One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/06/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/6/01

Written By Merilee

Dorian's Kelly and Kevin are talking about the hopeless situation that Blair seems to be in. She says that she will do anything for her cousin and would be perfectly happy never to see Todd again. Todd walks in and makes his presence known. He demands to know where Blair is and Kelly tells him that Blair just wants to be left alone. Todd isn't buying it and Kevin offers him some advice. "Let Blair come to you." Todd doesn't like the advice and tells him so. Upstairs, Max is telling Blair that he made a mistake in letting her divorce him. She reminds him that when the virus was exposed that he did not give her a chance to explain. She says that he threw her out at a moment's notice. Max says that he made a mistake and is ready to rectify it. She is not buying any of it and tells him so. Todd has had enough of listening to the conversation and bursts into the room. It looks like there is going to be a fight but Kelly and Kevin manage to pull the guys apart. Blair explains that Kelly and Kevin kidnapped her and Max was in on it. Blair and Todd go downstairs where the conversation continues. Upstairs, Kelly throws up her hands in desperation and asks now what. Max assures her that he will not let Blair marry Todd. He leaves and slithers down the stairs where he can still hear Blair and Todd arguing.

Park Music is playing in the background and we see Lindsay looking at Jen.

Nora's House Nora is still arguing with Sam about her relationship with Colin. She assures him that she knows what she is doing but he is not happy with it. She reminds him that he promised Will that he would back off with going after Lindsay. She says that it is better if she nails Lindsay and then it would be better for his kids to hate her and not him. There's a knock at the door and she lets Jessica in. Jess apologizes but says that she has to talk to Nora. Sam assures her that it's okay because they were finished with their discussion and leaves. The two women sit down and start talking about Lindsay. Jess tells her that she does not trust the woman but she is afraid of what is doing to Will. She tells her about the argument that she and Will had.

Colin's House Colin and Will are coming to blows. Will has Colin down on the floor when he reaches for the phone to call the police. Colin finally blurts out that Lindsay was the one to give Nora the mind altering drug. Will hangs up the phone but doesn't believe him. Colin tells him that he was just trying to help Nora when Lindsay found out that she was his patient at the hospital. He tells her that she wanted Bo and asked Colin to hide Nora and that she would help him get Lanie back. "It was only supposed to last a few days but it turned into weeks." He said that Lindsay panicked when Nora threatened to go to the cops. He reminds Will that he knocked him out and locked him in the basement but that he got out just in time to see Lindsay inject Nora. He rushed to the hospital to get the antidote but that he wasn't sure it would work. Will still doesn't believe it but Colin says that he has proof and takes the boy upstairs. He opens the nightstand drawer and takes out a photocopy of a check. He tells him to look at the signature. Will says that the check was made out to cash and Colin says of course it is. "Do you expect your mother to do otherwise?" Will takes the paper and leaves. Colin takes the picture of Nora and says that he doesn't need this stuff anymore because he has Nora.

Lindsay's Place Lindsay is still trying to talk to her daughter but Jen isn't listening. She says that it's disgusting for her mother to go after her sister's husband. Jen starts to leave and Lindsay says that even if she does, she will still be her mother. Jen changes her mind and the two of them go back into the gallery. The two of them are talking about art when Sam joins them. Lindsay jumps to conclusions but Sam tells her that he is here to tell her that he's sorry. The three of them are in a celebration mood when Will joins them. (I cannot wait to see what happens when he shows them the check).

Department John and Hank are having a conversation about some new finding in Max's shooting. John says that Rae is now the new target and that Starr Manning witnessed the shooting. Skye joins them. Hank is gone and the two of them start talking about what she is doing with the investigation. She tells him that Max is trying to "win over" Blair into a trap. He tells her to be careful because Todd is a very dangerous man. He reminds her that he shipped Will off in a cargo hold to overseas. She tells him that what she is doing is better than being in jail. John tells her that he will provide backup and that all she has to do is call.

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