One Life to Live Update Monday 3/5/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 3/5/01

Written By Glynis

Jessica comes to see Antonio and tell him that Cristian is breaking the law. He lets her in. She says that Cristian has changed but Antonio only wants to know what he is doing. She tells him that Cristian is breaking the law and selling fake IDs. She told him because he is his brother. Antonio vows that Cristian is going to pay for this. Antonio knows his brother and that is why Jessica is there and not talking to Bo.

RJ is holding Colin over an open elevator shaft in Lindsayís apartment. Lindsay runs up, demanding to know what RJ is doing. RJ tells her that he is just taking out the garbage. Colin is fighting as hard as he can and begging for his life. He tries to cooperate with RJ, but RJ is having nothing to do with it. Lindsay reminds RJ that there are some letters that Colin wrote and if anything happens to him, they will be both be in big trouble. RJ pushes Colin and he goes flying into the shaft.

Todd is with John and his lawyer at the police station. Todd has given even more information to fry Blair and he is going to do anything possible to prove that he is telling the truth. He thinks that he is doing something noble, but John thinks that he is disgusting to be first trying to marry Blair and then trying to send her to jail.

Roseanne is with Sophia at the police station. Sophia is trying to be friendly to Roseanne, but Roseanne jumps on her, thinking that she is really being a bitch. Roseanne thanks her for covering for her with Colin. He gives her the creeps. Again she thanks Roseanne. Hank comes up and asks Sophia about the liquor delivery for RJ. Sophia covers their actions by saying that they got a good tip about something being wrong with the delivery. Hank spoke to RJ and thinks that they should be careful of RJ. If he is doing something illegal, they need proof, and if he isnít, then he needs to be left alone. Roseanne overhears their conversation and thinks that for once, Sophia made a mistake.

Hank joins John and Todd to talk about the shooting.

Blair arrives at her home where Starr is waiting. Starr is not interested in seeing her mother. She is rude to her and she doesnít tell her mother where Todd is. Starr thinks that her mother did something terrible that she canít be forgiven for. She ignores her mother for a while and then finally, she tells her mother that Todd went to the police station. She makes Blair promise never to do anything to do with Max ever again and then she leaves. Starr locks the door and tells her toys that her telling her mother where Todd is better work or they are all in big trouble.

Jessica meets with Jennifer, who is catty once again. Jennifer is sure that Jessica canít stand her and Jessica admits it. She canít stand her, not one bit. Jennifer canít believe that Jessica thinks that Cristian is a criminal. He made one little mistake and she turns on him. She also knows that she turned on Will. She could tell that Will was a wreck over her. Jessica tells her to stop shooting off her mouth. Jennifer thinks that this is not her business. She thinks that Jessica wants him to be with no one. Jennifer guesses that she is the wrong person for Cristian. She said it, not Jessica. Jennifer is going to try to get along with Jessica for her brotherís sake, but she warns Jessica to stay out of her life.

Blair arrives at the station and finds Todd. She tells him that she found out that Max and Skye swindled them. She tells him that she would never hurt him that way. She would never do that. She waits for his reaction to everything that she has said. She doesnít blame him for the way that he reacted. She is sure that he will want to get back to the life that they were planning. He says nothing. John and Hank return to tell Todd that the clothes are being examined in the lab right now. Todd has his deal. Blair turns to him with a questioning eye. Hank tells her that he has clothes from the shooting and thinks that she should stick around for the results, which should be arriving at any moment. Hank and John leave the office and get Sophia to stand watch at the door of the office to make sure that Blair doesnít go anywhere. She positions herself.

Inside the office, Blair is pleading with Todd. She is trying to make him understand that everything that she is saying is true. Max and Skye fooled them both! It is true! They could have had it all. John and Hank return to the office. They tell Blair that she is under arrest for the attempted murder of Max. Sophia reads her the rights that she is entitled to.

Antonio goes to the bar to ask his brother if he is selling fake ID to kids. RJ walks in and sees them talking. Cristian tells him to stop bad-mouthing his boss. He punches Antonio dead in the face. RJ comes up and tells Antonio to get out. RJ thinks that Cristian earned himself a bonus. Cristian just wants his brother to leave him alone now. Older brothers tend to be sanctimonious. Cristian thinks that he should try punching his brother Hank once in a while. Cristian pushes again for the next delivery. RJ tells him to relax. They hope that the cops donít get wind of the next delivery. They joke about the tough act cop that Sophia does. The real problem though is Antonio. RJ has to go and take care of something else. Once he is done, he may have some more information on the shipment that Cristian is so curious about.

Roseanne is at work and gets a call from Colin. He accuses her of sending RJ after him. She hangs up the phone and Colin calls right back thinking that he was rudely disconnected. She hangs up again and this time, instead of answering the phone, she gets up to leave her desk. She bumps into Colin who is standing right beside her and holding a cell phone to his ear. He tells her that she played her hand all wrong and now she is going to pay unless she wants the police to know that she is the mole that they are looking for. She wants to know what he wants from her. She has nothing. He knows that she gets money from RJ. Sophia comes up and demands to know what is going on. Colin says that he is there to report a crime. Roseanne plays along and says that she is not sure that this is police business. Colin leaves the room and then checks his pockets. He is frantic when he realizes that his syringe and medicine are not in his pocket where he last left them.

Lindsay remembers her conversation with Colin when he threatened her into giving him more money to keep his secret. When she tells him that she has no more money, he talked about getting his hands on her daughter. She threatens him not to put his hand on her daughter. She snaps out of her dream and wonders where she is going to get that kind of money. She gets her purse and coat and leaves her apartment. Upon leaving she sees a syringe and a bottle of medicine. She canít believe her good luck. She smiles to herself.

Antonio has his gun and is searching for someone. He enters the room and finds Cristian there. He tells him to freeze and he brings up his gun to the man there. He is there because Cristian punched him in the jaw. He walks up to Cristian and pulls back his fist to hit him.

Colin returns to Lindsayís home looking for his syringe. He doesnít know it, but Lindsay is there with the syringe, pulling the drug into the needle. She is hiding and smiling as she thinks of the results of putting that drug into Colinís veins. They both know the effects of the drug and she can hardly wait.

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