bars stand between them. He thinks that she has lied to him every step of the way. What happened with Max meant nothing to her. She wants to tell him something and she wants him to listen to her. She tells him finally, "I did not sleep with Max." All he can tell her is that he saw her. She knows that it was a trick and Max is falling for it because that was what he wanted to see. She thinks that he got exactly what he wanted. He doesn’t trust anybody. He is just waiting to be betrayed. Why didn’t he just confront her? He thought that she would lie about what happened in the bed. She already figured it out. She thinks that Max manipulated him. Max figured which button he had to push to make Todd do what he wants. Todd thinks that she couldn’t help herself. Everything that he gets a chance, he self-destructs. He has to believe that she slept with someone else because he can’t trust anyone. This is all about him. She tells him to get out of there because she doesn’t need him in her life. Todd turns and leaves her there behind her bars. She cries and sobs.

Gina gets a visit from a man. He wants to explain something to her. She pulls back and backhands him in the face. He did the wrong thing. Under no circumstances was Ben to be hurt, so why was he? The man tells her that someone else told him something else. She reminds him whom he works for. He tells her that she must have a new plan and he will make it work. Asa will not budge and Bo leaves. Max is waiting for him outside. This must be killing Bo. Bo is sure that Max’s time will come and when that time comes, Bo will be there. He leaves and Max returns to Asa’s room. Asa tells Max to get out of his sight. He tells Max that if he does appear to Asa again, Asa will put a bullet in him. Max tells him that Ben has been shot again, but he is not to worry because this time he didn't have anything to do with it. He leaves.

Ben is in the hospital he was shot when he was outside his house talking to Gina, but he is much better now. Renée sees him and tries not to get too involved as a mother. Ben is wheeled into another area of the hospital and Viki turns to her and asks Renée if she cares for her son. She is puzzled as to Renee’s reaction to seeing Ben hurt. Viki tells her that she is sorry that she didn’t say anything but she thought that was the right choice to make. Viki reminds her that she has a son, but she could lose him all over again. Gina arrives at the hospital looking for Ben. She finds where he is and she runs into his room and when she sees him, she rushes to him and holds him in her arms. She tells him that she is worried about him. She wants him to go into hiding. She wants him to go with her and hide until they can convince Roark to let bygones be bygones.

Nora and Skye are in the police station happy that things turned out the way that she thought. Rae appears and tells Skye that she is happy and knew that this day would come. Rae wants to take Skye and Nora out to celebrate and Skye wants nothing to do with her. If Skye ever wants her, she will be there for her. Rae leaves the police station. Nora thinks that Skye should have been civil to Rae. Skye thinks that she doesn’t need her mother. Nora tells her that she does need her mother. Nora leaves her and when she turns to walk the other way, she bumps into Todd. He asks her, "Where do you think you are going?" Nora returns and sees Todd with his hands on Skye. She demands that he get his hands off Skye. He does. He asks her what Blair did? Skye smirks at him. He tells her that Blair says that she was set up and he wants to know if that was true. He wants to know if Skye was in cahoots with Max. He asks her if she set him up. Skye remarks that she wouldn’t set him up that would be as bad as setting someone up for murder. She tells him that he is someone that she hates and she wouldn’t spit on him in a fire. She walks off and Todd then tries to leave, but Nora stops him, she is not finished with him yet. Todd thinks that she has something to tell him about Blair and Max. She actually tells him that he should have taken Blair privately to tell her that he had something on her. He accuses her of acting like a saint. She tells him to shut up. She got herself to believe her own scam. Nora was not proud of her earlier times. She always tries to be the best person that she can be. She had a question and he wants to hear it. He will give her a truthful answer. She asks him why he rescued her? Was he trying to be a hero? He tells her that is exactly what he was trying to do. At the time, it appealed to him to be a hero. He asks her if Max slept with Blair. He wants to know if he was being set up. She thinks that if she slept with Max, he would have been beaten at his own game. She tells him to figure it out for himself.

Viki is wrapping up her talk with Renée. She finishes talking with her and enters Ben’s room to see how he is doing. She walks in to find Gina talking with her husband and telling him that the only way that he can be protected is if he allows her to take him away. Viki is behind Gina who can’t see her and she can’t believe the gall of this woman! Gina sees her standing behind her and Gina says that she just is concerned about Ben’s safety. Ben tells her no. He will take care of himself. She doesn’t think that he can take care of himself. He tells he that he is not leaving his wife. It is his life and he will do what he wants with it. She agrees and walks out. Viki follows her and tells her that she can see that Gina is angry and Viki is curious if she is angry because Ben has been shot or that her plan didn’t work. Viki noticed Gina’s reaction when Gina got shot. Gina reminds her that she grew up in a world where things were very dangerous. That makes her very furious. Viki is not buying anything that Gina has just said.

Blair gets a visit from Skye. She thinks that if Skye has come to gloat, she should go right ahead. Skye spent weeks plotting her revenge on Blair. She did come to gloat, but she doesn’t feel like gloating. She wants something but she doesn’t know what it is. She will figure it out and Blair will be the last to know. Skye leaves.

Nora is in the police station talking to Nora. He is telling her that no one wants Todd put away as much as he does. Hank has to go and he will see her later. He likes her yelling at him again. Nora gets a message that was left for her at the front desk. She reads the message and the color runs from her face.

Max is arriving home and when he gets off the elevator, Todd hits him on the head. Max is knocked out and Todd stands over him with a very dangerous look on his face.

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