One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/22/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/22/01

Written By Glynis

Skye is talking to God, trying to get some sign that Rae really isn’t her mother. She is cold so she finds a bottle of booze and thinks that it is a sign. She hears a noise. She sees Jennifer lying on the ground not far from her. She can’t believe that she has found this girl. She can smell the booze on her. The girl seems to be unconscious. Skye shouts for help, but there is no one around. Suddenly a man shows up. It is Cristian. He picks up Jennifer and carries her to the hospital. They think that she is suffering from alcohol poisoning.

The wedding party is still meeting and Todd is still trying to convince everyone that Blair is really the one that tried to kill Max. Ben is willing to play Todd’s game. He tells Todd that he is a psycho. Why is he doing it? What is in it for him? Asa tells Ben to stay out of it. Ben is not going to stay out of it anymore. Asa demands to know what Ben is spouting off about. Bo is very interested in what Ben has to say, too. Asa tells Ben that his family is not their business. Asa thinks that Viki should be the one to deal with her family. Bo thinks that Asa should leave now. Blair tells Todd that he is lying. Kelly thinks that Todd did the shooting and he is using Blair to cover for him. Todd is playing a game. Viki begs him to stop. Blair sneaks out of the room and runs off. Viki tells Todd to stop this thing or he won’t be able to come back. He agrees to stop because sooner or later somebody is going to want to play this game. Max is trying to get Asa out of the room before the truth can come out. Renée says, "No! I want to know who my son is and I want to know now." Max panics at the thought.

Antonio is very upset that they almost put Cristian in jail. Sophia tries to put a positive spin on things. She thinks that Cristian probably didn’t know about the stolen property. Antonio knows that Cristian probably knew about the stolen property. He is glad that there was a leak, because his brother would be in jail right now. Antonio is worried that Cristian will be there the next time that they have to do something to get RJ. She did see that Cristian is loyal to RJ. It could be worse though, but at least he isn’t dead like her brother. She wanted nothing to do with her brother and then he got killed. She will always wonder if she could have cared more and kept him alive. She is never going to know if her brother dying was her fault or not. This is different. Antonio told his brother that he shouldn’t have that type of life. She is sure that he is going to stop this behavior. Antonio needed to hear her say that. Antonio wants to be alone. He doesn’t want to have to deal with having to make a new start. He wants her to be okay and she will be. She leaves. RJ shows up and asks Antonio who he should speak to in order to file charges. RJ can wait to make the charges later. Antonio knows that RJ was tipped off and he vows to find out who it is. RJ wishes him luck.

Colin is at Roseanne’s trying to get her to sleep with him. He reminds her that her boyfriend doesn’t have to know about them getting together. He is sure that she can’t stop thinking about the night that they spent together. She is feeling threatened. He is offering her a deal. He won’t tell about her knowing about RJ and she just has to sleep with him. She can’t believe that he is being serious. She thinks that he really is a worm. He confirms that to her. They were people that were scorned and they made each other very happy. She did what she did because she though that Antonio didn’t love her anymore, but he does. She hasn’t begun to lose her temper with him. He tells her that he doesn’t have to kidnap anyone to get what he wants. She tells him that women only get what they want when they sleep with him. How does that feel to know that women’s skin crawl when he comes near them. He touches her face and she turns away. She tells him that he wins. She will do, as he wants. She wants to freshen up first, but he doesn’t care. He won’t let her get away from him.

Cristian carrying Jennifer comes into the hospital with Skye in tow. They tell the doctor that they found her in the park and that she may have alcohol poisoning. They take Jennifer and start working on her. The doctor leaves. Cristian tells Skye that he blew her off earlier and then came back looking for her. The Gods must be smiling. Skye explains that she was in the park, trying to wreck her life.

Blair goes into the ladies’ room to change. She has been found out and she tries to change into some clothes to hide from the guests at her wedding. She finds some sunglasses and some money and starts walking out of the ladies’ room. She bumps into Rae who stops her and tells her that she hasn’t got a chance of getting away.

At the wedding party, Ben tells Renée that he will talk to her in private. Renée doesn’t want to talk in private. She wants Asa to hear what has to be said. She is sure that Ben is an honest man and he will tell her the truth. Asa doesn’t want to hear the truth. Renée tells Max that he doesn’t want to hear it, but she has to know who her real son is. She has to claim him. She turns to Ben again and asks who her real son is. Ben tells her that he is her real son. Bo’s mouth drops, but Max is not surprised.

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