One Life to Live Update Monday 2/26/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 2/26/01

Written By Glynis

Jennifer is awake in the hospital and telling Cristian how she managed to get herself drunk and sick in the hospital. She took one of his fake IDs and bought some booze. Will and Jessica enter her room and start grilling her as to where she got the fake ID and booze from. She says that she can’t tell him the details of what she actually did. She hasn’t done this before and she promises not to do it again. Will says that if she tells him where she got the ID, he will keep her secret from their parents. She tells Will that she made the ID herself. Will doesn’t’ believe her. Will tells her that he is calling her mother and father. Jennifer shouts out for him not to do it. Will leaves the room and Jessica follows him. She wants Will to think about what he is doing. Cristian can’t believe that she didn’t say that he was the one that gave her the ID. She was just having some fun. He doesn’t think that she was having fun at all. She doesn’t think that this is any of his business. He tells her that it is too late. He is worried about her. He feels responsible for her being sick. She tells him that her head is going to explode. She wanted to talk to him earlier, but he blew her off. It was something about her family and he would like to talk to her now about it. He wonders if Colin has anything to do with this.

Will thinks that Jessica is right. He shouldn’t call their parents. Jennifer will never trust him again. Will is a wonderful brother and some day, Jennifer is going to realize that. Will knows that Jennifer is not a bad girl and she would be better if she wasn’t hanging around with Cristian. He would really like to know though who is making these fake IDs.

Rae comes to visit Skye and Adam is there. He is very unhappy with her for letting Skye find out that she was adopted. Skye is crying and doesn’t want to know that she is adopted. Adam assures her that he will always love her. He always has loved her and he always will. He is sorry that he wasn’t there for her when she was in jail. Rae wants to know how Skye winded up with him. Adam doesn’t want to tell her the information. She demands to know if he was the one that stole Skye from him. Skye wants to know as well how she got into this mess. If he loves her, he will tell her the truth.

Ben is talking to Renée and he tells her that he never thought that he was adopted. He didn’t want to tell people. He wanted Asa dead. He doesn’t want Asa for a father. Renée thinks that he is just as bad as Max. Ben never meant to hurt her. Renée cried on his shoulder and all that time, Ben knew. He even knew what Max was doing to her. Ben wanted to tell her the truth, but he couldn’t because of Asa. She still thinks that he should have cared about her anyway. He wonders why she gave him up if she cared for him so deeply. She gave him up because Asa was married and she couldn’t raise him on her own. She was the Madame in a brothel. She didn’t’ want to give him up, but she had to make a choice. Ben had to make a choice too. He almost lost Viki because of this. He didn’t want to deal with being his son. He knew the choice that he was making, but he made the choice anyway. He wants her to understand him and the choices that he made.

Max is telling Nora that he is worried that Asa could die. Nora thinks that he could have told her that he messed up. Max is not worried about jail time; he is worried about Asa. Max thinks that Blair and Todd are getting what they deserve. Nora thinks that Blair and Todd could still worm their way out of their troubles. Max used to love Blair and then he finds out that Blair put a virus out to destroy him. She shot him in the back. Nora thinks that Max did the same think to Blair but he used Todd.

In jail, Todd and Blair are in separate cells but she is staring at him. She thinks that he is nothing at all. She does have something to say to him. She wishes him a happy wedding day. She thinks that this is sad. This was supposed to be the happiest night of their lives. She wants to know if he was planning this all along. She doesn’t know why he is doing this to her. She asks him again to explain to her. He told her that their wedding was going to be the revenge on Llanview. He reminds her that she was supposed to tell him some things. She doesn’t know what he is talking to her that way. He tells her that she knows damn well what she did. She demands to know what she did. He tells her again that she knows what she did. She knows that she loved and trusted him. It was hard for him to trust her. She doesn’t believe him. He tells her that she betrayed him. She is wailing now. "What did I do?" If he wanted her to go to jail, he could have taken her earlier. Todd thinks that he was stupid to think that she was over Max. She shot him in the back maybe because she couldn’t have him. Todd is sure that she was never in love with him. She just found a way to get away with murder. It wasn’t her idea to get married and fall in love with him. That always hurts her. Now she is in love with him and she gets to go to Statesville. He will get Starr. He doesn’t care what she says; he knows what she did. She thinks that sending her to Statesville was what he wanted to do to her anyway.

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