One Life to Live Update Monday 2/19/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 2/19/01

Written By Glynis

Lindsay is with Colin. She thinks that she has found a way that she can control him. She is waving a knife in his face and is going to make sure that he doesnít try to seduce her daughter. She swears that Colin will never lay a hand on her daughter. Colin swats the knife out of her hand and grabs her to hold her. He tells her that he is not going to die. He is going to live a long and healthy life. She is willing to risk her freedom for her daughterís sake. If the truth comes out, Jennifer is going to find out that Lindsay was the one that drugged Nora. How is that going to affect her? If Lindsay really loves her daughter, she should make sure that her secret never comes out. He reminds her that she has to have some more money for him by the end of the month.

Lanie and Jennifer are talking together. Lanie tries to explain that Lindsay is like everyone else and she makes mistakes. Jennifer tells Lanie that she saw Uncle Colin. She thinks that anything that Colin says about Lindsay is because he doesnít like her. Jennifer thinks that things are like she never even left. She wants to know what is going on. She feels that it is her job to stop the madness that is going on. Her mother wonít even tell her anything. She begs her aunt to tell her what is going on.

The wedding is about to start and Max is there waiting. Bo arrives and so does Nora. The three talk about something probably happening there at the wedding. No one has any idea what John was talking about. Max pretends to know nothing about the Ďhappeningsí that that Bo speaks of. Max walks off to speak with Skye. He tells her again that this is the day. He is sure of it. Today is the day when he finds out who shot him.

Blair and Kelly are alone and Blair tells her that Starr is not coming to the wedding. Kelly finds that very strange. Sam arrives to speak with Blair and Kelly leaves the room. Sam tells her that everything is fine. Sam is there to bring up something very lousy. He tells her that after Max was shot, Todd told him that he did something for Blair and she didnít appreciate it. Sam is wondering if Blair had Todd shoot Max for her. She tells him no. He then asks her if she shot Max and then Todd cleaned it up for her. She denies that she shot Max. Sam knows Todd and he knows that Todd would do anything to get what he wants. She is going to take what Sam has said as a compliment. She is not being blackmailed. She is in love. Sam has known Todd a long time and he has hurt people that he loves. Blair feels that she knows Todd a bit as well. He can get crazy, and she can get crazy, but they can do things together that they canít do apart. She loves him, she really loves him and he really loves her. If it isnít a good enough reason for anybody else, that is too bad.

Todd is off in a corner feeling nervous when Viki walks over. She knows how he feels. When she got married, she felt like Todd does now, but she was nervous. Todd thinks that she should have been nervous because there was a hit out on the groom. Viki is not sure that he is going to go through with this. If you trust someone and the trust is broken, can it be regained? Todd wants to know. Viki tells him that trust can be regained. The couple has to be willing to work things out. He tells her that the trust with him and Blair was broken and he is worried about it. He has to deal with it. She tells him that if he has any doubts about the marriage, it needs to be settled now before they go any further.

Kelly comes to see Max with Kevin and she asks him to leave Blair alone. Max agrees to. If there is any future for Blair with Max, he has to stop interfering. Max agrees to stop interfering with Blair from now on.

Rae and Nora are in the ladiesí room. Rae thought that she should have burned her invitation, but then she thought that the wedding might affect Skye. Nora can tell that Rae is fishing for information and she wonít reveal information. Rae is sure that Skye has a heart, but she is hiding it. Skye is abrasive and harsh and she really is her own worst enemy. Just then, Skye comes bursting out of a stall and tells Rae that she isnít her own worst enemy, Rae is. Rae tells her that she is on Skyeís side. She cares about Skye. The two get in a heated argument. Nora stops the argument. She thinks that they are not doing any favors for each other. Nora told Rae that she is not going to talk to her about Skye and after this, Nora doesnít want Rae to talk to Skye at all. Skye tells her that she will make things easier. She goes storming out. Rae doesnít tell Nora what is going on. She has no business interfering. She is all through.

Outside the ladiesí room Skye is broken and crying. Max finds her and she tells him that she has to get out of this mess and get as far away from this town as possible. Max assures her that Todd and Blair are going to roll over. Even if Blair denies everything, Todd still saw them in bed together. Max knows Todd and he is going to blow. Skye thinks that they really donít know Todd.

Blair is looking in her mirror and Todd appears behind her. He knows what time it is, and he canít wait. He tells her that this is her last chance. She looks at him puzzled.

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