One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/21/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/21/01

Written By Glynis

Sophia and Antonio arrive at the destination to bust the culprit that they are sure is working for RJ. For weeks they have been trying to trip RJ up, but someone has been tipping off RJ about the busts and they haven't had any luck. This night their luck changes. They are surprised to find that Cristian is the guy that they are busting. When they pull their guns and order him to turn around, they find someone that they didn't expect. Antonio's brother. Cristian wants to know what they are going to do to him now. Antonio wants to know if Cristian knew about the hijacking too. Cristian wants to know what they are talking about. Sophia tells Antonio to stop this. Antonio walks up and starts cuffing Cristian. They hear whistling and then RJ appears. He wonders what they are doing there. He didn't know that prohibition was in effect again. Sophia and Antonio look at each other. RJ gives them a bill of sale to prove that nothing is wrong with his shipment. Cristian realizes that he has to protect Cristian by saying that he didn't know about the shipment. RJ orders Antonio to take the cuffs off of Cristian. Antonio does. RJ demands an apology for having his business disrupted. RJ should file a complaint, but he will settle for a simple 'I'm sorry."

Skye has just been told that Rae is her mother. It was too much for her to take and Skye runs to the ladies' room. Rae follows her there and tells Skye that she can prove that she is Skye's mother. Skye is not interested in anything that Rae has to say, but she listens anyway. She will listen to the evidence and then she never wants to speak of this again. Rae takes out a document. It is the proof of what Rae is about to tell Skye. Rae didn't have a very good childhood. She got her braces off one year and then she fell in love the next. She got pregnant. She was alone and scared and unprepared. She thinks that if she had been allowed to decide on the fate of her baby, she would have decided on adoption. Her family didn't care for her or her child. She was an embarrassment and her family wanted her to disappear. They hid her away and when she gave birth, they told her that her child had died. A few years ago, her aunt who was dying told her the truth. Her baby was given to a doctor to be disposed of. Her family didn't care. It was kidnapping. When Rae found out the truth, she was devastated. Her husband Daniel told her that he would help her find her baby. Instead he robbed her of her money and he disappeared. She tried to track him down and she found a desk with the birth records in it. This page, the evidence was in the desk. Her husband found the paper and tried to destroy it. She reminds her of the time that she met Daniel. Daniel wanted her to pay for having that page. Sophia found the page of information and she gave the paper to John. John understood what the paper meant. Now, Rae is giving the paper to Skye. It tells her that the baby was sent to Adam and Althea Chandler. It proves that she is Rae's daughter. Skye takes the page and looks at it.

Outside, with the guests of the wedding, Todd is there talking to the crowd. Bo thinks that Todd better have proof of what he is saying. Todd tells everything. He tells how Blair masterminded the virus to ruin Max. He tells Max that he is the sucker of the century. Asa is angry that Todd is trying to make fools out of his family. Bo tells everyone to stay put. Bo thinks that Blair is the only one that can clear all of this up. All eyes turn to her. Blair says that everything that Todd is saying is a lie. She says that Todd has nothing to do with the shooting either. Renée tries to calm things down. Her husband has a bad heart. Blair tells everyone that Skye didn't shoot Max, she says that Todd did the shooting. She says that he appeared out of nowhere and she was surprised. Todd can't believe Blair. First she shoots Max and now she is trying to save his life. She can't believe that anyone is listening to Todd. Bo remembers that Blair tried to fool people before. Bo wants proof that Max is who he says that he is. Max doesn't think that he has to prove anything and Asa stands behind him. Todd tells everyone that there are others that know the truth about Max's parentage. Todd taunts the guests with the information that they now. Vicky knows that he is hurting. Todd goes to Renée to question her and Ben runs to her defense. He asks Renée why she did it. She knew that Max wasn't her son. It is time that she told the truth. Asa tells her to tell the truth and show Todd how ridiculous he is. Vicky begs Todd to stop it. Renée can't say a word. Asa prods her to speak and clear everything up.

Jessica and Will arrive at RJ's bar and confront Jennifer. She doesn't like the fact that they are trying to look out for her. Jennifer tells him that she spoke to Colin and spoke to him. Will can't believe that she would go to someone like Colin for information. Colin told her that Will went to him for information. Will doesn't want to talk about that. Jennifer demands the truth. Will only wants to talk about his sister drinking underage. She demands to know the truth about her mother. She can tell that Will is not telling her something. She is not a baby and she wants to know the truth. Will stops her from drinking and she decides to go somewhere else. She wants to know the truth or she will not cooperate with them. She storms out. Jessica noticed that Will didn't defend their mother that time. She suspects that Will doesn't believe in his mother anymore.

Roseanne gets a visit from Colin. He thinks that he got there at the right time. He figures that he could drop by for a drink and brings some with a corkscrew just in case. She tells him that she is seeing her old boyfriend and things are going real good for them. He is sure that Antonio is no around for real companionship. Roseanne tells him that she loves her boyfriend. Colin understands. She doesn't want to hurt Antonio. She doesn't want to keep secrets from Antonio. She didn't know what she was doing the night that they spent time together. He thinks that they had a good time. He wouldn't mind having a shower with her. She goes to turn off the shower and then she is going to see him out. She leaves the room and he starts taking off his shirt. She peeks back into the room in terror seeing him getting ready to be with her.

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