One Life to Live Update Monday 3/5/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 3/5/01

Written By Merilee

Todd's penthouse
Starr is playing and barking out order (just like a mini Todd). The doorbell rings and she answers it. Blair says that she is happy to see her but the little girl is very aloof. Her mother quickly tells her that what her father has said about her is untrue because he didn't have all the facts. Starr asks her mother if it's true that she's a witch. "No!" She goes around looking for Todd and she asks her daughter again where he is. Starr finally admits that he's at the police station. Blair rushes to the door and tells her to lock the door behind her.  

Jen and Cristian have finished their workout and she wants to leave. He says that he will take her home but she declines.  

RJ has Colin at the window and he's very threatening. Lindsay is pleading for him to stop and she reminds him of the letters if something happens to Colin. RJ says that he doesn't care and throws him out.  

Antonio's apartment
Jessica finally summons the courage to knock on the door. She tells Antonio that she is here about Cristian. He says that he didn't get involved when the two of them were together and he doesn't want to get involved now. She says that that is not why she's here. She tells him that she is here because Cristian was responsible for getting Jen the fake id and putting her in the hospital.  

Jessica is talking with Jen. She is trying to warn her about Cristian but the other girl accuses her of still wanting him. Jessica says that's not true. The two of them trade barbs and Jen tells her that she does not want her brother hurt. She says that she did get letters from Will during the time of his arrest but Jessica tells her that she does not know the whole story. I think the two girls agree to dislike each other but will be civil because of Will.  

Lindsay's place
Lindsay is thinking back to her conversation with Colin. He reminds her that he will leave town but he needs money. She tells him that all of her resources are tapped out and he says that he will not be leaving until he has some money. He also tells her that he thinks it is time to look for a new lady especially a younger one. Lindsay reminds him not to touch her or Will. She quits thinking of him and it looks like she has an idea. She leaves the gallery and locks the door. She stops when she sees some things on the floor. (it's the stuff that Colin took from the hospital) She picks it up and wonders what Colin is up to.  

Police Department
Todd and his lawyer are talking to John. In the outer office, Roseanne and Sophia are talking. Sophia is talking about the coffee but Roseanne thinks she is complaining. She reminds her that when she was working at the diner that nobody complained about her coffee. Sophia says that she doesn't want to complain but to tell her that the coffee is good. Roseanne thanks her for helping her with the creep at the hotel. She says that she is having a hard time getting him to leave her alone. Roseanne goes back to her desk and gets a call from Colin. She hangs up but he calls back. He tells her not to hang up but she does. The phone rings a third time but Colin is there in front of her. He tells her that having RJ as a threat does not bother him at all. Sophia asks her if he is bothering her but they quickly cover telling her that they are working on something. In the other room, Blair has joined Todd. She tells him that she knows everything. He asks her what and she tells him how Max put some pills in her champagne but that she was totally unconscious in the bed. Hank, John, and Sophia come in. Hank tells them that the clothes have been examined and it looks like he was telling the truth. He says that their deal has been reached. John tells Sophia to read Blair her rights.  

Cristian is attending bar when Antonio comes in and wants to talk to him. Things get heated when the elder tells his brother that his mother would appreciate a phone call from him. "She's worried about you." Things turn from bad to worse when Chris sees RJ enter the bar. He punches his brother. RJ wants to know what the problem is and Cristian tells him that his brother is just messing with him. After Antonio leaves, RJ asks if Chris is okay. He says that he is and then asks when RJ is going to cut him in on some money. RJ tells him that he thinks he is ready.  

Antonio's apartment
Antonio sees the door of his apartment is open and he enters the room with his gun drawn. Cristian turns around and Antonio is surprised to see him there.

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