One Life to Live Update Monday 2/05/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 2/5/01

Written By Merilee

Park Jen is sitting on the bench when Cristian asks what is wrong. She doesn't answer right away so he gets up to leave. She asks him to come back because she has a question to ask him. She explains that while her parents were married; her father was in love with another woman. He tells her about his parents and the difficulties that they had. He remembers his father saying that it was okay because he had the most beautiful woman on earth.

Jessica's and Will's Things are kind of quiet between the two until he lets his mother in. Lindsay asks if she can speak to her son alone and Jess goes in the kitchen. She tells him that she wants him to give Colin his money back because he will keep making trouble if he doesn't. Thinking about it, he finally consents. Lindsay hugs him and tells him that she has to go find his sister and try to make things right. Jess and Will start talking but it leads to an argument. He leaves.

Colin's Colin asks Nora to come in and after some hesitation, she does. They go into the front room where she again asks him about Lindsay. He pulls the beeper out of his pocket and asks her what the message "Help" means. She says that Lindsay is trying to interfere with their relationship. She tells him that in order for her to go out that she needs a baby-sitter. They couldn't find the beeper and here it is. He asks her if that is the truth. She asks him not to believe Lindsay's lies. She tells him that she will prove her feelings for him and kisses him. (Yuck) He tries for another kiss but Nora says she has to go. But reminds him that she will call. Later, Colin is looking at his stuff for Nora when he turns around to find Will there. Will sees all the Nora stuff there and (oh boy).

Dorian's Blair cannot believe that she has been kidnapped by Kelly and Kevin. Her cousin tells her that there is no way that she can marry Todd. Blair stubbornly admits that she will and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

Blair's Todd lets himself into her room and shuts the door. Max and Skye come up and Max shoos her off. Todd opens the door and Max announces that he's looking for Blair. Todd reminds him that it's too late because the divorce is already through. He gives Max the paper for proof. Skye comes in and says that she should have known that this is where Max was. She tells Todd that Max isn't through with Blair yet and that he will do anything to stop the wedding. Max gets a phone call from Kelly and Skye wants to know if it's Blair. He leaves and Todd wants to know what Skye wants now.

Dorian's Kelly and Kevin are still trying to talk to Blair but she's not listening. Blair tells them that once she thought she was going crazy but Todd helped her through it. She is reminded of her mother and Kelly's mother and Kelly says that it's in the genes. Max comes in and asks if he can join the party. Kevin and Kelly leave and Max turns to Blair and asks her if he can do anything for her just name it.

Llanfair Viki is talking to Jackie and Harry about Ben and Gina. She reminds them that Ben has been shot at twice. He was kidnapped by her and for days nobody knew where he was. Jackie starts talking about her brother and Viki wants to know how she could turn on her own brother. She pleads with them to go find where they are and to keep an eye on Ben. Left alone, she wonders where Ben is and when he'll be home.

Motel Room Gina and Ben are reliving old times. They hear a noise outside and Ben says that it's just their neighbors starting up the car. It's getting late and Ben wants to leave. She doesn't want him to and is interrupted by her phone. James wants to know if everything is going according to schedule. She says no and after she hangs up; she tells Ben that the meeting will be late.

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