One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/23/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/23/01

Written By Merilee

More breaking news in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. There has been a man holed up in his house and he is taking shots at police. Been this way since this morning. There are gaps in this update but I am doing my best.

Sam's House Jen, Lindsay, and Sam are discussing what the two adults were arguing about. Jen goes to her father and gives him a hug. (poor Lindsay) She then goes to her mother and gives her a hug but pulls apart and wants to know what the argument is. Sam tells her that it was a discussion between her mother and him. She acts like she's going to leave but Sam calls her back. Just then, Will comes in. (I knew he knew who it was) Talk about a celebration between siblings. He tells her that he is happy to see her but he's not exactly happy with how she introduced herself to Jessica. She tells him that she was at a rave the previous night and just needed a place to sleep. Her parents want to know where she will be staying and she replies at Will's. Will vetoes that idea saying that his place is too small and that Jessica would not like it. She agrees to stay with Sam and Lindsay wants them together so that she can fix dinner for them over at her place. Will and Jen leave and Lindsay once again digs into Sam. She warns him to stop the ridiculous argument about her involvement with Colin and Nora. He says that he will stay out of her way but he has to protect his children. The talk once again turns to money and Lindsay almost slips up (but not quite). Sam wants to know about the money and he thinks that it may have something to do with Colin. (I did not see what happened after that because of breaking news)

Nora's House Nora comes down the stairs and Max immediately tells her that he is not happy with this plan. She tells him that it's too late because she already called Colin. She asks him why Asa wants to get the goods on Lindsay. He tells her that Asa wants to get her because of what she did to Clint and Bo. He gets a call from Asa and he tells Nora that "pa" wants to see him. Left alone, Nora gets a call from Colin. She tells him that she is waiting for the babysitter and will be there as soon as she can. She hangs up and wonders where Max is. There is a knock at the door. Nora opens it to Lindsay and she wants to know where Nora is going. She wants to know if she is going to Colin's to dig up more information.

Tower's Poor John is trying to break up the bitterness between Rae and Skye. He tells Skye that she will be back in jail with no one to work for her unless she apologizes to Rae. She reluctantly apologizes for the articles she wrote about her and the fact that she tore into her for bringing her the champagne on New Year's. John says he has to talk to Rae alone and Skye goes off. He suggests to Rae that things might go easier for Skye if he had some information on Todd. She says she can't do that because he is her patient. Skye comes back and wants to know if their talk is through because she feels like she should order dinner. Rae says that she has to go but tells Skye that she accepts her apology even though she was forced into doing it. Left alone, John tells Skye that the only thing they can do is to pit Todd and Blair against each other and catch them in it. Later, Skye comes in with Cooper and Cooper tells them that Skye is all set. Skye tells him that this won't work but he says yes it will.

Jessica's and Will's Apartment Jen and Will come in and he immediately calls for Jessica. Jen finds a note and reads it to him. She has taken Joey to the airport and has some other things to do.

Blair's Room Blair is still looking over the Bible page and whooping. Todd asks her if she likes it and she most certainly does. Todd pours her a glass and she drinks it. A few seconds go by, and they are liplocked. They are interrupted by the telephone and she reluctantly answers it. It's from Starr's school. They both leave.

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