One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/14/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/14/01

Written By Glynis

Will wonders if Jessica thinks that Colin is dangerous. She doesnít think that Colin is nice at all. Jessica offers to go and talk to RJ about the noise downstairs. Will has a call to make anyway. She leaves. Will calls Nora and she isnít there. He leaves her a message to call him right away. He has a really important message for her. He warns her to stay away from Colin. He will explain later.

Lindsay thinks that Valentines Day is a ridiculous holiday. She watches television and sees a romance on the tube. She gets into bed and thinks that romance is crap. She turns the channel and sees Will shouting at her about her part in Noraís being held captive. She tries to change the channel, but every time she does it is some hurtful scene that she sees being played out before her. The talk that she had with her sister over BoÖ. Lanie telling her that she has made a decision about being with BoÖJennifer being disappointed in her mother once again for sleeping with Colin.

Nora is at Colinís house. He is trying to woo her and Nora brings up Lanie. He tells her that Lanie is gone and he thought that he would never love again. He thought that she wanted to have the same things that he wanted. She tells him that she is overwhelmed, but this is too much for her and things are going to fast. She thinks that they are rushing things. She needs the truth and she needs to know that he had nothing to do with her being held captive and being hurt. He tells her that he will prove his love to her. He starts stroking her face with his hand. He wants her to trust her and she feels that first he has to be honest with her. When she was in the bed, he always wondered if this moment could happen. She doesnítí want any barriers between them. She tells him that he has the power to remove the barriers right now. He has something to say. He makes her sit down and canít believe that she is there. They are in his room and he is standing in the candlelit room with his shirt half-open. It was never his intention to keep him away from her friends and family. He gets a box from a drawer and comes over to the bed to present it to her. He opens the box and shows her a ring. She is stunned. She only wants the truth, not a ring and she tells him so. This is not easy for her. This is very big. He has been very patient. He gets hysterical with her and tells her that she said that there is a connection between them. She tells him that she needs truth. He jumps over to her and grabs her kissing her full on the mouth. She pushes him away and tells him, "Donít you dare touch me!" He canít believe that she said that to him and she canít believe that she might have blown her whole act of liking him.

Kevin meets Kelly at RJís bar and can see that something is bothering Kelly. She denies that anything is wrong and tells him that it is Valentines Day and they should be partying. She is worried about Blair. She canít get the wedding off her mind and there is nothing that he can do about it. Kevin thinks that Blair is going to make her own decision. She knows that Kelly cares and when she needs Kelly, she will let her know. Bo and Lanie arrive at the bar. They take a seat together and Lanie can tell that the police officers that are there really care about Bo. They have a tough job to do and he respects them for the job that they do. After they get married, they are not going to hang out in cop bars. He assures her at that. They have two things to celebrate Valentines Day and her new position at work. He is happy and proud of her. She loves him and she loves who he is and what he is. She has never met a man like him. He pulls out a velvet box and tells her that he is very lucky.

Roseanne is at home when there is banging on the door. Someone is shouting that it is the police and she has to open up. She goes to the door and opens it to find Antonio standing there. She reminds him that it is Valentines Day. She tells him that there are going to start over. She thinks that the Valentines thing might put some pressure on them. She tells him that she appreciates him asking her out, but she would like to take a rain check on the date and she will see him the following day. Antonio tells her goodnight, and she closes the door.

Jennifer is with Cristian at RJís bar. Once alone with RJ, Cristian tells RJ that he is tired of selling fake ID. He wants to make some serious money soon. RJ tells him that they can talk about details later on that night.

Jessica arrives at RJís club. Jennifer sees her and gives her a hard time. Jessica tells Jennifer that she is there to see RJ, but Jennifer doesnít believe her. Cristian walks by the two ladies scantily dressed. Jennifer loves the sight and Jessica is horrified at it. Jennifer notices that Jessica hasnít taken her eyes off Cristian. Jennifer thinks that he is having a good time. He is supposed to be Aros. Jessica knows the story and doesnít need a refresher from Jennifer. Jennifer goes over to Cristian and asks him if he knows the story of Aros. He admits that he doesnít know the story. She offers to tell him the story some time. Jessica watches as Jennifer shamelessly flirts with Cristian.

Roseanne is alone again in her home and she hears another knock at the door. She opens the door to Antonio again and he has some pictures of them that they took on a date. He is dressed to take her out and he wants to take her out in spite of her previous excuses. She agrees to go.

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