One Life to Live Update Monday 2/12/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 2/12/01

Written By Merilee

RJ's Bar Outside, Jessica and Will are talking about the party but they are more interested in the fact that Jen showed up at the party with Cristian. Neither of them act like they want to believe it but the fact is; that's what happened. Inside, Cristian is blaming Jen for the confrontation with Will and Jessica at the party. He accuses her of setting him up because of Jess. Just then, Will and Jessica come in and Jen announces that the engagement to Cristian is off. Will tell Jess that he thinks that Cristian is hitting on his sister because of her. Jessica denies this. Over at the bar, Chris is talking to the guy running the bar and then he makes his way back to Jen. She accuses him of ignoring her. Will announces that he is taking his sister home but Jen says that she can make her own way home. Before, she leaves she spies some ID's on a clipboard and takes one.

Asa's House Renee, still carrying the tray of drinks, wants to know what is going on. Gina turns to Asa and tells him to back off of Ben or he will have her to deal with. Asa replies "Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out!" Renee asks Asa, again, what the arguing has to do with Ben. He tells her that he caught them coming out of a hotel room. Renee wants Asa to calm down and go to bed. He replies that he can't do that.

Llanfair Viki, Ben, and Sam are back from the party. Viki unlocks the door and they all go into the front room. Sam and Viki begin talking about Gina with Ben just listening. She says that she doesn't trust her and that she thinks that the woman is still carrying a torch for Ben. The phone rings and Ben answers it. He hangs up after agreeing to see Asa. Todd comes bursting in just as Ben is leaving. He gives Viki a kiss and leaves. Todd starts pouring himself a drink and Sam and Viki want to know what the problem is. Viki asks him about Blair and that gets Todd talking. Sam tells the boy about trust and how he can learn to trust on a first date. Viki is in full agreement. Later, Viki is left alone. There's a knock at the door and she reluctantly lets Gina in.

Asa's House Ben has come into the house and the door closes. He wants to know why Asa has summoned him. The old man states that he is worried about Viki and is ready to off him money to get out of town. Ben wants to know the real reason why he wants him gone. Asa tells him that Benji is in his dreams and in his thoughts and every waking moment of the day. He is there turning his family against him. Ben tells him that money might work for Asa but not for him. Asa then tells him that he's going to make him an offer that he can't refuse.

Max's Room Max is discussing his plans for Blair. Skye says that she is not happy with it because she doesn't want him sleeping with the other woman. She goes into the bathroom and comes back with a pill bottle. She says that they will probably have some champagne and to put one of the pills in her drink. This will knock her out and she won't remember anything.

Blair's Room Blair is wondering around in her room ready for the night when there is a knock at the door. She opens the door to Max and tells him that she knew he would show up. She invites him into the room where he starts talking about her upcoming wedding. He produces some champagne with the announcement that it has the date of the year they were married and asks her to share it with him. She agrees and he produces two glasses. While she's not looking, he slips one of the pills into it. He gives her the glass where she starts drinking.

Todd's Room Skye is telling Todd that Max is probably trying to bed Blair right now.

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