One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/28/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/28/01

Written By Glynis

Jennifer is telling her mother that she never wants to have another drink ever again. Will is listening nearby. Jennifer is sure that she will be fine. Lindsay is glad that her children love her and believe in her. Will walks up and Lindsay is afraid of what he might say. Jennifer believes her mother and is sure that Will believes too. Will confirms that. Lindsay thinks that with her two children believing in her, she now has everything that she needs. She has to run out and take care of a few errands. Jennifer will stay with Will and order him around. Lindsay picks up her things and leaves. Will brings her some water and aspirin. She is still upset that he brought their father to the emergency room. Sam showed up by accident, he assures her that he didn’t call Sam. Now it is time for Jennifer to keep her part of the bargain. He wants to know where she got the ID.

Lanie is there to offer to pay Colin to stay away from everyone. He is upset at that. They used to be married. She reminds him that he kidnapped a woman and drugged her. He tells her again that he wasn’t the one that did that. He is also protecting her secret. He has no way to protect himself. She tells him that she is not his friend. They are divorced and he is making her life a living hell. He tells her that she is making him miserable by trying to erase his life. She thinks that he is losing touch with reality. He needs to talk with someone. He believes that he needs help. He thinks that he needs her help. There is something that he thinks that she can do for him and he wonders if she will help him with it. Nora has heard many things about him, but she knows the truth and needs to tell Nora that he is not someone to be feared. Lanie can’t do that. Nora is afraid of him and has a right to be. He thinks that she wants to make sure that he can’t have anyone. He is not going to let her do it. He grabs her and holds her to prevent her from leaving.

Nora comes to see Hank. She wants the charges against Skye dropped. He can’t take the charges away because he can't trust Todd and Blair. Sam walks in and says that he believes Blair. Hank thinks that they will know who is lying soon. They were put in jail cells together, Max, Blair and Todd. Nora thinks that Hank can’t do this.

In the jail cells, Blair, Todd and Max are together in the same area, but separated by bars. Max tells them that he will be out of jail in no time, so there is no point in them gloating about him being there. There is a chance that Asa will die and if that happens, there will be a murder charge and Todd will be responsible for that. Todd brings up Blair and Max kissing. Blair thinks that she has explained that already, he seemed to understand about that. She asks him what he saw. He tells her that it doesn’t matter. He saw it. She wants him to say it. Todd agrees to tell her what he saw if it would shut her up. He starts telling her the truth when Max interrupts. She tells him to shut up. Why does he care anyway? Max tells her that Todd set her up at her own wedding why does she care? She got involved with a lunatic. Todd is not going to tell her a damn thing, but he is going to have a talk with Hank. He is ready to talk. Max stands by watching and smirking. Blair is afraid of him and she is not sure why. Todd is taken away to make a statement. Blair confronts Max. She wants to know what it is that Todd thinks happened. Max can’t believe that she thought that Todd was ever going to stand behind her forever. She calls him the rat boy. Todd didn’t fake brain damage like Max did. Todd didn’t’ marry her and then move his mistress into the next room like Max did. The day that she stopped loving him was when he was lying in the hospital with the gunshot wound. She came to him and she begged him to take her back and give her a second chance. She wanted him back and would have done everything for him. He instead went back to Skye. Whatever she did, he deserved it. He asks her, "Did I deserve to be shot in the back?" She tells him that whatever she did, he deserved it.

Asa is in the hospital room. He tells Renée that she betrayed him. She let him love Max like his own son. She tells him that he betrayed the both of them. Asa gets upset. She thought that he was the son that they both wanted. She was afraid that if they found out the truth, he would have gotten sick like he is now. Ben enters the room. Asa tells him to get the hell out of the room. He tells Ben that he is not his son. Asa tells the both of them to get out. Renée is surprised at that. Asa tells her that there has been a change. His wife wouldn’t lie to him. Ben knows that Asa hates him, but Renée loves him and wouldn’t hurt him. Asa gets hysterical and rises up in his bed. Renée can tell that Asa is getting too upset. Asa tells her that Ben may be her son, but he is from another John. With that, Asa collapses and flat lines. Staff run into the room to assist in taking care of Asa.

Jessica is confronting Cristian about getting fake ID. She has discovered the truth. Jessica knows that Cristian is responsible for Jennifer being sick. Jessica thinks that he is good, she stood up for him and it turns out that he was the one that put Jennifer in the hospital. Cristian tells her that she should do what she thinks is right. He gives her the phone and waits for her to phone someone to take him away. Her conscience will be clear so she should go ahead. She picks up the phone and starts to dial.

Todd is brought into Hank’s office where Sam and Nora are talking with him. Todd has been brought there because he is shouting to see Hank because he apparently has something of importance to talk about. Hank doesn’t want to talk with him. Todd tells them that he wants to go free and he will prove that Blair shot Max to get free.

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