One Life to Live Update Friday 3/2/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 3/2/01

Written By Glynis

Jessica meets Will at the club. He wants to know if Jessica found out where Jennifer got her fake ID. She tells him that if the police are not looking for the person that made the ID, then he shouldnít worry about it. Jessica thinks that Jennifer is the one that brought this on herself. Jennifer is going to learn from this and Will doesnít care. He wants to make up for this. She questions why Jennifer did what she did. She thinks that this has to do with Lindsay being involved in Noraís problems. He wonít talk with her about it. He wants to tell her what he knows, but he canít. She understands.

Cristian is with Jennifer. He is telling her that he cares for her and he canít believe what she did. He wants to know what prompted her to do what she did to endanger her life. He tells her that they are going out together. She doesnít want to go, but he picks her up and carries her out of her house.

Colin is planning on moving out of town. Lindsay is glad to hear it. He is there to collect everything that she owes him. Her account as far as he is concerned is marked final notice. He says that if he doesnít get paid off, he will not leave town. It is up to her. He is getting bored. He needs something to keep him busy. He is thinking of getting together with a nice young woman. Lindsay tells him again that he is not to go near her daughter. He tried to turn her children against her, but it didnít work. Will won't betray her. He wonders what else he can do. He shows her a letter. She doesnít know what it is. He tells her that it may be a letter to Bo or Sam telling everything if there is an untimely death. The letters are his insurance policy, but if he turns her in, she threatens to have him killed. He has made a lot of enemies. That is why he wants to have a new life. She tells him bye-bye. He thinks that he made a mistake. He opens the letter and reads the one sentence, "Dear Sam, I am ready to tell you who kidnapped Nora!"

Todd is with his lawyer talking to Hank. It looks like Todd is going to get out of jail. He stands alone as Kelly walks up. He feels that he can face anyone. She canít believe that Todd can hurt his family the way that he does. He ratted Ben out to hurt people. She thinks that he got involved in peopleís business when he shouldnít have. He reminds her that Blair needs his help. After all, he still loves her. Kelly never believed that Todd loved her, but Blair convinced her that Todd did love her. She went on and on about how the 3 of them were going to be a happy family. She was marrying him because she loved him. Todd doesnít believe that at all. He is walking away from the best thing that they ever had. Kelly believes that Blair never cheated on him. She tells him that he is the manipulator. Todd thinks that Blair would do the same thing to him. Kelly thinks that Blair wouldnít do this to him. If he testifies that she killed Max, she will go away for many years and Starr will never have a mother. He will destroy Blair and he will destroy himself. It is Blairís fault that she is in such trouble. She loves Todd and this is the payback. She wants him to get Blair out. He tells her that he is looking for justice. She thinks that he is looking for vengeance. She is sure that he will not be able to look himself in the eye. His lawyer comes up and tells him that he will get a suspended sentence if he rolls over on Blair. He is advised to take the deal.

Blair is holding a gun on Max. The house is empty and there are no witnesses. She tells him that she is going to shoot him. He thinks that she wouldnít dare. She wants him to call her bluff and find out if she would shoot him or not. Blair figures that she canít be in any more trouble than she is in now. For the first time in her life she was happy and he took it away from her. She wants her life back. She wants to know what he did. Max refuses to tell her a damn thing. He turns his back on her. He tells her that this is his final answer. She tells him that he loses and she pulls the trigger while aiming at him. She doesnít hit him with the shot. She really wants to know what is going on. She figures that Skye has something to do with it. Max admits that Skye was involved and they were trying to make Todd think that she was making a fool out of him. He explains about the love cottage that was bought with her name on it. He tells her that it is over now. She tells him that it isnít over now. Now, she is really going to have to kill him. She holds up her gun as he is trying to walk out the door. He stops in his tracks. He is a little scared that this time, Blair might just do it. She might shoot him. She puts the gun down saying that she is going to punish him and make him wish that he had been shot. She is going to find Todd and let him know what he did.

Roseanne is telling RJ that Colin is making the moves on her. He tells her that the next time that Colin comes near her, he will take care of him. Roseanne tells him that he doesnít have to take care of her. The next time Colin bothers her, she will take care of him herself. RJ still wants her to do some more snooping for him. He shows her some money and tries to lure her into snitching for him again. He assures her that he canít deal with Colin and she wonít have to worry anymore. She tells him again that she will not snoop at the police station for him anymore.

Cristian has taken Jennifer to the gym to punch a punching bag. She is punching really hard and Cristian wonders whose face she envisions as she hits the bag. They joke about the different people in their lives that they would like to hit and they take turns punching the bag. Ď She thanks him for dragging her there. He felt responsible for her getting ill. She wants to know what he is involved in. He wonít tell her because it is his business.

RJ pays Colin a little visit. He holds him out the window and threatens to drop him if he harasses Roseanne anymore.

Todd goes home and gets his evidence against Blair. He is going to use it to really screw her this time. He is mad as hell.

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