One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/30/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/30/01

Written by Merilee


RJ's Bar Cristian is looking at one of his pictures when Jen decides she wants a drink. He asks for identification and she hands it over to him. He looks at it and tells her that he can't go by this because it's a terrible fake. He tears it up and hands her a soda. The two of them start talking about things and he reminds her that he doesn't even know her name. She acts like she doesn't want to tell him but then eyes the electronic dart board. She challenges him to a game but pretends that she doesn't know anything about it. The game is over and Cristian remarks how good she is. She says that her father taught her. They go back to the bar and while Cristian is doing something else; she looks into his portfolio. She says that the pictures are good. He tells her to mind her own business. Just as she's about ready to walk out the door, she turns around and tells him her name is Jennifer.

Stakeout Apartment They walk in and look like they're prepared to stay awhile. Sophia has even brought stuff to eat. They take turns with the binoculars and when it's his turn... (my guess is he sees something). Sophia takes a look and they gather up their coats to leave.

Colin's House Roseanne is looking around the bedroom and saying how beautiful it is. She moves to the armoire but Colin stops her from opening it. He says that is where he keeps his shrunken heads and she asks him to shrink hers. She starts telling him about her relationship with Antonio and how he seems to be involved with somebody that is now no good for him. She says that she made the mistake of hiding her feelings for him at first but then she couldn't do it anymore. Colin says pretty much the same thing about his wife. He pours her some more wine and she gets more and more drunk. Things start turning heavy but I have a feeling that all she is thinking about is Antonio.

Lanie's They are sitting by the fire when Lanie announces that she is ready to tell Bo the truth. She starts talking but then backs off. Bo says that it's okay and why don't they talk about her father. She starts by telling him that her father had bone cancer and that Lindsay was in denial. She says that shortly after she and Colin married that he got very sick with a pain that started in his leg but that it spread to the rest of his body. She says that it was really very hard on both of them that he was in this condition. Bo stops her and says that he understands. She let nature take its course and he died. Lanie doesn't say anything. Later, they move towards the bed.

Tower's Restaurant Asa wants to know if Max is his real son. Max wants to know what brought this on and he says that when he got here; Renee was questioning him about her son. Asa gets all worked up and kind of collapses. Max and Renee rush to his side and she sees Ben and asks for his help. Ben gives him something that works right away. He tells them that it wasn't a heart attack because what he gave him worked fast. Asa tells them that he got the information from Blair and that Todd and Blair were at his house earlier looking up information on the computer about Max. Ben leaves and Max follows him. They talk about the real son and Max tells Ben that for everybody concerned that it's best that the secret is never told.

Blair's Room Blair is thinking about things and then asks why they aren't downstairs watching the chaos. Todd starts talking about the goody goody relationships but then reminds her that he has secrets on a lot of people and he is not afraid to use it. She reminds him that she shot Max and would he use that against her. Just then, Max storms in. He tells them that if they make any more trouble for him that he will make more trouble for them. The two of them are alone again when Todd tells her that he can wreck the town but that he'd rather not do it alone. She says that she is tired of doing this stuff. Things heat up between the two and they kiss.

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