One Life to Live Update Friday 1/19/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 1/19/01

Written By Glynis

Natalie is at the funeral for Asa.  Jessica is up at the front, Natalie goes up there too wanting Jessica to tell everyone how she is the real granddaughter of Asa Buchanan. Jessica can only smile to the crowd because of Natalie’s rudeness. Jessica eventually goes back to sit down, but the crowd would like to know what that was all about. Alison is at the funeral and she loves this. Jessica walks out and Viki follows her. Natalie takes the podium ticked off that no one bothered to invite her to the funeral. Bo is more than angry and he ends the funeral. Natalie wants the funeral to continue. Bo tells her that if she comes within 100 yards of the reception, she will be thrown in jail.  Viki tries to get Jessica to stay. Jessica thinks that everyone will know soon enough that she is not really Asa’s granddaughter. Jessica leaves. Ben decides that something must be done. He walks off. Troy is at the funeral talking to Nora and he can tell that Nora really did love Asa. She is glad that she has the memories that she has of Asa. Troy tells her that she will have more memories when she does the treatment. Nora has changed her mind again and she doesn’t want the treatments anymore.

Ben finds Alison and tells her to leave the funeral. He wants her out of there. Alison tells him that he could have had so much more. She could have been his. He is too dumb to know what he could have had. Alison runs from him and goes to Rae, making a joke pretending that she would like to be forgiven for her behavior. She suddenly starts laughing. Rae jumps for her and wants to tear her apart, but Hank stops her. She is not afraid of them. She has an unconditional release from Statesville. Hank reminds her that doesn’t mean that she will always be free. Viki approaches Natalie telling her that she will listen to what is going to be said. Ben comes in and Viki tells him that he should go. She is going to set Natalie straight. Ben leaves. Natalie thinks that it is nice that Viki has someone to protect her. Natalie wishes that she had someone like that. The day before, Viki offered her sympathy and Natalie didn’t want it. Natalie wonders what she is going to get. She tries to get away from Viki. Viki tells her that she is not going anywhere, they are going to talk. Natalie knows that Viki doesn’t love her, but that is okay, Natalie is going to take everything that she wants. Viki tells her that she can have everything that she wants, but until she can show that she has a heart and a conscience, she will never be treated as Viki’s daughter.

Troy brings Nora a drink and they talk of Lindsay. He thinks that she should do the memory treatment. She finally agrees to do the treatment. She will do it after the reception is over. He tells her that she can finish up at the reception and he will go ahead and get ready for her.

The reception is underway at Asa’s house. Max talks with Gabrielle briefly, but thinks that it isn’t good that they are seen together, so he goes to another part of the room. Bo talks to one of Asa’s ex-wives. She leaves and yet another walks over to speak after Delilah. This wife remembers Drew from a long time ago. Bo gets comfort knowing that Asa is with Drew now and that they can take care of each other. It is hard to tell how Bo is. Is he happy? He would be a lot happier knowing what really happened to Asa. He glances over to where Gabrielle is sitting.  Renée talks to Alex and the both of them take shots at each other. Alex announces that she is going to be staying for a while. Gabrielle comes over and Renée and Alex attack her. Gabrielle doesn’t care because there is only one Mrs. Buchanan now and Gabrielle is it. Renée tells Alex that someone killed Asa and that they are looking at her. Max hears the comment and watches how Gabrielle is taking it. Gabrielle has been drinking quite a bit and she flips out. She says that the reason that Asa is dead is because he died of a broken heart. She walks off and Al grabs her telling her that she is the hypocrite. She wouldn’t have cheated on Asa if she loved him. He knows that she killed Asa. Max goes to Al, telling him to back off. Al calls Max her accomplice. Max tells Gabrielle quietly to pull herself together. He walks off.  Alex knew that nothing good would have come from Asa marrying that witch. Alex wants Bo to find out how Gabrielle killed him.

Jessica is home looking through her albums and pictures of her grandfather. She is glad that she saw her grandfather before he died. She is glad that she got to tell him that she loved him. She had to leave the service because of Natalie. She misses him and wishes that he were there to tell her what to do. She finds pictures of her and Clint. The phone rings. It is her father.  She chats with him for a moment.

Keri is looking at Antonio’s paper. If he does well on his paper, they can stop being teacher and student. He sits and waits for her to read the paper to see what she has to say about it. She reads the paper and tells him that it is fine. He gets up immediately and kisses her lips. Now that they are not teacher and student anymore, kissing her is appropriate.

Jessica can’t take the memories anymore. She writes a note to Viki and packs a bag, then leaves the house.

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