One Life to Live Update Monday 1/29/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 1/29/01

Written by Merilee

Jessica's and Will's Jen is giving her opinion of marriage. Their parents are divorced and now it looks like Colin and Lanie will divorce. She tells Will not to get married because of this and he reminds her of the fact that they aren't even engaged, yet. She suggests to her brother to dump Jessica. Just then, Jessica comes in and Will says that his sister has something to say to her. Reluctantly, she apologizes and reluctantly Jessica accepts. Jen says that this calls for a celebration and gets sodas for the three of them. The phone rings and Will says that it is a call from Japan and that he will be right back. The girls focus their attention on each other. Jen (earlier) brought out a bunch of pictures and shows them Will's private school life. In it is his old girlfriend Greta. While Will is gone, Jen rubs it in about how good Greta was for Will and Jen and Jessica both agree that they don't want any harm to come to Will. He wants to know how his two favorite girls are getting on. Jen suggests that the two of them will become good friends. Later, she announces her intentions of wanting to go out and Will says he can't because he has to work tomorrow. He wants to call Sam but Jen puts him off declaring that she is not ready to go home yet. She finally flounces out.

RJ's Bar Sophia wants to talk to Antonio about Roseanne but he says he's not ready for that. She says she will leave him alone but will go to the other side of the bar. Antonio asks Cristian for advice. Hid brother rightfully assumes that it has to do with Roseanne and Sophia. Antonio tells him that Roseanne really messed up but that she wants more than he was willing to give her. Just then, Sophia calls for Cristian. He goes to her and she asks him for advice. He tells her that he can't talk about his brother and goes back to Antonio. They continue talking when Sophia calls for peanuts. He goes to give her some and then Antonio calls for peanuts. Cristian decides that he's had enough and pours out the peanuts. Later, Jen walks in. She tells Cristian, "Fancy meeting you here." He replies that he works there. She says, "Then fancy me being here." At the bar, Antonio and Sophia agree that it's time to talk. He gets a call for an assignment for a sting. He says he has no partner. Sophia madly points to herself and they leave.

Restaurant Skye is talking to Rae and John and wants to know if he will arrest her. He tells her that there is no proof and she reminds him that Rae was there that night. He wants to know where she heard this and she says it doesn't matter. She tells him that if he won't arrest her that she will find someone who will. John turns his attention to Blair and Todd. They tell him that Starr witnessed the shooting. Todd says that his daughter has been a nervous wreck since this happened. John reminds them of the fact that he thought Starr was gone that night. Blair says she was but came back to get a toy. John wants to talk to her. Todd says that he is not waking her up to talk to anybody. John says that he wants to talk to the three of them in the morning. Rae and John are left alone and she tells him that she doesn't know what happened and that she felt like she was making good with Skye.

Tower's Asa is talking to Max about his divorce settlement with Blair. He is against it until Max tells him that Blair plans to marry Todd. That puts the old man in a good mood and he reminds Max that the family will be good again once they get the outsiders out. Just then, Max gets a call from Todd. Todd says that he has heard that there is a new suspect in his shooting. Max hangs up and abruptly leaves.

Tower's Bar Colin has introduced himself to Roseanne. They both pour out their feelings to each other. He tells her that his wife has left him and he did not realize that it was his fault until it was too late. Roseanne says that she was in a relationship but because of the way she handled things; the relationship is over. Todd and Blair come in. (I forgot what they said) but Roseanne says that he is a man worth knowing and Colin agrees. Blair corners Renee and starts talking about Max. She tells the woman that she is thankful for all that she did for her and making her feel welcome. She then starts dropping hints about Max knowing who is Renee's real son. Later, the bartender announces last call and Roseanne goes back to the bar. He says no and Colin says that he will pay for a hotel room. Roseanne says no and then he tells her about his house. He says he has five bedrooms and she changes her mind and leaves with him.

Asa's Blair and Todd are in the office playing with the computer. Blair says that Asa is coming and they start arguing in loud voices. Asa wants to know what they are doing there. Blair and Todd continue their arguing but finally tell Asa that Max is scheming against him. They leave and Asa wonders what is going on.

Blair's Room They are glorifying in the chaos that they have caused. They begin speculating on the key characters: Max, Renee, John, Rae, and Asa.

Restaurant It looks like Max is pleading with Skye but she tells him to go to hell. Rae is being comforted by John as they walk out. Renee corners Max and wants to know the identity of her real son. Asa comes in.

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