One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/18/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/18/01

Written By Merilee

Asa's House Max is confronting his "Pa" about his working with Nora. Asa is about to explain when Nora walks in. (we kept getting news interruptions so I don't know what the three of them said) Asa asks to speak to Max alone. Nora leaves and Asa continues with his explanations. He says that Lindsay was at the bar when he made the payoff to have the hit on Ben.

Gina's House Ben is slowly pacing back and forth when a woman enters his room. She tells him that it has been a long time and it is good to see him again. "Gina" He wants to know why he was taken from his wife by two thugs and brought here. She explains that they were not thugs but her chauffeur and butler. She goes on by saying that she thought she had escaped from her previous life but she was wrong. One name sticks out. Rourke. She says that he wanted to marry her to combine the families but that she had refused. Ben says that he is sorry for her present problems but he just wants to go home to his wife. She asks him what Viki has that she doesn't have. She tells him that Viki is a very important influential person. She tells him that he can go and it looks like he is leaving when she tells him that she really doesn't want him to go.

Colin's house Lindsay sneaks into Colin's room where he is lying asleep in bed. He starts talking to "Nora". Lindsay answers him and goes along with it but then she asks about what the secret is between him and Lanie. He opens his eyes and sits up. He wants to know how she got in here. She says that she knew where the hidden key was. He says that that is impossible because he changed the locks and then asks her if she copied the key. She doesn't answer so he demands that she give it to him. She does and he gets out of bed. Lindsay looks embarrassed and he reminds her that it's nothing that she hasn't seen before. The phone rings and he answers it. He hangs up and tells Lindsay that he has an appointment.

Asa's House Nigel brings in the paper and announces that Bo has arrested the man responsible for shooting Ben. Asa tells the man to leave and then makes a phone call. He orders the other man at the other end to take care of business.

Jail John is walking away from Charlie's cell when he is stopped by Sam. Sam wants to talk to the prisoner but John doesn't think that that would be a good idea. John points out that they have a good case against Charlie and Sam's speaking to him might put that case in danger. John finally relents and Sam makes his way to the cell. He tells Charlie that he can cut a good deal with the district attorney if Charlie would just name the one who wanted the hit. Charlie looks like he is going to tell when he is interrupted by a man by the name of Saunders. Saunders introduces himself as a lawyer and tells him not to say anything. Charlie tells Sam to leave. He does and John tells him that he knows all of the mob lawyers and doesn't recognize this one.

Llanfair Viki is dreaming of Ben. She sees him in a room and he is pacing back and forth. She goes to him but he doesn't see her. She sees a figure of a woman in the doorway and tries to tell Ben that he is in danger. With that, she wakes up. Joey comes in and wants to know what's wrong. She tells him about the dream but realizes that it was just a dream. Joey has a faraway look in his eyes and Viki asks him what's wrong. He explains that because of the way things have turned out that he will be leaving town for a while but he will not leave until Ben is safely back home. He tells her that he is going to stay with Clint in London. Later, Kevin joins them. They start talking about how they haven't done anything together for a while. (I forget the game that they were talking about) Later, Sam comes by and tells them that he was just at the jail talking to Charlie but a lawyer came by and Charlie shut up.

Serenity Springs Nora has come in with Max. They are discussing their plan with Colin. Max acts like he doesn't believe it but goes along with it anyway. Nora sees Colin coming and they start their plan. Max has her in his arms and she is protesting very loudly. Colin tells him to leave her alone. Max gets his coat and tells Colin to watch his back. Nora thanks Colin and tells him that Max just will not leave her alone. He suggests that they go someplace else where they can be alone. They leave by the front door where Max comes out of hiding.

Colin's House Lindsay picks the lock and goes inside. I forget where she goes but she is stunned by what she finds. Meanwhile, Colin and Nora come in. He tells her to relax and that they can do whatever they want to.

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