One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/07/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/7/01

Written By Glynis

Vicky gets a visit from one of Benís friends. They havenít found Ben yet, but they are still looking. She is very grateful for all he is doing. He wants to talk to her in private. There has been some checking on Gina. They used to be sweethearts long ago. Vicky already knew that. They checked with a guy that used to know both Ben and Gina and apparently, Gina never got over it. The gentleman is going to take care of a couple of things. Ben is crazy for Vicky and she doesnít have anything to worry about. He leaves and Vicky is left to think for herself. She opens the door to call the man back and finds Asa at her front door. He walks into her house and tells her that he just saw Ben and he is cheating on her. He saw that with his own eyes.

Ben is with Gina waiting for a meeting with someone. Gina wants to have a drink. Ben wants to look around outside, but Gina tells him that isnít a good idea.

Outside, Asa is walking through the same area where Ben is with Gina. He is thinking of changing the buildings. Just then he sees Ben trying to leave the motel room and Gina telling him to return and wait. They have come this far. Asa thinks that he is a two-timer and he is going to pay for this.

Will comes to see his mother. He went to Colin to pay him back and found out some terrible news. Lindsay thinks hat he is upset with her. She promises to pay him back the money. She shows him a sculpture that she is almost finished with and she has a client that wants to buy it. She will pay him back the money as soon as she gets it. He picks up the sculpture and looks at it. Then he simply drops it on the floor. He tells her that he spoke with Colin and he knows what she did. She bends down to pick up the pieces of her sculpture. She denies once again that she had anything to do with Colin. Turns out that Colin showed him a photocopy of the check. She is the one that put Colin up to the horrible things that they did. She again denies the things that he is accusing him of. He asks her point blank if she did all the things that Colin said that she did. She admits that she did them.

Antonio and Sophia are at a restaurant looking over files. There has to be something that they can do to link those crimes to RJ. She is glad to help. He can tell that she is staring at him. He wonders why he is working with her. He feels that it was her source. He also thinks that someone tipped RJ off. Somebody on the inside must have tipped him off. She is the only person that he trusts.

Roseanne comes to see RJ. She doesn't want the money from him. She doesnít want to betray the police anymore. She wonít betray him again. Antonio still cares for her and she wouldnít have gotten involved with RJ if she knew that. She is going to quit working with RJ. He doesnít care. He isnít going to let her quit. What if Vega found out about their relationship? He might not visit her in prison. She doesnít care she is finished. He is sure that Officer Vega will know exactly what to say. Someone comes to the door and it is Antonio and Sophia. Roseanne is terrified that she is going to be caught there. He tells her that the sooner that she gets rid of him, the better she will be. Ben and Gina walk in behind them and demand to know what is going on. Asa tells him that he saw him and this time he is going too far with his chippie. Vicky jumps in and tells them that is enough.

Gina and Ben are back in the motel room. She thinks that she frightened him by telling him that she has been keeping tabs on him all those years. She is no threat to him and Vicky. She does still care about him and that is why she is doing all the things that she has been doing. They both want the same thing.

Bo and Lanie are together discussing the future. They are at his place and he is telling her that she can move anything that she wants. Bo thinks that she is not as pleased with his home as she says that she is. Actually, there is a chair and Bo suspects that she really doesnít like the chair. She says that she is being honest, but then she says that she hates the chair. She despises it. She hates it becauseÖ. She just does. Turns out that Lindsay gave him the chair. She says jokingly that the chair is gone. Bo gets rid of the chair right away. He tosses it right out of the house. He thinks that they should buy a lot more stuff if they are going to buy a house together. They are engaged and now they are buying a house together. He is going to make her as happy as he can. The phone rings and it is Vicky calling to ask Bo to intercept the fighting that is going on at her house between Ben and Asa. Bo says that he will be right over. Lanie will wait for him there and unpack her things. Bo leaves. She gets a visitor. It is Colin wondering why she didnít give him a forwarding address.

Bo arrives just in time to break up the fight between Asa and Ben. Bo tells Asa to leave and takes him outside. Vicky tells him to ignore Asa and not to let him get to them.

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