One Life to Live Update Friday 2/09/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 2/9/01

Written By Glynis

RJ tells Roseanne that if she wants to hang out with Colin she can, but she can’t go around telling his business. She doesn’t know what she said. Antonio is there and comes over to save Roseanne. RJ is about to tell Antonio the truth about Roseanne sleeping with Colin, but Roseanne stops him. Antonio wants to know what is happening. She tells him that they were talking about personal things. RJ tells him that this is none of his business. She tells Antonio that she is fine, but Antonio doesn’t want to let her get off that easy. His cell phone rings and he leaves to take the call. Roseanne asks RJ what kind of friend he is. He warns her about her friend Colin. She got drunk and he hit on her. Colin didn’t force her to do anything. RJ is going to make sure that Vega stays away from her. She tells him that he is not going to mess up her chance to be with Antonio.

Jennifer has brought Cristian to the rehearsal dinner for Todd and Blair. It is not until he gets there that h realizes that Jennifer is Will’s sister. Cristian tells them that he didn’t know that Jennifer was his sister. He refuses to leave unless she asks him to. Jennifer thinks that it would be rude if he stayed, so she thinks that he should stay. They walk off smiling.

Todd gets a note that tells him to check Blair’s room because she is making it with Max. Todd crumples up the note while Skye watches on from a few feet away.

Max is romancing Blair. She is trying to get away from him, but part of her likes it. He has her up against the wall, and he is running his hands on her body. He thinks that they should make love one more time and then she will know if she should marry Todd or not. He is holding her close and she is saying his name over and over again, "Max…. Max…"

Colin comes to see Lindsay and he thinks that she is going crazy. She lunges for him and he fights her off. She can’t believe that he told her daughter about her exploits. Her children both think that she is nothing. Nora (in spirit) is talking in Lindsay’s ear) Colin is fascinated at the sight of Lindsay talking to thin air. Lindsay gets so freaked out that she overturns a table with her sculptures on it. She tells him that she has nothing left to lose.

Kevin and Kelly; Vicky and Ben…arrive at the dinner rehearsal. Kelly thinks that Blair is going to need her before the night is over.

Todd is deciding whether or not to go and see what is going on upstairs. Vicky stops Todd to say hello and he breezes by them. Sam tells Vicky that Todd was happy and then he got a note…. They find the note and Ben and Sam run after Todd to make sure that nothing bad happens upstairs.

Max is still trying to woo Blair. He is kissing her and finally she lets him do it. Todd bursts into the room and starts fighting with Max. He throws him on the bed and they roll around like lovers fighting over Blair. Blair is standing there shouting to Todd to stop.

Asa is having a daydream that Ben is lying on the floor and Asa is telling him that he should have stayed away from Asa’s son. Asa decides to make a call to Renée who is at the rehearsal dinner. He tells her that he needs her. He tried to be what she wants, but he still is what he is. She tells him that she will be right there. Renée has a feeling that something terrible is going on. Ben and Max arrive in the room and pull the two apart. Max remarks that Todd was the one with the bad manners. Sam doesn’t want to leave Blair with Todd, but she insists that she is not afraid. Sam leaves after Max and Ben. Todd tells her that she should be afraid. She has nothing to really answer to that. She tells him that she was trying to get him to leave and he was not leaving. She is supposed to want him. She says that she does and he wants to know why. He understands her. She tries to get him to believe that she does want him. She wants to be there. She needs him to believe her.

Vicky and Rae are looking at the note and wondering who wrote the note. Rae goes over to see Skye and tells her to leave out the sarcasm when writing an anonymous letter. As she talks, she realizes that Skye is doing a scheme with Max. Why does she allow Max to sleep with Blair? Skye needs to think what this will do to her self-respect.

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