One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/6/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/6/01

Written By Glynis

Colin is at Lindsay’s home wondering what happened to the syringe and medicine that he dropped somewhere there. Lindsay is behind him sneaking up on him with the syringe full of medicine. She is going to do something to him that will solve al her problems. Colin is frantic. He is searching everywhere for the syringe. She is about to stab him with the needle, when she hears Nora’s voice asking her what she is doing with that needle. Nora knows that Lindsay was going to stab Colin with the needle. Colin is surprised to find Lindsay behind him with the needle too. Nora suddenly has a flashback. She gets a strange look on her face. She suddenly tells Lindsay and Colin that she remembers. Lindsay thinks that Nora’s mind is playing tricks on her. Lindsay says that she found the syringe on the floor and thought that it belonged to Colin. Colin plays the game and tells Lindsay that he was looking for that. When her head is turned, Nora takes the syringe and holds it. Colin wants her to turn the drug over. She will not turn it over. She thinks that the drug is probably the same type that was used on her to take away her memory. Colin tells her that he uses the drug for his allergies. He desperately wants to get it back. She will not give it up. She thinks that she has a good way to find out what is in the syringe. Holding up the syringe, she turns to Lindsay who has the most terrified look on her face. Lindsay calls to Colin to get Nora away from her. Colin reaches over Nora and takes the syringe away from her. Lindsay thought that she was a good person. She thinks that good people can be pushed to the limit sometimes. Colin is trying to soothe her and tells her that she shouldn’t get so upset. She sarcastically thanks him for his professional evaluation. Nora turns to Lindsay and Lindsay just wants to know what she remembers. Lindsay thinks that she didn’t remember anything. Nora tells her that her memory is coming back a little bit at a time. Lindsay thinks that Colin didn’t have allergy medication in the syringe. She is afraid for her family’s lives. She is also afraid for Nora’s life. Lindsay thinks that Colin is capable of anything now. Lindsay thinks that they all should turn against Colin now. She tells Nora that Colin wants money. He bled Lanie dry and she would give him money but she doesn’t. She asks Nora if she has money that she would give to see Colin go away. Nora can’t believe her request. Lindsay tells her that Colin is willing to leave and they should give him the money that he wants so that he will leave. Nora figures out that Colin is blackmailing her because she was the one that kept her away. She wants Nora to pay off her blackmailer. Lindsay knows that she doesn’t have any proof. Nora is sure that something will turn up. Lindsay reminds her that he is dangerous. He talks to her about their relationship and how he thinks that he has a shot with her. Lindsay wants to put everything that happened between them in the past. They only have to give him the money that they want. Nora will not give the money to her. It will only happen over her dead body. That is what Lindsay is afraid of. Nora doesn’t want to be protected by Lindsay. She tells her that she would rather kill her than be protected by her. Nora tells her that before Colin leaves town, Nora is going to prove the truth.

Ben and Vicky are playing pool together. Ben is having a terrible time after Asa and everyone else finding out that he is really Asa’s son. Bo appears. He needs to speak with Ben. Asa’s heart problem has cut off the circulation to Asa’s brain. This could affect Asa’s judgement. Asa has been skipping his checkups and could be in serious danger. Asa also has a stupid vendetta and maybe they should do some rethinking. Ben doesn’t think that he needs to be updated on Asa’s condition. Bo wants Max to be involved in Max’s conviction. Ben doesn’t think that he needs to be involved. Bo thinks that Max used his father and hurt him right where he is. Ben knew that Max was a fraud and if he had come forward earlier, they wouldn’t’ be in the mess that they are in now. The secret is out now, so whether Ben likes it or not, he is involved. Ben doesn’t have the same need to punish Max the same way that Bo does. Bo thinks that Ben doesn’t want to face the truth. Ben tells him that Asa doesn’t mean anything to him. Bo threatens to lock up Ben as an accessory. Ben is not afraid of that. He tells Bo to lock him up. Ben has a good attorney… Sam! And he will help him anyway that he can. Ben leaves the room. Bo goes to Vicky and asks her if she knew too. She did, but she wasn’t going to go against her husband’s wishes. She didn’t think that Asa should know because she has seen what Asa has been doing to them all after all these years. Ben didn’t know that he was adopted at first and then he suddenly found out. It was not Viki’s place to tell the story. There is more at stake than Ben’s feelings.

Ben goes outside to get some air and he sees Gina. She tells him frantically that she wants to talk with him. He is in more danger than he knows she tells him. Gina wants him to let her protect him. He thinks that this is not her trouble. She tells him that he has more problems than he thinks.

