One Life to Live Update Monday 1/22/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 1/22/01

By Merilee

Llanfair Ben and Viki are finally reunited. She asks some questions about the kidnapping. She wants to know why two thugs dressed like policemen took him on New Year's Eve. He finally tells her who was behind this. He asks her if she remembers him telling her about Gina. Viki replies that that was the girl who he dated in high school. He tells her that the two men were not thugs but not so nice workers for Gina. She tells him that she wants to go pay Gina a visit because she feels like throttling her. Later, they are quite cozy on the couch. She tells him that after her children; he is number one. He tells here that including her children; she is number one. (Oh brother!)

Will's and Jessica's Apartment Jessica is talking to the girl (Jen) in her bed. She wants to know who she is but the girl doesn't say anything. The girl asks who she is and Jess says that she is Will's girlfriend and that they live here and this is their bed. The girl starts to get out of bed and Jessica wants to know what is doing wearing Will's shirt. The girl gets dressed and walks to the door and thanks Jessica for her hospitality.

Sam's House Will is having a confrontation with his father about what he said to Jessica about Lindsay. Sam says that she came to her about the money that Asa gave Lindsay and used it without asking for Will's permission. Just then Lindsay walks in and demands to know what is going on. Sam says that they are having a little disagreement but Will wants him to tell her about it. Sam tells her about the money and that he is concerned. Lindsay tells them the story of an art show and that the crates were damaged and that she had to use the money to recoup the losses. Sam points out that she should have asked Will first. Will reminds him that it was his money and that it was okay for her to use it. Later, Will is gone and Lindsay wants Sam to stop interfering with her relationship with her son. He tells her that as her lawyer that he has gone through the books and can prove that she has been lying to him. Just then, Jen comes in and wants to know what they are arguing about this time.

Will's and Jessica's Apartment Jessica is tearing the sheets off the bed when Will comes in. She immediately tells him that there was a girl in the apartment, sleeping in their bed, and wearing his shirt. Things go from bad to worse and she leaves but he chases her down. She tells him of the prediction that she got that a girl from Will's past will come back into his life. He tells her that he has no idea who this is and he did not give her a key. He asks her to describe her. Jessica describes her as blonde and arrogant. Will starts smiling and Jessica demands to know who she is.

Towers Blair has sat down and ordered a cup of coffee when John approaches her. The talk is of Skye and Todd and herself. Skye joins them and Blair taunts her about being in jail. The talk gets ugly and John has to stand between them so they don't punch each other! He reminds her that she will go back to jail for assault. She calms down for a bit.

Rae's House She is holding a therapy session with a patient when Todd bursts in. He demands the man leave but Rae insists that the other man stay. She goes to the phone to call the police and Todd finally gets the other man to leave. Todd wants to know what Rae is doing and she tells him that she is calling John. She finally hangs up and asks Todd what is wrong. He plops down on the couch and tells her that she has to get Blair to change her mind about marrying him. She tells him that he can't expect her to marry him as long as he talks about her that way. She tells him that women love emotional presents and Todd gets that look in his eyes.

Towers Skye has calmed down until Rae shows up. The fussing turns to the bottle of champagne that Rae brought to the jail on New Year's. She said that she did not know that Skye had a drinking problem. The volume suddenly turns up when John tells Skye that Rae was the one who wanted her out of jail.

Blair's Room She opens the door and is surprised to see Todd there with a birthday cake with a lit candle on it. She comes in but tells him that she doesn't feel like celebrating. She just left John and Skye and that Skye has taken a lie detector test and passed. Todd gives Blair her "birthday present." He tells her to read it and stands there and watches as her eyes seem to pop out. Skye has been living a lie her whole life. He points out that Skye doesn't know.

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