One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/27/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/27/01

Written By Glynis

Lindsay finds out from Larry Wolek that her daughter drank herself, almost to death. Will tells her that Jennifer was talking to Colin before she seriously tried to hurt herself. Lindsay wants to know exactly what Jennifer was told before she drank herself silly. Will thinks that she wasn’t told everything, but she was told enough to feel betrayed by her parents and want to risk hurting herself this way. She is furious that Colin has to do with her daughter being ill. The doctor warns them that Jennifer is going to need some counseling. Lindsay enters Jennifer’s room. Lindsay wants to know why she drank so much. Lindsay tells her daughter that Colin hates her and he would do anything to make her look bad. Will enters the room and tells his mother that Jennifer almost died and that this isn’t about her. It is about Jennifer. Jennifer tells Will to leave Lindsay alone. Lindsay is surprised at Jennifer defending herself.

There is pounding on Colin’s door. He opens it and it is Cristian there. Colin tries to shut the door, but Cristian won’t let him. Colin doesn’t know what this is about, but he doesn’t like it. Colin denies having anything to with Jennifer getting ill. She was fine when she left his house. Cristian wants some answers to his questions and what went on the night before. He is not leaving until he gets those answers. Lanie has come up behind Cristian and she would like some answers to the same questions. Colin thinks that he didn’t do anything wrong to Jennifer. Cristian vows that he will get his answers one way or the other. Cristian pushes Colin up against the wall and tells Colin that he better not go near Jennifer again. Lanie gets Cristian away from Cristian. Colin thinks that Cristian is in love with Jennifer and that is why he is there. Cristian denies that he has anything going on with Jennifer. Colin thinks that he knows what Cristian is going through. First you help the woman out, and then you fall in love then you marry her…Colin thinks that it was inevitable that Jennifer would end up that way. Look at her family. Lanie gets Cristian out of the house and Colin goes to the phone to call the police. He thinks that maybe Lanie wouldn’t mind being a witness for him. She assures him that she wouldn’t ever do that. He suggests then that he should tell the police that she has killed her father.

Skye is brought into Ben’s house. He brings her near the fire. She is devastated. She tells him that she is not Adam Chandler’s daughter. She is Rae Cummings’ daughter. She is falling apart. He hugs her and she cries in his arms. Viki walks in and sees the both of them embracing. Skye assures Viki that they are not doing anything that she should be worried about. There is a knock at the door and it is Gina. She would like to speak to Ben. Viki doesn’t want to let Gina in, but Viki doesn’t move from the front of the door to let her in. Gina thinks that Viki should let Ben decide if he should be seeing her or not. Viki repeats that this is not a very good time.

Max is in doctor’s clothes with a mask on his face as he walks in to see Asa. Renée is there and she leaves for a minute so that Asa can talk with his doctor. Once outside the room, she sees Rae. Renée hugs her and cries on her shoulder.

Once alone with Asa, Max removes his mask… He starts talking to Asa about his being sick, when Bo roughly drags him from the side of the bed. Finding Max this way proves to Bo that Max is a con man. He promises Max that he is going to pay for Asa’s being hurt. Outside the room, all get together. Bo, Max, Dr. Wolek, Renée and Rae. They discuss Asa getting better. It seems that there is something that can be done for him after all. Bo is sure that Max was taking advantage again. Bo arrests Max for several charges. Hank is on the job and going to make sure that Max goes to jail for his many crimes. He is going to join Blair and Todd in the slammer.

Blair and Todd are still in jail and Blair is sleeping with her head near the bars. Todd moves closer to those bars. He thinks that he can touch her as she lies there resting. Todd is able to reach her and he puts out his hands and strokes her hair. She wakes, surprised at first and then she reaches for him through the bars. They kiss and look into each other’s eyes. He is searching her face. He is trying to find an answer to the questions that plague him since the night that he saw her with Max. How can she act so innocent when she knows what she did? Does she know what she did? She is sure that Todd doesn’t want her locked up. Todd tells her that he thinks that she should be locked up. She tells him that he is all that matters, but he just doesn’t believe her. She knows how he feels. She tells him that she loves him and wanted to marry him. She doesn’t care what he thinks. She knows that he wanted the marriage to work at one time. She is sure that Max did something and she wants to know what it is. Todd shouts for a guard to bring him something like chewing gum or a mint. She tells him that they belong together. He hasn’t given them any proof that she did the shooting. He can take it all back. She pleads and begs for him to save them. She knows that he doesn’t want to hurt her. She can see it in his eyes. They can call Sam right now and he would help them. Todd calls for the guard. He shouts out that his roommate is starting to bug him. The guard arrives and Starr is with him. She is happy to see her father. She has brought something special for her daddy to eat. Blair calls to her daughter and Todd gives her a dirty look and moves away from her. Starr looks at her father and tells him that he is not supposed to be in jail, that wasn’t a part of his plan. Blair realizes that something deeper is going on and she knows that Starr has the answers. She tries to get Starr to talk with her, but Starr just ignores her.

Jessica shows up at RJ’s bar and meets some girls from school. They are talking about the bartenders that work there. Jessica asks for an assignment for class and she also asks about some fake IDs that have been going around. Unknown to her, Sam has been listening to the conversation and jumps in when he hears her asking about the ID. She is doing this because she thinks that Sam is too old to be asking kids about fake IDs. She thinks that Cristian is not the type to be involved in the manufacture of the fake IDs. Sam thanks her for her help.

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