Antonio is sneaking up on a man in an apartment. The man has his back to Antonio. Antonio draws his gun and tells the person to turn around. It is Cristian. Antonio is upset that his brother punched him in the jaw. Antonio puts the gun down and puts up his fist to punch his brother, but instead, he hugs his brother to his breast. They both smile and Antonio remarks that he is a wise guy. They are working together. Cristian is pretending to be in cahoots with RJ to get him under the thumb of the police. They are joking about the way that things have been working out. Cristian is going after RJ, and trying to put him away. He is not a kid and he thinks that he can do the job. He decided to do this after his accident. He knew that RJ was the one responsible for his injuries. He was mad and feeling sorry for himself. He wanted to hurt the world. Antonio was scared for a while, he thought that Cristian was getting pulled into RJ’s world for a moment. It was like a free fall for Cristian. RJ was only after Cristian because he wanted to get to Antonio. Cristian decided to protect his big brother. Antonio thinks that his brother is smart and slick. That was the only way for Cristian to get RJ’s confidence. He had to fool RJ. Cristian needed to do something for himself. He needed to prove something for himself. Antonio doesn’t have to help him but he is going to do this. Cristian is a man now and Antonio has to respect that, but still, his brother didn’t’ have to hit him so hard. Cristian has been working out and the punch came naturally to him. Cristian had to prove his loyalty to RJ. They discuss the fake IDs. Cristian doesn’t understand how Jennifer got her hands on one of his IDs. Antonio wants Cristian to find out who is keeping RJ one step ahead of the police. Cristian is willing to do that.

Roseanne is at RJ’s club telling RJ that Colin showed up to bother her again at the police station. She thought that he was going to take care of him and that Colin wouldn’t be bothering her again. RJ can’t believe that Colin would be that stupid to do what he did after he was just held over an open elevator shaft. RJ vows that Colin will be stopped one way or another. She thinks that she should have some money. Colin is blackmailing her and she thinks that RJ should prove to her that he is grateful for her help. She doesn’t know how to handle Colin anymore. She is begging him to give her money. RJ says that he will give her the money, but only on one condition. RJ wants to bring Roseanne in deeper into his world. She doesn’t want to do that. He wants her to help him have a place that will be flowing with cash. She doesn’t have much of a choice. If RJ wants to hurt Colin, she wants to be counted in.

Lanie is talking to Sophia and telling her that Colin needs to be stopped. She walks off in a huff. Sophia notices that Roseanne is no at work. Another girl is filling in for her. She tells Sophia that Roseanne had to take off somewhere. Sophia wonders what Roseanne is up to.

Gina is on the phone giving orders. She tells her contact to make it fast and clean. She wants it done specifically the way that she wants. This person works for her and she wants the job done.

Colin arrives home and Lanie is there waiting for him hiding. She sees him with something and asks what he has there. She came to give him what he wants. She hands him some money telling him that this is every cent that she has. She tells him to go far, far away. He wonders what happened to them. He remembers her in the sea. She was drowning and he saved her. He brought her back to shore. She was so scared and she could barely walk. He picked her up and carried her all the way back to safety. He was laughing so hard that he almost dropped her but he didn’t and they collapsed on the bed together and he kissed her and they made love. She jumps toward him and tells him that he has turned into a money-grubbing monster. She warns him to take the money and go. He tells her goodbye. She leaves hurriedly. Colin is mixing some drugs. Mixed together, these drugs will not allow ‘the lady’ to resist. He is putting drugs together. As a medical specialist, he alone knows what he is doing. God only knows how this will affect ‘the lady’.

Antonio warns Cristian to be careful. He is sure that there is a truck loaded out there somewhere with merchandise loaded to go somewhere and they are going to find it. Cristian has to make sure that RJ doesn’t find out what they are doing. Roseanne enters the apartment and asks what they are talking about. She thinks that the brothers have patched things up. Cristian falls into his role again and tells him brother that he doesn’t need this. They both leave the apartment. Cristian hits Antonio again and this time Roseanne comes in time to see the punch.

Vicky is in her house with Bo talking about the possibility of Ben being involved in Max’s trial. Vicky thinks that Bo is being selfish for wanting Ben to be involved in Max’s conviction. Bo tells her that this is just a criminal activity and he has to sort this out. She tells him that he is not going to be able to sort this out. They hear a gunshot and Vicky and Bo run out of the house and find Ben lying in the snow with his head in Gina’s lap. She shouts out to them that he has been shot!

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