One Life to Live Update Friday 2/23/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 2/23/01

Written By Glynis

Cristian is with Jennifer at her bedside. She was found in the park sick from alcohol poisoning. Will enters the room and pushes Cristian away from his sister. He explains that she was found in the park. Jessica tells the men to settle down and stop fighting. This isn’t helping at all. Will goes to his sister and tells her that everything is going to be okay. Jessica is looking in Jennifer’s wallet and they discover how an 18-year-old could get a pint of booze to overdose on. Jessica finds fake identification that says that she is 21. Will wonders how she got fake identification like that. Cristian knows exactly how she got it. Will says that when he finds out how she got that fake ID, he is going to kill that person.

Skye gets a visit from her father, Adam Chandler. She knows that he is the only one that can make things right. He finds out that she has been talking to Rae Cummings. Rae says that Skye is her daughter. Skye tells her that Rae has some obsession about her being the daughter that she hasn’t been able to find. Adam doesn’t say very much. Adam had no idea that she was searching for her own child. Skye needed him when she was in jail and he wasn’t able to help her. Skye wants to go home with him in Pine Valley. She is sure that she will be vindicated for the accusations. She wants him to take her home. He tells her that he can’t bring her home. She can’t believe that her father is rejecting her. He assures her that he wouldn’t be there if he didn’t love her. She feels vulnerable and he knows that doesn’t matter. She is tough and she is smart. She knows what she has to do and she does it. She thinks that she is tough and strong because she is a Chandler. She thinks that she can convince him to bring her home. He loves her. It is true that she is his daughter, but there is more. She is his daughter, but she isn’t his biological daughter. There is a knock on the door and Adam goes to see whom it is. Rae is there. She sees that Adam is with Skye.

Asa is in the hospital. He is sick. He has a pain in his chest. A physician is attending to him. He gives him some pills and orders some medical equipment to take care of him. Asa is trying to talk and they can’t figure it out. He seems to be saying, "My son… over and over again.

Viki doesn’t understand why Todd did this today. Todd thinks that the trust between him and Blair was broken. Blair asks him again what he is talking about. What trust was broken between the both of them? Max wants to go and see Asa, but Bo won’t let him go. He asks Nora to help him, but she can’t do it. Bo wants Todd and Blair down at the station. Bo has to go and see his father at the hospital. John takes care of bringing in Todd and Blair. They leave. Kevin goes over to Ben and Kevin understands right away why Ben acted the way that he did. Kevin is going home to write a story about this. Sam apologizes but Ben doesn’t want to hear it. They are still brothers. Bo is still there and he just looks at Ben then walks away. Viki and Ben are left alone. They console each other. He knew that when he told Renée that she was his mother, things would change. Now it is out. He is really Asa’s son. When Ben found out that he was really a Buchanan, he tried pulling away from Viki. This is not going to affect them in anyway. He would be lost without her. She is always going to be there for him.

Bo arrives at the hospital to see his father. Asa doesn’t look so good. Bo loves his father and whatever else happens, he will always love his father. Renée reminds him that Asa never stopped loving him, even though he got close to Max. Bo asks her why she let this go on. Renée didn’t tell the truth before because she was sure that Asa would get sick like he is now. When she first found out she wanted to kill Max. She slapped him so hard, his aneurysm almost burst. She let the lie get out of hand. This wasn’t just for Asa’s sake. Renée loved Max long before. She treated Max like her own son. She made a pact that the son that she didn’t really have would be hers. The truth is out now and she wants to know what is going to happen to Max. Bo thinks that charges against Max might not hold up. Renée kept the secret and Asa is not strong enough to fight. Bo, however, is not about to let Max get away with what he has done. Bo thinks that Max really took advantage. Asa has been worrying himself sick over his son that doesn’t really exist. Renée thinks that people do what they do because they think that it is best. If she had a chance to do things over again she would do exactly the same thing.

Todd is being questioned by Hank. He has to get immunity by telling the truth and giving up something. He even brings up the story about Nora being kidnapped.

Blair says that the only reason that she didn’t say anything about Todd shooting Max is because she wanted to protect her daughter. John puts her under arrest for falsifying evidence. She has her rights read to her and as they are being read, Blair glares at Todd who simply watches the whole thing go down.

Bo arrives at the station and gets the lowdown on what has been going on from John. Bo thinks that a little jail time will get Todd talking. John goes over to Todd and Blair and takes them into custody. Max arrives at the station and asks about Asa. Bo tells him that he was the one that separated Asa from his real family. Max lied to Asa and manipulated him. He is the one that put Max in the hospital bed. Max turns to leave. Bo tells him that he is not free to go. He has to be questioned. Max goes into Bo’s office. Sam shows up and Bo realizes that he knew the truth as well. Bo thinks that is interesting and then he walks away.

Max meets with Nora at the station and Max explains how he got Todd and Blair to turn against each other. Todd thinks that Blair slept with Max before the wedding. He staged some dramatic vignette to get Todd to turn on Blair. Max feels that he did what he had to. Nora reminds him that Todd is going to turn right back towards Blair once he is told the truth. Max thinks that they just have to make sure that Todd will never find out the truth of how he was lied to.

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