One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/15/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/15/01

Written By Glynis

Jennifer opens the door and Jessica is there. She has comes to see Jennifer for a reason. She is worried about Will and she doesn’t know what exactly is wrong. She was thinking that they could help him feel better by trying to get along better. Jennifer didn’t think that they were not getting along. What Jessica means is that they got off to a bad start and bury the hatchet to start again. Jennifer is not sure if this is about Will. She thinks that this is about Cristian.

Will is alone at home and remembers his conversation with his mother. He told her that she was a monster. He gets a visit from Nora. He asked her to come over the night before and now she wants to know what he was going to tell her. He tells her that Colin is dangerous, more than he thought. Nora thinks that she knows everything that she needs to know. She knows about the shrine to her. Colin showed her the shrine and she realizes that he is infatuated with her. She was there the night before when Will was calling. Why does she go there? He guesses that Nora wants Colin to admit that Lindsay was involved in Nora being hurt.

Colin is home on the floor. He has trashed his home because of his feelings for Nora. Lindsay walks in and sees him on the floor. Lindsay tells him that she knows exactly what he is going through. He wants her to leave him alone. She knows exactly how he feels. He thinks that his situation is completely different. When Lanie left him he was blindsighted and she always forgave him and finally she walked out on him. Everything that he ever knew was gone. Nothing mattered anymore. He thinks that Lindsay couldn’t possibly understand. Nora came along and gave him drive and spirit. He doesn’t have to accept that Nora doesn’t want him. She is being nice to him and she understands because she did the same thing to him. She is tired of fighting with Lanie and with Colin over a relationship that is just dead. They can have paradise; they can find a way to forgive each other. They both have wronged each other. Now he understands what she is getting at. She is trying to get him to forgive her and keep her secrets. He tells her to forget it because her secrets are coming out whether she likes it or not. She tells him that he is disgusting. She tells him that Bo is better at everything. In the middle of fighting, Colin grabs her and pushes her up against the wardrobe and thinks that maybe he should make love to her. He decides against having sex with Lindsay, but that daughter of hers…wow…little Jennifer has turned into quite a woman. Lindsay is horrified at what she hears.

Max is sleeping on the couch in Skye’s room. Skye is comfortably sleeping in her bed. Max wakes and sees her sleeping. It hasn’t been a very good night for him. He crawls over to her and tries to get in the bed with her. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to try anything. She pushes him off her. The only reason that she is there with him is to clear her name. The night before he pretended that he was sleeping with Blair to make Todd angry. Skye doesn’t think that anything will come of their plan. The wedding hasn’t been canceled and Todd hasn’t exploded yet. Skye worries that Todd may kill Blair and Skye will never be vindicated. Max doesn’t care if he kills her. He feels that he has been made a fool of. Skye won’t believe that they hit pay dirt until she sees it for herself.

Blair awakes and can’t remember what happened the night before. She pushes herself out of bed and falls to the floor. While on the floor, she grabs her robe and puts it on. She gets up and opens the door to pick up the newspaper. She is on the cover with Todd and her marriage is being announced. She reads the paper. As she reads the notice, Todd walks up behind her and frightens her. She asks him what he is doing there. It is bad luck for him to see her before they get married. He is very angry and you can see that on his face. She forgets whom she is marrying. He knows exactly who and what she is. She shows him the newspaper. She knew that he was a romantic at heart. They said that they would make their own luck. She thinks that they are going to have a fresh start. He thinks that she had a fresh start the night before. She tells him that this was the best night that she had in months. He asks her if she had any midnight kisses from Max. She tells him no. She thinks that they should both be getting ready. He just wanted to see her one more time before she became Mrs. Manning. Max peeks into the room and says that he wanted to see her one more time too. He wishes Blair luck with her wedding. He sarcastically makes a joke that Blair is making a good decision. No one can make a fool out of Max. Blair is trying to get Max to leave. Max thinks that if Todd is going to be with Blair he should trust her fully. He walks over to Todd and tells him that he would like to apologize for the kiss the night before. He tells Todd that he didn’t mean to get him angry, and when he came back later that night, nothing really happened. Blair realizes that she has been busted and stops talking immediately. Todd turns to her, so that she can know that he knows that she has been caught lying.

Antonio visits Cristian and gets into a confrontation with him about where he works and the way that he has been leading his life. Cristian is willing to do anything that RJ tells him to do. Antonio tells him that he is not a criminal and shouldn’t be jeopardizing his life this way. RJ hears the conversation and walks slowly into the room. Antonio tells Cristian that he had everything that he wanted in life. Cristian thinks that he lost everything. Antonio thinks that Cristian lost his talent because of RJ tampering with his car. Cristian thinks that what happened was his fault, not RJ. RJ thinks that Cristian knows what he wants so Antonio should take off.

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