One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/08/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/8/01

Written By Glynis

Sam comes to see Lindsay. He hasnít spoken to Will, but he didnít show up for dinner the night before and neither did she. She tells him that Will has a lot on his mind.

Will is coming home to Jessica. She waits for him and rises when she sees him. She tells him that he is sorry that they fought. She shouldnít have said anything about his mother. He walks over to her and hugs her. She tells him that she loves him and she will believe in his mother as he does.

Todd brings Blair a wedding present that is ticking. He wouldnít blow her up. She opens it and finds a clock under glass in the box. It keeps perfect time to the second. The man that made it did so for his wife. It needs to be wound every night at midnight. If the clock ever stopped, he would know that she was unfaithful. When he came home and found that the clock had stopped, his wife and her lover were beheaded. She promises to keep the clock running. He wonders if she will do that now that Max is after her again. She assures him that her life is with him. All she can do is wind the clock one-day at a time. He is going to have to believe her. He tells her that she should get ready. She has something for him. She gives him a golden balloon. It is a reminder of their last wedding. It was the most beautiful wedding in the whole world. He tries to blow it up. This time they are going to have the wedding that will end all weddings. He looks happy. They get a visit from Kelly. She wants to speak to Blair. Blair tells Todd that she can handle Kelly. He leaves. Blair tells her that she isnít going to talk her into breaking up with Todd. Kelly tells her that she loves her and she isnít going to lose her. Blair thinks that Kelly is going to pop up and tell her things that she doesnít want to hear. Kelly just wants to be there when Blair needs her.

Max is telling Skye that they have to take things a step further in their plan. He is willing to go all the way to get Todd and Blair. He is doing this for her. He would consider sleeping with Blair to get his job done. He understands why Skye would be uncomfortable with him doing that.

Antonio is at RJís bar having a drink and being waited on by Cristian. Roseanne walks in and Antonio walks over to see her. He orders her a club soda. He sees a gorgeous lady in a place like this and he wants to get to know her better. He thinks that if they went back to the beginning, they would behave differently. Her drink comes. She asks him what his sign is?

Jessica is getting dressed and Will helps her with the zipper. They are fine, but he doesnít want to go to the Ďthingí that night. His father would be very disappointed that he didnít show up, so he will make an effort. She wants to know what happened when he went to see Colin. Colin is a low-life scum. He takes advantage of other peopleís weaknesses. Lindsay is knocking at the door and Will sees her through the glass. Jessica opens the door and lets Lindsay in. Jessica goes outside and leaves Lindsay with her son. He is hurt and you can see it on his face. She knows that he didnít tell Jessica. He told Jessica that nothing happened. How can Will live with what she has done? He has to do something about it. He is going to make sure that she never hurts Nora or anyone else again.

Outside, Jessica is standing around and Jennifer walks up. She wants to interrupt the conversation between Will and Lindsay, but Jessica wonít let her in. She tells Jessica that Will and she was very close. She tells Jessica that she shouldnít play guard dog. Jessica reminds her that this is a different time.

RJ is at Colinís house, looking at the mess that was left after Willís visit. Colin is trying to blackmail RJ. He tells him that nothing had better happen to him or two letters will arrive to necessary parties talking of RJ giving Lindsay he drug that was used on Nora. RJ didnít say anything about killing Colin. He would like to torture Colin, but not really kill him. Colin is a little worried about what RJ means. RJ tells him that he should be scared. He warns Colin that every time that he goes outside, he should look for RJ. He wants him to act a certain way from now on.

Sam and Will are at the dinner setting in the restaurant for the party. Sam never thought that Todd would have changed his tune. The prospect of having a family has grounded Todd. Todd is not normal, but apparently therapy has helped Todd a lot. Rae is sitting at a table in the restaurant and tells Todd that he is truly sick.

Skye is getting ready for the party and Max tells her again that he is doing all of this sneaking around for her. She never thought that it would happen, but at that moment, she doesnít give a hoot if he sleeps with Blair. She only wants to make sure that she doesnít have to spend another night in jail. She wasnít as in love with him as she thought that she was. They are ready to go. She knows what she has to do. He gets out a wedding ring and puts it on his finger. He is carrying a rose and they leave her room.

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