One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/13/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/13/01

Written by Merilee

Nora's House Nora is in bed working when the telephone rings. It's Colin calling to say good-bye. She tells him not to leave because she is on her way over.

Todd's Place Skye is over there trying to convince Todd that Max is with Blair, again. However, he's not listening and tells her to leave. The door closes behind her and Todd turns around to see a hooded figure in front of him. Starr comes downstairs and wants to know who he is talking to. Her father wants to know why she is still up and she explains that she is nervous about tomorrow. He (gently) tells her to go to bed and that she has a big day tomorrow. He's alone again and the hooded figure reappears. The figure is finally exposed and it's another Todd. The other Todd reminds the real Todd that he will never really be happy.

Blair's Room Blair is sound asleep in the bed and Max goes into action. He takes his shirt off and crawls into bed beside his ex wife. Skye eventually shows up and tells Max that the plan is not working. She told Todd everything like they had planned but she doesn't think that he bought it. Max finally agrees and asks Skye what should they do. Just then, they hear the elevator and Skye hides and Max crawls back into bed and pretends that he is fast asleep with Blair in his arms. Todd comes in and sees Blair and Max in the bed. He takes the clock and raises it and acts like he is going to hit Max but then has a change of heart. He puts the clock down and silently leaves. Skye comes back in and Max starts dressing.

Asa's House Asa is still ranting to Ben how he has to get rid of him because of what he is doing to him and his family. The talk turns to what happened in the tack room. Ben says that he didn't want to help the man because Asa had had his medical license taken away. He asks Ben why he didn't let him die. Ben says that he did it for his son. Out in the hall, Nigel has let Lindsay in. She says she is here to see Asa but he tells her that he is busy at the moment and she tells him that she will wait. Back in the other room, Asa is telling Ben that he will once again go after Will and Sam and him because he has to take care of his family and that includes Viki. Lindsay comes in and Ben leaves. Nigel comes in and tells Asa that he is sorry but she did not wait. Asa tells him that it is okay. Nigel tells him that he has a telephone message for him but Asa does not want to hear it right now. Nigel leaves and Lindsay tells Asa why she is there. She asks him what it will cost for her to keep quiet about what she knows. Asa makes another check for her but tells her that this will be the last one.

Llanfair Viki lets Gina in. The talk immediately turns to Ben and Gina admits that she still has feelings for him. Viki says that she is unsure of this so called meeting at the hotel. Gina says that there was a meeting and that the only reason she went along was to be a familiar face for the informant. Gina asks her how she met Ben. Viki says that one night after a friend died; she was out driving and just happened to stop at a place called Crossroads. She tells her of winning the karaoke contest and how she walked out with the prize and the bartender. She then tells her of how Ben has been shot at Crossroad, at their wedding, and at the front of Llanfair. Ben comes in and wants to know what Gina is trying to do with Asa. She explains that her theory of how the mob doesn't like Ben but Asa hates him more and he might be the one responsible for wanting to see Ben dead. She leaves and Ben tells Viki that the phone call was from Asa and that he went over there but the old man was really talking crazy. Viki tells him that she has known Asa a long time but admits that she does not recognize him, now.

Colin's House Colin is working out without his shirt on. He's talking about Nora and his plans for her. Later, he and Nora are in the front room. She is telling him that he can't leave because if he does that means Lindsay will win. She asks him to replace the missing months of her life. He begins when he hears about the train wreck. That's where he first met her. He wants to take her to the first place where they started talking to each other. He opens the door to the bedroom where it is lit by candlelight. They go into the room where Colin says that he will tell her everything after he makes love to her.

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