One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/25/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/25/01

Written By Merilee

Warehouse Antonio and Sophia get into the warehouse but surprise surprise; nobody and nothing is there. Sophia says she can't understand it because her source was absolutely sure. Antonio asks her how reliable her source is. She remarks that her source is 100% reliable. Sophia thinks that there must be somebody doing double duty at the department but who. The two walk out of the room where the rest of the cops give Sophia a hard time for showing up for nothing.

Nora's House Max is still talking to Lindsay where she is trying to tell him that she is concerned with Nora being alone with Colin. The talk shifts to Asa and he tells her to leave his "pa" out of it. She says that nothing good will come out of Nora's being with Colin and she is worried for her life. (I thought the discussion between the two was kind of slow and not to the point so I'm having a hard time recalling things) His cell phone rings; he answers it and it's from Asa. The old man needs him.

Police Department Roseanne is looking quite smug. John reminds her that a lot of the force doesn't like what she did but because of Bo; he will give her another chance. She collects her things and takes off. Kevin, Kelly, and Ben come in. Ben tells Kelly that he is sorry for getting her involved in this since he was the intended target. She says it's okay because he is now in jail. Kevin tells Kelly that he wants to take her somewhere for a drink and she agrees. They leave and Charlie and the so called lawyer enter the scene. Ben confronts the two of them and wants to know who called the hit. He says that he was once a doctor for the mob and because of this fiasco it doesn't look good for Charlie. Asa has witnessed this exchange and looks like he is sweating bullets. John asks Asa if he is okay and Asa says that he is looking for his son. John says he isn't here and Asa says he will leave him a message.

Bo's Office Asa looks awful as he sits behind Bo's desk. He imagines that Charlie, his so called lawyer, and some cops are on the office. Charlie says that he has to give him something and lays the gun on the desk. He then thinks Ben comes in the door. Asa snaps out of it when Ben really does show up. Ben wants to know what is wrong.

Department Asa makes his way back outside when Max comes in. He asks Asa what is wrong. Asa tells him that everything is crashing down around him. Max assures him that everything is okay and tells him that he is waiting word from Nora. He starts to search for his pager and uh oh.

Nora's House Lindsay is right where Max left her when she hears a beep. She finds Max's pager on the sofa and reads the message. She immediately calls Colin but there is no answer. The imaginary Nora pops in. She starts bugging Lindsay and tells her to call the police. What would she think if Nora wound up dead?

Colin's House Things look like they are really getting cozy. He tells her that he has a surprise for her. He goes over to the desk and takes out a box. He opens it and puts a ruby necklace around her neck. He says he remember how much she likes rubies. He suggests that they go upstairs but Nora soon vetoes that. She says because of her memories of that room that it would bring questions. He wants to know what questions. She turns to him and asks if the whole time he had her did he ever wonder about her little boy? After the train accident, why did he not try to find out who she was. He says that he did; he faxed her picture to the police department. He then told her that she only mentioned one name and that was Lindsay Rappaport. Nora decides to leave. Later, Lindsay shows up demanding to know where Nora is. He finally admits that she just left.

Nora's house Nora comes in with Max right behind her. She wants to know where he was and why they passed each other.

Bar Kelly and Kevin check out the selections on the jukebox. Over at the bar, the cops (dressed in regular clothes) are giving Sophia a hard time. Roseanne comes in and witnesses this. She goes up to them and asks to speak to Antonio alone. She tells him that she needs this job but if it is uncomfortable to have her work there; she will quit. He tells her that it is up to her but reminds her that she does need the job. She walks off and Sophia asks his feelings toward Roseanne. He reminds her that he got burned in his marriage and that he will not be burned again.

Car Ben has come out of the department when Gina (sitting in her car) says that she has some news for him. He gets in and she tells him that she has done some snooping and as far as she knows; there is no contract on him.

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