One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/20/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/20/01

Written By Glynis

Jennifer comes to see Colin. He remarks what a beautiful woman she has become. He tries to stroke her hair, but she won’t let him touch her. She tells him that she knows that he used her mother. He tells her that Lindsay had some serious problems. She came to him for help. He says that Lindsay seduced him. She doesn’t believe that. He thinks that it is up to her what she thinks about her mother. Was he forced into the kidnapping too? He knew that she would be asking questions. Jennifer thinks that the shows what happened. Colin is sure that she doesn’t. He thinks that he has a special relationship with Nora. He saved Nora and she knows it. Jennifer thinks that her mother wouldn’t be involved in something so cruel. Colin thinks that he knows how she feels. Will felt the same way. The family is very close. They talk and they trust each other. Their trust hasn’t been broken. She is sure that Colin is the one to blame. Colin is sure that she knows what really happened. He moves close to her and she backs away. He tells her that what happened wasn’t all her fault and it wasn’t his entire fault. He tells her that she (Jennifer) was the one to blame.

Lanie is trying to convince Lindsay that they should be acting like sisters and stop Colin in his tracks. Lanie remembers the time when Lindsay saved Lanie from being raped. Lindsay denies that Colin is blackmailing her, she just has to pay him to keep the secret that Lanie has. Lanie’s point is that if they trust each other, Colin has no power. Lanie is willing to tell everything if Lindsay helps her to stop Colin from bothering them. Lanie thinks that there is more going on. They wonder if they can trust each other. Lindsay came through for Lanie in the past and she thinks that Lindsay will do it for her again. She is hoping that Lindsay will trust her and not judge her. She promises that she will not judge her sister for Nora’s kidnapping. She thinks that it was Lindsay’s idea and she was the one that put Colin up to it. Lanie thinks that the both of them could use a friend. Lindsay thinks that a friend would be nice. Lanie thinks that Lindsay needs someone that she can trust. Lanie thinks that Lindsay can trust her. Lindsay only wanted to be loved and everybody wants that. Her father should have loved her and that is what parents are for. Lanie is sure that Lindsay’s kids love her. Lindsay thinks that her children are disappointed in her. Everybody makes mistakes. Lindsay has crossed the line of forgiveness over and over. People hate Lindsay and she feels alone.

It is Todd and Blair’s wedding. Todd refuses to say ‘I do". He can’t say I do to her. He announces that his Blair shot Max in the back. He says that he was there and he saw her do it. He helped her clean up all that blood. Blair doesn’t understand why he is doing this to her. He is supposed to be loving and cherishing her. She begs him to stop. The whole room watches in horror as he tries to out Blair from her secret. He has been planning this. Max and Skye love it. She wants to know why he is doing this. She tries to get him to leave with talk. Todd refuses and wants to talk to the whole room. Asa can’t believe that Blair tried to kill his son. Blair shouts that he was supposed to love her. She refuses to listen anymore and tries to leave. Blair is stopped from leaving. Todd tells the whole sordid tale of the gun. He was the one that put the gun at Skye’s place. Blair shouts that he is lying. It is like breathing to her. Max shouts that she should be arrested. Bo is not going to arrest anyone yet. Skye demands that the charges on her be dropped. Blair can’t believe that Todd has ruined everything. He tells her that she should have thought of what she was doing before…. She shouts at him, "BEFORE WHAT?" Todd refuses to say what it is that ‘she knows’. Todd is very amused. Skye tells him that she is going to slap him with a defamation suit. She reminds him that her father is very powerful. She asks him, "Do you know who my father is?" He doesn’t, but he asks her a more important question, "Do you know who your mother is? I do!" Rae is sitting beside the two of them and she hears what Todd is saying.

Cristian overhears Roseanne talking with RJ. He is suspicious of their conversation. RJ and Roseanne cover up and she tells him that she was dropping to say hi. She was planning on leaving, but RJ interrupted her. She has to leave. Cristian wants to know what RJ was talking to Roseanne about. RJ has a job for Cristian and Cristian is up for it. Whatever it is.

Sophia and Antonio are together at the police station. Another truck is going to vanish that night. Sophia is very suspicious about RJ being able to be ahead of them at every turn. They are waiting for the right time to bring RJ in. They are very nervous. They don’t want RJ to get wind that they are on to him. If they get RJ, this might open Cristian’s eyes. Cristian should be getting his life together. Roseanne arrives and finds the two together. Sophia leaves to get back to her paperwork. Roseanne wants to know what they are talking about, but Antonio doesn’t tell her.

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