One Life to Live Update Friday 2/2/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 2/2/01

Written By Glynis

Lindsay, Sam, Will, Colin, Jennifer and Nora are all present in a room. Sam has his hands in Colinís face. He is threatening him. There is a room full of people there and Colin is being told to leave the house. Nora asks Will to stop the arguing with Colin. She wants to hear what Colin has to say. Jennifer tells everyone to shut up. Jennifer demands to know what it was that her mother did. Sam doesnít trust anything that Colin has to say, so he is going to leave after he says what he has to say. Will is angry that his mother is going to be attacked. Colin is not sure that Lindsay is in such a hurry. As soon as he says what he has to say, her life is going to change forever. Colin tells Jennifer that Lindsay hurt someone in the room, in the most awful way. Everyone in the room stops and listens to him to see what he is going to say. He did something with Lindsay that he shouldnít have. He is a lot like her mother. They did something together, something that he is not proud of. He says that they had an affair, when he was married to Lanie, and she was married to Sam. Recently, they started seeing each other again. He would leave the hospital together and things got so bad that nothing could stop them from being together, even when Nora was at his house. He wanted to help Nora, but he couldnít get away from Lindsay long enough to take care of Nora. Will thinks that Colin is lying. Will thinks that Colin is mad at him for ruining his business investment. It is time for Will to go. He does, but turns at the door and tells Will that he talked to his girlfriend. Colin leaves and Will has to leave too. He says goodbye to everyone and tells Jennifer that Colin is a monster and he shouldnít listen to a word that Colin says. Jennifer and Lindsay are alone. Jennifer canít understand how her mother could do what she did to her father and her own sister.

Jessica can tell that Cristian is in some sort of trouble. She doesnít understand his life lately or the decisions that he has been making. He doesn't understand her being interested in his life after taking herself out of it. He thinks that she shouldnít be interested in him anymore, so why is she? She tells him that she will never stop caring for him. He tells her that he is not her problem anymore. She is worried about him. She has seen him go through many things, but nothing like this. He thought that when you do the right thing, you get somewhere. That doesnít work for everyone. He cares about his family, but it doesnít matter now. There is nothing that he can do now about the past. Just because he canít paint anymore, doesnít mean that he canít have a good life. He sees something that other people donít see. She will never forget that time when they were at the cabin and he saw a raspberry bush that was growing wild and they picked the raspberries and her shirt got all stained. Those were the sweetest raspberries that she has ever tasted. She never would have found them if it were not for him. He feels that now he is like everybody else. She feels that he is ruining his life because they are not together. She doesnít want to be his excuse.

There was a drive by and Gina saved Benís life. She pulled him down behind a car as the shots were fired. Vicky and Gina stay in the house while Ben leaves to see if everything is okay. Vicky is a little puzzled as to what is exactly going on and who exactly Gina is. Gina just needs to settle down. She sits to relax and Vicky starts calling the police. Gina grabs the phone and tells her no. She shouldnít make that call. Gina tells her that the police canít handle the people that shot at them. Gina accidentally calls Vicky Mrs. Carpenter and Vicky tells her that her name is Mrs. Davidson. Gina tells her that she will get Ben killed if she calls the police. Vicky wants to know what Gina really wants, but before she can answer, Ben returns and tells them that he is wanted so badly that it doesnít matter who they hit. Vicky tells Ben that there is something about this that she doesnít trust. Gina swears that nothing is going to happen to Ben. She will be there for him. Gina watches on as Ben says goodbye to Vicky. As Ben and Gina are leaving the house, Todd and Blair walk in and drop off their invitations for the wedding. Todd is going on and on about his wedding, and Vicky finds all of it very insensitive. Todd wonders if Ben went on a date just then. Vicky snaps at Todd. Todd tells her that if somebody takes what is yours, you should hurt him or her. Both Vicky and Blair look up at him surprised at that little outburst.

Max and Skye are together in her room and he is trying to get her to eat. She is not interested in what he has to say. She is only tolerating him because he is going to help her to get Todd and Blair. He is going to seduce Blair. Skye turns around and hits Max in the head with the cover of the serving tray. Max falls to the floor and just then Max and Blair walk in and remark that it looks like they are playing a fun game. Blair and Max have come to invite Skye and Max to their wedding. This is when Max finds out that he is finally divorced. Blair does a little funky dance about the divorce. She sings, "I am free. I am free" while she snaps her fingers and does a little jig. She walks over to Skye and gives them the invitation. Then Blair and Todd walk off together leaving the room. Max is happy because he thinks that he has fooled Todd and Blair. They know that Max is on to them. They also know that Max is not Asaís son and that gives them a lot of power. The reason that Max is splitting up Todd and Blair is because he wants Blair back and he will do anything to make it happen.

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