One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/24/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/24/01

Written By Glynis

Skye is being wired so that Todd can be trapped into saying something that will incriminate him or Blair. She is in a bar and John is there with another lady cop who will stay within reach if she needs them.

Todd and Blair are in her room talking about getting married. She doesn't want to throw her life all away for someone that makes his kid blackmail her teacher. Blair doesn't tell Starr that she is proud of her for her disgusting behavior. She tells him that she is not going to marry him. She takes off the engagement ring and throws it at him. He tells her that what she has done has been a mistake and she is going to be sorry. He walks out. He goes to get an elevator and paces back and forth as he waits. John comes by to see Blair and bumps into Todd. Todd gives him a dirty look and then leaves. John walks into Blair's room and closes the door. Blair jumps as she turns around. She explains that she is upset, but would like to be alone right then. John is trying to get information from her, but she isn't budging. John knows of the trouble that Blair has had with Todd. Blair tells him that she is still planning to marry Todd. John knows that she doesn't want to marry him. He figures that Todd is blackmailing her. He reminds her that Todd had her arrested on Christmas Eve. He is sure that she is being threatened. She tells him again that Todd loves her. He parallels Todd's love for her with Tea's. He should be gotten rid of. John just wants to know how Todd was involved in Max's shooting.

Todd goes downstairs to the bar and Skye and the police are they're waiting. Skye walks over to him and offers to buy him a drink. He looks like he has had a really lousy day. She gets him into a conversation and tries to build a bridge with him to get him talking. She works on him using her hatred for Max. She thinks that since Blair and Max dumped them both, they have something in common. He tells her to shut her stupid face and keep her crap to herself. He moves to a table and Skye follows him. Soon Todd figures out that there is a bug somewhere. Todd grabs Skye's purse and dumps it, but there is no wire there. He asks her if she is wearing a wire. He starts shouting into her body, "hello John"Can you hear me?" He walks off.

Bo is giving Roseanne another chance. He tells her that she will not only be fired the next time that she screws up, but she will have charges brought up on her. She thanks him for his leniency and leaves the office. At her desk, she finds her clothes in a bag. Sophia says, "Surprise". You moved out this morning. Sophia is tossing her out. Roseanne tells her that she still has her job. Sophia doesn't believe that Roseanne cares about her. Antonio arrives and Roseanne tells him that Sophia is kicking her out. Antonio decides to stay out of it. He walks away.

Colin is daydreaming. Nora is with Colin and she tells him that the time that she has spent with Colin has been the best time of her life. She takes his hand and she is wearing a red negligee. He holds her and he tells her that he loves her. They both kiss and it all gets really passionate. She is telling him that she wants him to make love to her. This has been a daydream of Colin's and he smiles as he thinks of it.

Max tells Lindsay to stay away from Asa or she will have to deal with her. He can't wait for her to make that trip to Statesville.

Colin answers his door and it is Nora. He is overjoyed.

John is just about to get through to Blair when Todd breaks in. Blair is not glad to see Todd, but he tells her that Skye was just cozying up to him downstairs in the bar. She wanted Todd to turn her in. John tells Blair that Todd is once again telling her what to think and what to say. All she has to do is tell John the truth to be free of him. Blair tells John to get out of there. John leaves. Todd knows that she was just about to give him up to the cops. He asks her, "Who has your best interest in mind, Skye Chandler, John Sikes or me." Skye was telling him that she knew that Blair and Max couldn't spend more than a few days apart. John told her that it was always about Todd and that he could never make her happy. Todd wants something better than happiness. He wants them to feel something that no one else can feel. Blair doubts again. They are supposed to feel satisfaction and triumph. If they get married, then they get even.

At the police station, Roseanne overhears Sophia and Antonio talking. They are going to finally get RJ. She is torn. She picks up the phone and calls RJ. She tells him that there is something that he should know.

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