One Life to Live Update Friday 2/16/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 2/16/01

Written By Glynis

John is visiting Blair and Todd. He is trying to get a confession from one or the other, but they stick together once again. Todd invites John to he wedding. It is going to be a great day. Blair looks very worried. After leaving Blair and Todd, John goes to visit Max and Skye. He tells them that neither was ready to rat on the other. Skye thinks that Max misinformed her. Max was sure that he could get the two to roll on each other. John doesn’t like being misinformed. He leaves. Skye doesn’t know what they should do now. She thinks that maybe Max should get back in bed with Blair. She knows what she is to expect. She will be forced to do prison laundry. Max hands her a note. She looks at it and loves it. She thinks that he is a genius. She springs into action. There is a call and it is Renée for Max. He tells her that he is very busy. He tells her that he will be right there. There is a family emergency. He tells Skye that he will meet her later and he leaves.

Blair and Todd discuss him believing her that nothing happened between Max and her. He is sure that she is telling the truth. She loves him and she tries to kiss him. He stops her and tells her that it would be bad luck to kiss before the wedding. He is counting the minutes. He walks out of the room and closes the door. Once alone outside, he gets a very ugly look on his face.

Will is with Nora trying to avoid talking about his mother being involved in her getting hurt during her captivity. He wants to know if his mother would go to prison if she were found to be involved in Nora’s troubles. She tells him that if his mother had anything do with this the truth is going to come out. He thinks that Lindsay has been hurt a lot. He has seen her crying her eyes out and that kills him. Everyone that she has loved in her life has hurt her. Lindsay is so lonely and she has had some money problems. Will is all that Lindsay has. Nora reminds him that she is his friend. She doesn’t want him to do anything that he doesn’t want to do. He doesn’t think that he is being a good friend to her and she is grateful for that. He feels that he has told her all that he has to about his mom. She feels that Lindsay is very lucky to have a son like him. She tells him to take of her and himself. She leaves knowing that Will knows something.

Max arrives at Asa’s home and Asa is glad to see him. He tells Max to be careful until Ben is put away for trying to kill Max. Renée wants Asa to sit down or she is going to call a doctor. Max tells Asa that Ben is not the one that shot him. Max can’t tell him who the culprit really is, but if Asa comes to the wedding for Blair and Todd he will find the answers that they seek. He insists that they come to the wedding. He makes him promise to stay away from guns and violence so he can find the answers.

Kelly arrives at Blair’s place to give her everything that she will ever need for her wedding. She got her a steamer, a wrap, some snacks, breath fresheners and something old. She shows her the necklace for something old. Blair doesn’t want her to pretend that she is excited for her, because she knows that Kelly doesn’t think that she should be marrying Todd. Kelly thinks that she shouldn’t be judging Blair on what is good for her. They hug and Blair loves her for doing this. Todd is working so hard and learning to trust Blair. It is time to get Blair dressed for her wedding. Kelly sees the handkerchief with Max’s initials. Blair tells her that Max must have left his handkerchief the night before. Max came back later last night and she told him that she wasn’t going to be with him. Kelly is sorry that Max got involved in this whole thing. Blair thinks that she finally got Max to realize that she is not interested in him anymore. There is a delivery for Blair. It is a box. Blair opens the box and finds a note expressing deepest sympathy. In the box are a bunch of dead roses.

Todd arrives home and Starr is there to greet him. She is in her flower girl’s dress. She prances around. She thinks that he is the best daddy in the whole world. She tells him to change for the wedding. There is a visitor at the door. It is Skye and Starr is not glad to see her. She goes back upstairs. Skye tells Todd that she saw Max coming out of Blair’s room the night before. This isn’t a one-night thing she tells him. Max and Blair have bought a little love nest together. She tells him that they are going to make a fool out of him. It is a cozy little cottage. Todd thinks that Blair would have called off the wedding if what Skye were saying is true. He thinks that Skye is acting like a scared little girl. Skye leaves. Todd still trusts Blair and doesn’t believe a word of what Skye has just told him. Todd goes to his computer and types. He finds that there was a purchase of a cottage made. Turns out that Skye seems to be telling the truth.

Ben and Vicky are together enjoying a meal at a restaurant. He thinks that part of Asa heard that Max was really his son when he was lying unconscious on the floor. Vicky thinks that what Ben is saying makes sense. The night before Vicky didn’t think that Asa was capable of murder, but maybe he is now because he thinks that Ben is his son. He might have ordered the hit on Ben. Vicky has something to take care of, she has to leave. Once alone, Ben pays the bill and Bo walks in. Bo orders something to go and Ben tells him that Asa seems to be losing it. Ben is trying to find out what is wrong with Asa. He thinks that Asa is the one that might have hired a hitman to kill him. Bo doesn’t think that is so far fetched.

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